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Adopted Dogs - Spring 2016

Shadow – A twelve-year old Italian Greyhound in Wisconsin

Shadow is twelve-years old and needs an adopter

If you are interested in an older Italian Greyhound who is sweet and affectionate, not too active, but enjoys walks during warmer weather, Shadow could be your girl.

Shadow lived harmoniously with, and was bonded to, a Pointer who passed away in 2015, but is not comfortable with the female Labrador mix who was subsequently introduced to the home.  In general, Shadow does not warm to other dogs very quickly, tending to run away or ignore them. She has not been around other Italian Greyhounds, so it is possible that she could be happy in a home with an existing Italian Greyhound or multiple Italian Greyhounds. Shadow has not been exposed to cats.

Although housetrained to potty outside (and will do so on command), if given the opportunity, Shadow will

sneak-off within the house and potty – this was originally only urinating, but she is currently urinating and defecating. In addition, Shadow has started to potty in her kennel.

Shadow, who is twelve- years old and weighs approximately nine pounds, travels nicely in the car, does not pull when being walked, and loves to burrow beneath blankets and throws. She likes people, but is shy when initially meeting someone. Since she can be skittish, gradual approaches are best. The current owners’ children were fairly young when they got Shadow, and Shadow really took to their five-year old son. However, she has not really been around babies and toddlers.

Shadow’s current owners have indicated that Shadow is not as happy since the loss of their Pointer and the introduction of the Labrador mix to their home. That and the housetraining accidents are the primary reasons for Shadow being re-homed.

If you are interested in providing this sweet, little Italian Greyhound with her new home, or would like to consider fostering her, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 4/2/16)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Shadow to a wonderful, breed-experienced woman in WI. Shadow has a loving human, a male Italian Greyhound as a canine companion, and a fenced yard to play in. Thanks to her adopter for welcoming a senior Italian Greyhound in need of a new home! Shadow was adopted on 4/9/16!

Twelve-year old IG in WI needs new home
Shadow, the Italian Greyhound, in her new home
Shadow in her new home!
Shadow enjoying her new home
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