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Adopted Dogs - Summer 2013

Jake - A ten-month old Italian Greyhound puppy in Tennessee

Italian Greyhound in TN is ready for adoption!

When Jakes’s family got him, the “mom” planned to be home more and her child would be beginning school, providing her with lots of time and attention for a dog. Unfortunately, the “mom” is now working full-time, the family is out of the house a lot, and evenings, between dinner, homework, and music practice, are quite full. Jake is an active, ten-month old puppy and since he is not getting adequate exercise and attention, he tends to jump, nip, and steal items (from closets, off counters, etc.) in the evenings when the family is focusing on other things. Jake is in need of a new home where he will have sufficient companionship and the opportunity to expend energy. Once Jake’s need for activity has been met, he is a real cuddler. He enjoys being close to his person/people and will follow them around the house.

In his current home, Jake has a doggy door leading to a fenced yard, and is housetrained to use the doggy door/yard. When Jake is home alone, he is very good, only having occasional accidents if left alone on a weekend late into the evening. However, when the family is home and engaged with their five-year old child, Jake will have accidents. 

Jake is good with other dogs, but tends to do best with those slightly larger than himself, exhibiting domineering behavior with smaller dogs. At obedience class, the trainer indicated that he might do best with a slightly larger, female dog, which actually describes a neighbor’s dog with whom he plays very nicely. Jake’s owner also describes some of his behavior with her child as dominant. Although Jake attended a dog class and will respond to commands when on-leash, he is much less inclined to do so when off-leash in the house or yard. Jake is likely to benefit from the mental stimulation of training/games, formal or informal, which will also assist in meeting his need for activity. 

This eighteen pound guy is not much of a barker, only tending to bark if someone knocks on the door, approaches the backyard gate, or if he is separated in another part of the house from the family; travels nicely by car, and enjoys chew bones. 

If you are interested in Jake and would enjoy his puppy energy, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 8/14/13)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Jake to a wonderful, sighthound experienced family in Illinois. Jake has a fenced yard, Italian Greyhound and Whippet companions (with whom he had a meet and greet prior to his adoption day), and three loving humans. Jake was adopted on 8/25/13!

Niblet - An eight-year old Italian Greyhound in New Jersey / New York

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Niblet!

Niblet is a very sweet, 13.5 pound, Italian Greyhound who is in a wonderful Italian Greyhound foster home in New Jersey. Although Niblet does have lymphoma and is on oral chemotherapy, she is otherwise healthy and the veterinarian oncologist is optimistic regarding her condition. The oncologist has indicated, "Niblet has been diagnosed with a low grade lymphoma. This is typically a cancer that responds well to low grade chemotherapy, which Niblet is on. The chemotherapy that Niblet is on should not make her sick." If, in the future, Niblet were to stop responding to the oral chemotherapy, she could be switched to a different protocol.


Niblet is housetrained; she potties outside and on doggy pee pads, and has had no accidents since being in her foster home. She is perfect when on-leash, not pulling at all; is good with other dogs and cats; is fine when left alone with free roam of the house, but has also been fine when crated in the car; and only tends to bark when she hears a car door or if something scares her. Niblet is capable of jumping baby gates, but only does so when not in someone's presence. She can also open doors with handles, as opposed to knobs.

This girl tends to be timid, especially with children, and needs time to warm to an unfamiliar person or to a new environment. Although preferring not to be held, Niblet will cuddle next to you and give kisses. 

If you are interested in providing Niblet with her forever home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 3/22/13)

Italian Greyhound foster dog Niblet - being fostered in NJ

Sweet Niblet acclimated so well to her foster mom and resident Italian Greyhounds, that she wiggled her way into a forever home and her foster mom, Andrea's, heart. Not only is Niblet happy and content, but her lymphoma is currently in remission. Niblet was adopted on 8/5/13! 

NOTE: Bella and Guido (both listed below) came from the same home and we would prefer that they be adopted together

Bella - An eight-year old Italian Greyhound in Maryland

Bella, an Italian Greyhound in MD, available for adoption with Guido

Bella, who is eight-years old and weighs ten pounds, is an exceptionally sweet girl in the care of Italian Greyhound Place. Since being rescued, Bella received extensive dental work and had seven, benign (excellent news!) growths removed. She is now healed and ready for her forever home.

Bella is housetrained, and will whine to let you know when she needs to go out. Her preference is to "potty" in a fenced-in area, rather than on-leash and, therefore, a home with a fenced yard will be more conducive to maintaining Bella's superb housetraining. However, this little one is excellent on leash and enjoys going out for a stroll Even at eight years of age, Bella tends to be quite active, very fit, and quite curious. However, she is also content to relax, and if that is with a person, all the better! Bella is very affectionate and loves to cuddle, be held, share someone's lap, and give kisses. Her foster mom refers to Bella as the "happiest, sweetest dog we've met."

This girl is fantastic with other dogs, but can be a bit impatient with the puppy in her foster home. Therefore, a home with adult dogs and, by extrapolation, no young children, would be best. Regarding cats, Bella is not fond of them and, if given the opportunity, will chase and snap at them. So, dogs - yes, young children - no, and cats - no!

Bella is crate trained and also good when left in a gated-off room with the other dogs in her foster home; is good in the car, although she will whine if in a travel crate (a dog car harness could be a good option for her); and is not much of a barker, only tending to bark when outside defending her territory, or when she is in another room and knows her dinner is being prepared.

Guido - An eight-year old Italian Greyhound in Maryland

Guido, who is in the care of Italian Greyhound Place, is eight-years old, weighs in at 11.5 pounds, and has an endearing personality. Since being rescued, Guido received extensive dental work and had a benign (!) growth removed. Now recovered, Guido is ready for his forever home.

This guy is housetrained and will potty outside while being walked, or in a fenced in area. Except for marking one time on his first day at his foster home, Guido has been accident free. He tends to be both curious and obedient, seemingly a good combination since he likes to explore when on walks, but does not pull. Although enjoying his walks, Guido tends to be a bit of a "couch potato," and when being so, prefers to be snuggled beside his person. In fact, Guido likes to have his person nearby and loves attention (he can be quite determined in requesting it!).

Not much of a barker, Guido has so far only barked briefly when a person with a dog jogged by his house; travels nicely by car; and is crate trained, but when left alone, currently stays in a room with the other dogs in his foster home. Guido gets along very well with other dogs, and actually needs to go to a home with another small dog - he finds comfort and security in their presence when no people are home. His new home should not have cats though.

Guido, an IG in MD, needs an adopter

Guido and Bella came from the same home and we would prefer that they be adopted together. If you are interested in welcoming Bella and Guido to your home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 6/3/13)

When contacted by Hazeljane's Blessings on behalf of Megan (My Little Greyhound), Italian Greyhound Place was pleased to partner with Megan in the rescue, fostering, and rehoming of Bella and Guido. Megan did a wonderful job getting Guido and Bella transported into her care, locating a fantastic veterinarian for their vet care, ensuring a wonderful foster experience and recuperation from surgery - extensive dental work and tumor (benign!) removal, and "hand delivering" them to their forever home. Guido and Bella have been adopted together into an Italian Greyhound experienced home where they have another Italian Greyhound to bond with and a fenced yard to play in. Guido and Bella were adopted on 6/28/13!

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