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Adopted Dogs - Fall 2014

Sophia - A three-year old Italian Greyhound in New York

Sophia, an Italian Greyhound in NY

Sophia's person is moving to a a condominium where no pets are allowed and, therefore, Sophia is in need of a new home.

This blue (grey) girl is three-years old (born in September of 2011), weighs seventeen pounds, and has a moderate energy level. She is housetrained to potty outside (currently in a fenced yard) and only has occasional accidents. Sophia loves people, adults and children; only tends to bark when someone is at the door; travels nicely in the car; and, although crate trained, is not crated when left alone in the house. 

If you would like to welcome a very affectionate Italian Greyhound girl to your home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 11/17/14)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Sophia to a wonderful family in New York who willingly incurred a full day of travel to get her. Sophia's new people feel lucky to have her, but Sophia is certainly also lucky! She has three adoring humans, one of whom is a stay-at-home mom, a fenced yard, and lots of love and attention. Sophis was adopted on 12/14/14!

The Count - An Italian Greyhound in OK

The Count traveled from Hazeljane's Blessings in OK to his wonderful, new home in PA. In addition to lots of human companionship, The Count has another Italian Greyhound to play and cuddle with, and a fenced yard to run in.  This adoption was a cooperative effort between Hazeljane's Blessings and Italian Greyhound Place, with Italian Greyhound Place finding The Count's adopter and Hazeljane's Blessings arranging to get him to his new home, as well as fostering him prior to that! The Count was adopted on 11/23/14!

Italian Greyhound with his adopter

Tootsie Pop - A five-year old Italian Greyhound mix in South Carolina

An Italian Greyhound in SC is available for adoption

Tootsie Pop, who has been living in a home with three other dogs, has a big personality for her size as she is only ten pounds. One dog is submissive to Tootsie and they get along fine, but the others do not tend to cater to her and Tootsie has started fights with them, generally when the dogs are competing for attention. Tootsie's owner is not comfortable with the situation and feels that another home, perhaps where Tootsie could be the only dog, would be best for her. 

With black and grey fur, one blue and one brown eye, Tootsie has a beautiful, distinctive look. She is very sweet and cuddly with people, including children, and, due to her fairly high energy level, loves to play. She also enjoys car rides. Tootsie is not accustomed to leash walking, so that is something an adopter can introduce her to. A quiet girl, Tootsie only barks when somene is knocking at the door. To avoid interaction with the other dogs, Tootsie stays in a separate room when left alone; she is also crate trained.


Tootsie Pop is housetrained and potties outside or, if she cannot be let out regularly, uses doggy pee pads. She is accident-free in her current home. 

In her current home for three years, prior to that, her owners kept her outside 24/7 on a runner. If you would like to provide Tootsie with a loving, forever home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 6/17/14)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Tootsie Pop to a dog, and animal in general, loving family in South Carolina. Tootsie does not have to be left alone on work days, has a fenced yard, and will be going on walking excursions. Tootsie Pop was adopted on 10/21/14!

Spiderman - An Italian Greyhound puppy in South Dakota

This cute little guy, who weighs nine pounds, was born in June 2014 and is nineteen weeks old. His owner has realized that she does not have sufficient time to care for and train Spiderman and he is, therefore, in need of a new home.

Spiderman is working on housetraining, stays in his kennel when left alone, is accustomed to a leash, travels fine by car, and is good with people, dogs, and cats. As all puppies do, he will need continued socialization.

If you are interested in providing a loving home for a sweet, goofy Italian Greyhound puppy who is full of energy, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 10/3/14)

Italian Greyhound in SD looking for adopter

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Spiderman to a breed experienced woman in South Dakota. Spiderman's new owner works from home and, in addition to lots of attention from her, Spiderman also has the companionship of another Italian Greyhound. Spiderman was adopted on 10/9/14.

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