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Adopted Dogs - Spring 2019

Axl – A not quite two-year old, beautiful mix in NY 

Axl - a Dutch Shepherd and Whippet mix
Axl - a Dutch Shepherd and Whippet mix

Axl's owner’s employment situation has significantly changed such that she will be away for a good part of the summer and is moving to the city – Axl loves the outdoors and her owner does not think city life would suit her.  In fact, the request that Axl’s owner has for an adopter is that the person, or people, be “very outdoorsy and that they desire a canine adventure partner.”

Not quite two years old and weighing thirty-seven pounds, Axl's owner refers to her as a “small, big dog.”  At less than 40 lbs., Axl will curl into the tiniest ball, is playful and fun, and “best of all, she can’t get enough of cuddling.” Although she loves to be active (running – she is a great jogging partner, hiking, playing at the dog park), she will also match her activity level to her person and be content to cuddle or run and play depending on what her owner is doing. Axl’s owner indicated that Axl is the fastest dog at the dog park. Everyone wants to know what breed she is, comments on how beautiful she is, and wants to play with her - and Axl loves it!

Although her breed mix is not known, it is possible that her background includes Dutch Shepherd, Terrier, and/or Whippet. Regardless, she has a fantastic personality!

Axl, who is inquisitive and very eager to learn, responds really well to training using treats and positive feedback. Not only cuddly, friendly, and active, Axl is also a fun, responsive dog to work with. She is great with other dogs – she especially loves playing with dogs smaller than herself, is terrific with people – she absolutely loves children, and has been in a cat home on occasion – she wants to play with them and “doesn’t understand why they aren’t more dog-like.”

For the most part, Axl does not pull on-leash and will sit when her owner stops. The exception to this is when people excitedly approach to meet her and Axl responds by pulling toward them. She does not jump on her owner or other people residing in her current home (she is sweet and calm when they come home), but if new people excitedly enter her

Axl - a Dutch Shepherd and Whippet mix

space, she will also get excited and tends to jump – if the people stay calm and say, “No” if she begins to jump, Axl will respond accordingly. Axl’s owner indicted that “No-jump” and not pulling on-leash when people excitedly approach her are really the only main things that Axl needs to work on.

Axl - a Dutch Shepherd and Whippet mix

Axl is housetrained to potty outside and is accident-free in her current home; rarely barks – only if another dog barks when someone knocks at the door, or, when her owner leaves the home, she gives two barks; is crate trained, although she is currently not crated when left alone; and travels very well by car – she loves road trips which is great for taking her on adventures!

If you love being outdoors and would like an amazing, active, cuddly dog to share your adventures with, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 3/30/19)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Axl to a fantastic man in NJ who was “100% looking for an outdoor canine companion and hiking buddy,” exactly what Axl's previous owner wanted for her. In addition to outdoor adventures, Axl has a fenced yard, other adult family members who lovingly welcomed her, and someone who is primarily home. Her adopter, who is very “animal oriented” is super committed to providing Axl with a fantastic life. A big thanks to Axl’s adopter and his family! Axl was adopted on 4/15/19.

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