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Adopted Dogs - Summer 2018

Swirl – An eight-year old Italian Greyhound
Loni - A seven-year old Wheaten Terrier mix in MA

Swirl, and Italian Greyhound
Loni, a Wheaten Terrier mix

Due to family circumstances that necessitated a move to a residence with a no-dog policy, Swirl, an eight-year old, twenty-one pound

Italian Greyhound and Loni, a seven-year old, forty-three pound Wheaten Terrier mix, who have been together for six years are in need of a new home.  They are great dogs who are loving and fun.

Both dogs are house trained to potty on walks and in an enclosed yard (they have been accustomed to using a dog door). Loni is accident free and, except for rare occasions, Swirl is also – Loni’s presence and companionship motivates her to potty outside during inclement weather! When left alone, the dogs stay in the kitchen area (neither are chewers or destructive); they enjoy walks (Swirl does not pull and Loni pulls minimally; are good in the car; and neither are big barkers – Swirl barks when other dogs bark and at new/strange noise in the house, and, similarly, Loni will bark when other dogs are doing so, at loud sounds, and at new voices.

Swirl and Loni, an Italian Greyhound and a Wheaten Terrier mix

Swirl is good with other dogs, cats, and children. Loni is fine with cats and children, and is generally good with other dogs – she will sometimes take offense at being sniffed by some, primarily larger, dogs and will and communicate her displeasure by growling. She is living temporarily, and harmoniously, with two other dogs in addition to Swirl.

Of the two, Swirl has the higher activity level, but both would benefit from the opportunity to run and play in an enclosed/fenced area and engage in other enrichment activities.  Swirl has a tendency to scare easily and, therefore, a somewhat calm, quiet environment (a “low-traffic” home as described by her current owner) would be best for her. These two girls are sweet and loving – Loni is a “bundle of love,” and Swirl loves cuddling.

If you might be interested in welcoming Swirl and Loni to your home, receiving the love of two dogs in return, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 7/2/28)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Swirl and Loni to a wonderful woman who is Italian Greyhound breed-experienced and works partially from home. The woman and her daughter are both very happy to have welcomed these two girls to their home. In addition to two people providing them with lots of love and attention, Swirl and Loni have an Italian Greyhound companion and a fenced yard to enjoy. Swirl and Loni's previous owner was so pleased with the "match" that he decided to have a family member care for the dogs until they could be adopted in September! Swirl and Loni were adopted on September 2, 2018.

Swirl, an Italian Greyhound
Loni, a Wheaten Terrier mix

Bob - A seven-year old Italian Greyhound in NH - Being Fostered with the Intent to Adopt

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Bob!

Bob was surrendered to a shelter and, due to information shared by his previous owner and the fact that he was very scared in the shelter environment, the shelter staff reached out to Italian Greyhound Place. Bob is now in the care of Italian Greyhound Place with a wonderful foster who got him from the shelter (on short notice!) and has, along with her husband, been providing him with lots of love and attention while getting acquainted with him. This little one is being fostered with the intent to adopt and, if adopted, he will have landed himself in one terrific forever home. At the least, he is enjoying a fantastic foster home! A huge thanks to Bob's foster.(Listed 6/27/18)

Bob, an Italian Greyhound who was in a shelter

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have rescued, fostered, and to have had Bob adopted by his foster and her husband! His foster/adopter shared, "I don't think it can get any better as far as a match goes. He is the perfect little guy for us. And honestly I don't see any reason to wait on this decision. He has adapted so quickly to being here. It's like he has been here his whole life." Bob's adopters are breed experienced, one of his new people works from home, he has a fenced yard, walks to enjoy, and, especially since he is good in the car, he will have lots of adventures to enjoy - in fact, he is on his first road trip with them. A tremendous thanks to Bob's new people for fostering and making Bob theirs. He definitely landed himself in one absolutely terrific forever home. Bob was adopted on 7/2/18!

Bob, an Italian Greyhound who was in a  shelter
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