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Adopted Dogs - Summer 2022

G - An Eight-Month-Old Italian Greyhound in NY

Italian Greyhound puppy for adoption

G is an absolutely fantastic Italian Greyhound puppy who has been well-trained and socialized. His owner’s personal circumstances have changed significantly; therefore, the extremely hard decision to re-home him.


Since G’s current owner works from home, a new home where someone would primarily be home with him is being requested. In addition, an adopter who tends to be active is desired as G enjoys going for walks, to parks, to the beach (although he does not like the water!) and generally going to various activities. In fact, G not only travels well by car, but has done fine with various methods of transportation including planes, trains, and boats. His owner thinks G would love a fenced yard, so a new home with one would be ideal. Breed experience is preferred.

House trained to potty outside, G only has rare accidents and when he

rarely does, he squats (not currently a leg-lifter). G is crate trained and does not pull much on-leash – sometimes when getting close to his home or when he knows he is going back home.

Barking generally only occurs when he wants to play or is trying to get one of his toys. He will sometimes bark when his owner leaves the home, but stops quickly. He loves treats (great for training) and enjoys stuffed Kongs. One thing he is not a fan of is nail trimming!

G is good with dogs (enjoys playing and running with other small dogs), cats (previously lived with one and would do best with a cat that likes to play), and children he has met and interacted with.

Happy and cuddly are good descriptions for G, who tends to be a confident Italian Greyhound. In addition to enjoying

Italian Greyhound puppy

walks and outings, he loves to play fetch! His activity level is described as moderate and he weighs 14 - 15 pounds.

If you are primarily home and are interested in providing G with a loving, active life, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 7/20/22)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of G to a fantastic, breed-experienced home where he has two incredible people, one retired and one who works from home; Italian Greyhound companions; a fenced yard; and, of course, lots of love and attention! His adopter shared, “G is great! He adapted right away and loves playing with his new brothers and sister. He is a ball of energy for sure!” A huge thanks to G’s adopter for giving him a fantastic forever home. G was adopted on 8/6/22.

Italian Greyhound Place would also like to thank G’s previous owner for working with Italian Greyhound Place and ensuring that G would have a safe, happy, and loving life (and for doing such a good job with him while with her!).


Tobey – An Eight-Year-Old Shih Tzu in RI

Shih Tzu Adoption

Tobey, who weighs twelve pounds and turned eight-years-old this past May, has been with his current owner since puppy-hood and is very well cared for and extremely loved. Unfortunately, Tobey, in certain circumstances, can be unpredictable and his owner, who now has young grandchildren in his home (one living with him and another whom he babysits for) has made the incredibly difficult decision to locate a new home for Tobey.

Tobey is a fun, loving, and affectionate little dog, but he does need an adopter who is accepting of, and understands, some aspects of his behavior and is willing, and committed, to working slowly with him (as he acclimates to his new home, develops a bond with his new person(s), and throughout his future -  providing a loving, consistent approach and ensuring that, although he loves people, that they understand how to interact with him (information would be shared by Italian Greyhound Place regarding this, but dog experience/knowledge would be appreciated). An adopter is needed, as the owner stated so well, “who is not going to rush things, but go

slow with him on his own terms.” So, what behavior does an adopter need to be accepting of?

Although Tobey has only bitten twice (not his owner), he will bite if “provoked or startled” and does not like to be picked up (his owner is able to lift him, but, again, this should not be rushed, but be a very gradual, non-threatening process so that if Tobey had to be lifted, he would be fine with his adopter doing so. Although this is certainly behavior to be aware of, knowledge of it should be used to create an environment where Tobey is not provoked or startled, and where he can be enjoyed for the “extremely friendly” dog that he is; he actually likes to greet people. As indicated by Tobey’s owner, “He is an absolute sweetheart with me; I play with him and talk to him constantly.”

Shih Tzu for adoption

Someone is usually home with Tobey, so an adopter who works from home or is primarily home would be ideal. When left alone, Tobey stays in his crate, which he loves. He is house trained to

Shih Tzu available for adoption

Tobey needs a new home with a fenced yard. Following a visit to a groomer, he exhibited a strong dislike for collars - the owner does not know what specifically occurred. Since there is a fenced yard at Tobey’s home, it was used for play and exercise and Tobey had not been reintroduced to a collar/leash. However, this week, Tobey’s owner has been putting Tobey’s collar on him and taking him for walks and Tobey is fine with it. However, given that Tobey has only been recently reintroduced to the collar/leash and given his behavior when “provoked,” it is requested that an adopter be able to take Tobey into a fenced area for potty breaks and gradually, taking cues from Tobey

and using positive reinforcement, have Tobey accept them putting his collar and leash on. Tobey does have a current groomer who he does very well with, but if not local to the current groomer, and adopting Tobey, care will need to be taken when choosing a groomer. This guy does fine with the four steps from the deck to the yard at his current home, but doesn’t do well with full sets of stairs.

potty outside and does not have accidents in his current home. Tobey previously lived with another small dog (they got along great) and has been to dog boarding with other dogs. He can be scared of some large dogs, so only another small dog in a new home is requested. He is not a big barker, barking primarily when he hears the door open, at car lights shining in his living room window, and at trash bags. He does whine and pant when traveling by car, but less so if in his car carrier.


Tobey has so many positive traits, that an adopter truly committed to accepting and working with him will, in turn, have an affectionate dog who loves to play and be with his person.

If you are interested in providing Tobey with his forever home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 8/11/12)

Italian Greyhound Place is please to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Tobey, a great dog who needed an understanding and experienced new home.

A huge thanks to Tobey’s adopters who truly are perfect for him. Not deterred at all by Tobey’s tendency to bite and, in fact, preferring to adopt dogs who wouldn’t be considered highly adoptable, they have given Tobey an incredible home. Tobey has two new people, one who does not work and one who is self-employed, to give him lots of love and attention; three small canine companions; a fenced yard (actually two fenced yards as his adopters have two homes); and lots of enrichment including play and walks. Tobey is so fortunate to have found new people with the experience, acceptance, and love that his new humans have and who consider Tobey to be “an amazing dog.”

Italian Greyhound Place would also like to thank Tobey’s previous owner for working with Italian Greyhound Place and for making sure that Tobey’s future would be fun, loving, and stable. Tobey is totally loved by his prior owner who found himself having to re-home Tobey when young grandchildren became part of his household.

Tobey was adopted on 8/28/22!

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