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Adopted Dogs - Fall 2015

Tommy - A nine-year old Italian Greyhound / Border Collie in CT

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Tommy!

Italian Greyhound Place foster in CT

Tommy is a nine-year old, thirty-two pound Italian Greyhound / Border Collie with a wonderful personality and lots of love to give his new person (or people).

Tending to act like a much younger dog than he is, Tommy has a medium activity level, enjoys squeaky toys and exploring, likes to cuddle, and is a bit of a “velcro” dog, following his person/people around the house (he also enjoys sleeping at the end of the bed under covers).

Tommy is housetrained (no accidents), travels nicely by car, and is doing well with his crate training - he

currently goes to work with his foster or is crated when left alone. Although Tommy tends to pull on-leash, that is improving with the use of an EZwalk Harness. He is not much of a barker, only barking when someone is at the door, when the resident dog barks, or, occasionally, when initially crated.

There were no children in Tommy’s previous home, but he has been excellent with the children he has met, seeming to really enjoy them. He is good with cats, but it is probably best if the cats are dog savvy as he can be a bit curious or pokey with them. When visiting a farm, he was very good and quiet – non-reactive around horses and a bit curious about chickens.

Tommy is good with other dogs, but he does have a “rough” play style, liking to jump and wrestle, which can be too much for less energetic or shy dogs; he seems to do really well with bigger dogs such as Labradors as playmates. He does have a tendency to display some less than stellar behavior, such as humping and whining, especially with female dogs (he is scheduled to be neutered, and that could possibly, along with training, improve the behavior).

If you are interested in being this sweet, cuddly Italian Greyhound / Border Collie’s person, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 11/19/2015)

Italian Greyhound / Border Collie being fostered in CT by Italian Greyhound Place

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have rescued, fostered, and rehomed Tommy to a wonderful family where one of the adults is mostly home and there are older children who Tommy absolutely loves. A big thanks to Caroline for fostering Tommy! Tommy was adopted on 12/4/15!

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