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Adopted Dogs - Winter/Spring 2021

Duke – An eight-year-old Italian Greyhound (possible mix) in CA

Italian Greyhound for adoption

Duke’s owner passed away approximately two-months ago and Duke has been with the owner’s daughter who wanted to make sure he was doing okay before re-homing him – she has two dogs of her own and going to her was, from the beginning, a temporary step in locating a permanent new home for Duke. Duke, who is eight-years-old, was with his owner since he was a puppy and was a cherished part of his life. It is not known for sure whether Duke is purebred or a mix.

 Accustomed to living with another dog, Duke is currently living with two dogs and a cat. He does great with them and enjoys playing with the dogs, although he tends to get somewhat skittish if the play is very rambunctious. This guy is also very good with people, including children he has met. In fact, Duke is extremely sweet and affectionate. He loves to be in someone's lap and “he smiles and wags his tail" when he hear his name and is "called a good boy.”

Duke is housetrained to potty outside and will use doggy pads inside, but does have accidents. His previous home had a dog door and, although he hasn’t learned to ask to go out yet, he will potty on-command if taken outside. He is not a “leg-lifter” - he squats when urinating. As many Italian Greyhounds are, he is very sensitive to correction and needs an adopter who will be gentle and patient when working with him on housetraining. An acceptance of accidents is, of course, necessary.

Since Duke has been accustomed to having someone primarily home, the request is that he go to an adoptive home offering the same level of human companionship. He is also used to having a fenced yard and, therefore, a home with a fenced yard is desired.

It is not known if Duke was ever crate trained, but, when he needs to be left alone, is fine staying in a room separated from the remainder of the home; he is good on-leash (rarely pulls); travels nicely by car; and is not much of a barker – in his current home, he only barks if one of the other dogs does so. Duke is very food motivated, a plus for training, whether cues or tricks, and rewarding housetraining.

Although he does play with the other dogs and enjoys walks, Duke is fairly “sedentary” and enjoys relaxing on the sofa. If his person is with him, that makes it perfect.

If you are interested in sharing your love and home with Duke, and receiving an abundance of love and affection from him in return, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 4/27/21)

Italian Greyhound - for adoption
Italian Greyhound available for adoption
Italian Greyhound needs new home

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Duke to a fantastic, breed experienced woman who, along with her boyfriend and teen-aged daughter, met, adopted, and welcomed Duke with much enthusiasm and happiness. He is truly fortunate! Duke not only has lots of love and attention from his new people (with the woman being primarily home), but has canine companions, a fenced yard, and walks to enjoy. This sweet boy has found his forever home. A big thanks to Duke's adopter! Duke was adopted on 5/2/21.

Italian Greyhound Place would also like to thank Duke's owner, who had inherited him, for working with Italian Greyhound Place to locate a perfect match for him.

Adopted Italian Greyhound
Adopted Italian Greyhound in his new home
Italian Greyhound in new home

A comparison photograph of Duke: When he was adopted and in September 2021. He has slimmed down and his adopter indicated that he is doing "Awesome."

Duke - ComparisonR.jpg

Geno - A ten-year old Italian Greyhound in PA

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Geno!

Geno was welcomed, on February 28th, by his foster, who is fostering with the intent to adopt.

Italian Greyhound Foster

The owners, who inherited Geno, had specific requests for him as they wanted what they thought would be best for him and also what they envisioned his previous owner, who passed away, would want for him. Many thanks to all who expressed interest in Geno and a huge thanks to his foster who, when contacted regarding Geno, indicated that he, and his wife, would be interested in fostering Geno, and if compatible with his Italian Greyhounds, adopting him. This was fantastic news as they have an environment that is not only perfect for Geno, but has the aspects requested for him. Geno is with the couple who fostered and adopted Blue this past summer and there is no question that he is very fortunate to be with them! As with Blue, the couple drove to get Geno with very short notice.

Although Geno initially, and understandably, seemed confused to be in a new environment (and it is likely that he still doesn’t completely know what is going on after having lived his entire life in one location), the introduction to the resident Italian Greyhounds went well and, with the presence of his foster, Geno soon seemed at ease. Not having interacted with dogs, he, “watched in wonder as the dogs played.” His housetraining is going nicely and he quickly learned to use steps, something he had not encountered before. His foster indicated that Geno is a very sweet and smart boy, and he is, of course, getting lots of love and attention.

Geno has a veterinarian appointment scheduled and his information will be updated after the appointment.

Italian Greyhound fostered with intent to adopt

A big thanks to Geno’s owners for working with Italian Greyhound Place and taking such care in securing a wonderful future for Geno.

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have had Geno welcomed into the care of Italian Greyhound Place by his foster, who was fostering with the intent to adopt, and to share the absolutely, wonderful news that Geno was adopted by his foster!


Since Geno was not accustomed to other dogs, the main question was how he would acclimate to living with them. As Geno “really started to fit in with the other Italian Greyhounds,” his foster knew that he and his wife would be adopting him. From the beginning, they described Geno as a “sweet and smart” dog (he has done fantastic with house training, quickly learned to use stairs, and accepted that he does not get food from the table!). Geno definitely made a “smart” decision to get along with, and enjoy, the resident Italian Greyhounds because he has found the perfect forever home. He has two fantastic humans, one retired and one working from home; a fenced yard; Italian Greyhound companions; and lots of love and attention from knowledgeable, patient guardians.

A huge thanks to Geno’s adopter, and his wife, for fostering and providing Geno with his forever home. Geno is truly fortunate.

Thanks also to Geno’s previous owners for working with Italian Greyhound Place, for deciding to give Geno the chance to meet and interact with other Italian Greyhounds, and for taking such care with his future.

Geno had his initial veterinarian appointment which included a senior panel (all came back good) and will have a dental cleaning scheduled.

Adopted April 2021!

In memory of Cali, the much-loved Italian Greyhound of:


  • Blue's foster/adopter and Geno's foster (with the intent to adopt)

  • His wife

   And the canine companion not only to Blue, but also to Italian Greyhound, Bowie

In Memory of Italian Greyhound, Cali

Cali, who was a month shy of sixteen-years of age when she passed away, had the good fortune to be with her family since she was a puppy. Her passing was a long time coming as she had a health condition that would eventually impact her life, but there was no clear indication of how long Cali would have and, until the very end, she was an active member of her family, happy, and very loved.

Cali shared her life with two very special people who indicated that, “She was such a great dog. She always barked at us to let her out to go potty, when it was time for dinner, or treat time. She lived a good life and I am happy knowing we served as her guardians for her time on earth.”

Not owners, but “guardians” – that says a lot. Yes, Cali was a great dog who was greatly loved, with her passing being very sad and tough for her guardians.

Cali was there to welcome Geno, giving approval to his presence (as she had done with Blue). Not all senior dogs would be fine with a six-month old puppy (the age Blue was when he was fostered) becoming a family member, but Cali was. She was accepting and also had spunk, playing with Blue (and Bowie) when she wanted to, but having no hesitation letting Blue know when he should leave her alone. Having welcomed Blue, it was expected that Cali would be fine with ten-year old Geno, and she was. I think Cali would be glad that at ten-years of age he has the opportunity to find the fortune that she had her entire life.

It is with real sadness that I write this post in memory of Cali and truly wish she was still with her people and Italian Greyhound companions, and there to help guide Geno. Cali did though, I think, pave the way for the other Italian Greyhounds who would share her home - her guardians love the breed and that is in very large part due to Cali. So, thank you Cali for being you and making it possible for Blue to have your fortune (and the canine companionship of Bowie, who was there with you when he arrived), and for Geno to have that possibility.

Continued thanks to Blue’s adopter and Geno’s foster and his wife, especially as they are faced with the sorrow of Cali’s passing.

Memorial posted 3/9/21

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