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Adopted Dogs - Fall 2013

Dante - A ten-year old Italian Greyhound in New York

Dante, an Italian Greyhound, is being fostered by Italian Greyhound Place in NY

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Dante!


** Update (10/1/13) Dante is now consistently accident-free in his foster home!


*Update (8/20/13): Dante has been accident-free in his foster home for over two weeks

Dante, who is in the care of Italian Greyhound Place, has received his basic vetting and, following his neutering and dental, will be ready for a forever home -

Update: Dante came through with flying colors and is ready for his forever person! At ten-years of age, he has a moderate activity level and is an attentive, loyal, cuddly dog who enjoys being with “his” person.

Dante is quite versatile, traveling nicely by subway, bus, and car; is food motivated which, although fueling his desire to steal food from the resident dog, is an asset during training; easily makes friends with dogs and people, and is doing well with the resident cat. Although when out on walks Dante

would initially bark when a dog was spotted, this behavior has basically ceased. Enjoying snuggling under covers (and looking quite cute doing so), Dante was originally a bit put off if stepped on by the resident dog, and would communicate his displeasure by snapping. However, when Dante is burrowed, the resident dog now walks around him and grumpiness is avoided.

Update: Dante recently spent a few weeks with a person planning to permanently adopt him (due to changing circumstances, the woman is no longer able to make that commitment), and this is what she indicated regarding Dante: "Dante had one accident over his weeks with me ((I had to lock him in my room without me and he peed because he couldn't be with me in the living room) and I had no experience of barking/aggression towards other dogs. He only wanted to play with them and almost never barked. He is very playful and loves running with other dogs at the park. He is very calm at home and has never barked inside. He has interacted with children without any problem and loves people. He is a truly wonderful dog."

This handsome guy enjoys receiving love and attention, and cuddling with his person. He needs a forever home where his loyalty will be returned, and he will truly be where he belongs. If you are interested in Dante, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 8/12/13)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have rescued, fostered, and rehomed Dante to a wonderful woman known to Dante's foster mom. Dante's new person loves him and views him as a "Godsend." A very special thanks to Dante''s foster mom who had taken Dante in, contacted Italian Greyhound Place, and became his foster mom. Dante was adopted on 12/12/13!

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