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Adopted Dogs - Spring 2014

Gideon - A six-month old Italian Greyhound puppy in New Jersey

A six-month old puppy in NY needs adopter

Gideon is an almost six-month old Italian Greyhound (born on 11/2/13) whose owner has realized that she is not home enough to provide the attention and training required for a young puppy and Gideon is beginning to show signs of separation anxiety. This puppy, who weighs approximately eleven pounds, would benefit from a home where someone is home most of the time.


As many puppies are, Gideon is a high energy guy who likes to play and be with his people. He is partially housetrained, willing to potty outside when the weather suits him, or inside on a doggy pee pad if it is placed in an area he approves of! When left alone, Gideon is crated, but has taken to eliminating in it due to what his owner believes is separation anxiety as it occurs even when he is left for short occasions. Gideon travels fine by car. He tends to run in circles when on-leash, so will need some loose leash training for walks. If you are interested in Gideon, please contact Italian Greyhound Place.  (Listed 4/26/14)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Gideon to a previous Italian Greyhound Place adopter in

Pennsylvania. Gideon has a loving human who works from home, other Italian Greyhounds to play with, and a fenced yard. Gideon is fortunate to have found himself in such good hands. He was adopted on May 18, 2014!

Noodles - An Italian Greyhound in New York

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Noodles!

Noodles was found abandoned in a local park approximately two years ago and was taken in by a family in the neighborhood. The family recently moved and surrendered Noodles to Italian Greyhound Place.

Noodles' recent owners indicated that although he will potty outside during walks (his preference is to do so on grass) and will urinate on doggy pee pads inside, that he does have accidents inside - since he will also eliminate in a crate, a gated area was used when he was left alone. Since being in his foster home, Noodles' has been completely accident-free! He potties outside during walks and has shown no interest in using doggy pee pads.

Regarding training, a clicker has been used with Noodles. He responds very well to it and is highly motivated by food, a plus when it comes to training.

Having lived with other dogs and cats, Noodles is great with both and also enjoys playing with other dogs at the park. Generally good on leash, he does tend to get over-excited when greeting other dogs (barking), so some training would be beneficial in this area.

Noodles' past owners describe Noodles as "incredibly social" and a dog who "loves people, including childen." This sweet guy enjoys being a lap dog and receiving lots of affection and attention. He accomodates his activity level to what is offered and the weather - he is not a big fan of cold, winter weather. In nicer weather he enjoys walks, hikes, playing at the dog park, and at a farm. He is "just as happy on the couch as he is outside" and "doesn't act out or have pent up energy when he gets less exercise."

Noodles seems to have some discomfort when traveling by car, although he does not vomit. There are techniques that might serve to make him more comfortable and, if necessary, medication for car sickness can be utilized.

Italian Greyhound Place welcomes Noodles, an Italian Greyhound, to foster care!

At twenty-five pounds, Noodles is considered a "biggy Iggy," which means that there is a bit more of him to cuddle with and love. Noodles is estimated to be eight to ten years old.

If you are interested in Noodles, who is super snuggly and smart, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 2/18/14).

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have rescued, fostered, and rehomed Noodles to a wonderful woman who considers him to be a blessing. Not only does Noodles have a loving human, but he has a canine companion (they bonded quickly) and two cats as family members. A big thanks to Noodles' fosters, Michelle and Daniel, who saw him through dental surgery that involved the extraction of twenty-two teeth. Noodles was adopted on 4/5/14!

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