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Adopted Dogs - Winter 2016/2017

Kermit and Piggy – Two bonded Italian Greyhounds in NJ

Kermit and Piggy, two Italian Greyhound in need of a new home
Kermit and Piggy, two Italian Greyhounds for adoption

Kermit, approximately fifteen pounds, and Piggy, approximately twelve pounds, are four-year old Italian Greyhound siblings who need a new home together. With work, a ten-month old baby, and another child expected this summer, the owners are not able to provide Kermit and Piggy with the attention and interaction that they would like them to have. Since the dogs currently have a fenced yard, a home with a fenced area is desired.

These boys are quite active, but also very affectionate and love to cuddle with their people. Visitors entering the home make them nervous and they will tend to shake, bark, and hide; this behavior is more or less pronounced  depending on which adults are home. Although they do live with a six-year old, male Italian Greyhound, they have not been exposed to many other dogs or cats.

Kermit and Piggy are crate trained and, when left alone, stay in a "dog room" - a laundry room the owners converted for the dogs. They tend to be accident free in the dog room, but do have accidents when given freedom in the house. Neither are accustomed to leashes (Italian Greyhound Place would be glad to provide information on loose-leash walking and housetraining). They are fine traveling by car.

If you have a fenced yard (with five to six foot high fencing) and would like to welcome two Italian Greyhounds to your home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 1/22/17)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Kermit and Piggy to two wonderful men with breed experience and a resident Italian Greyhound adopted through Italian Greyhound Place approximately six years ago! Kermit and Piggy are enjoying their new people, their new canine companion, and their fenced yard! Kermit and Piggy were adopted on 3/4/17!

Luna – A three-year old Italian Greyhound in GA

Luna, an Italian Greyhound in OH

Born in December of 2013, Luna is a three-year old, approximately nine pound, Italian Greyhound in need of a new home. Luna is partially housetrained; she uses doggy pee pads and potties outside, but does have accidents.

This little girl is incredibly sweet and affectionate, very active, and good with other dogs (currently lives with one), cats (currently lives with two), and children (children ranging in age from two to nineteen visit her home). She loves snuggling and being held, and totally enjoys cuddling on the couch with someone – and if there is a blanket, all the better!

Luna only tends to bark at the arrival of strangers (but becomes happily excited to welcome guests); is crate trained (her current owner has indicated that Luna loves her crate and will run to it for a treat); and travels nicely by car. When she is left alone, Luna stays in a large area of her current home. Unexpected noise and sudden movements make Luna a bit nervous. Leashes are not a favored item (she attempts to pull away from them), so Luna's adopter will need to positively acclimate her to leash walking.

Luna, an Italian Greyhound in OH

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Luna to a breed experienced woman who has welcomed Luna to her home and heart. At home, Luna has a fenced yard and, when her new person goes to work, Luna goes with her; her adopter is a certified dog trainer who owns a dog training, dog day care, and grooming facility. Luna found a fantastic woman to be her forever person! Luna was adopted on 2/23/17!

If you are interested in providing Luna with her forever home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 12/21/16)

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