Adopted Dogs - Summer 2017

Loki – A one-year old Italian Greyhound in NC

Loki’s owner has made the very difficult decision to locate a new home for Loki who, despite his owner’s efforts, has been persistent in having housetraining accidents. He will potty outside and, in fact, regularly does so, but also potties inside in inappropriate locations (he does not “mark,” but has accidents). Therefore, his adopter needs to be extremely accepting of housetraining accidents, willing to work with Loki on his housetraining, and be home more than not. Additional information can be provided on his housetraining.

Loki, who turned one this month and weighs approximately sixteen pounds, has wild, puppy energy for approximately an hour per day; lives with, and loves, children; and loves to cuddle with his people. He enjoys other dogs, but has a tendency to be too exuberant with them. According

to his owner, Loki “will jump and leap and chase and nip (playfully),” not seeming cognizant of the other dog’s communication until they growl or snap at him. If you are interested in Loki and have another dog, it is important that the dog be tolerant of this behavior and, if he/she

could serve as a role model while Loki is assisted with his canine communication/interaction, that would be ideal.

This guy is sweet-tempered, not much of a barker (only tends to bark when the children are running around and he wants to join in), and is good on-leash. If given  the opportunity, he will chew anything plastic, eat crayons, and steal plush items - only to cuddle them! Loki tends to be nervous in the car and when eating - he will take a few bites, stop and check to make sure all is okay, and then will finish eating. He does chase cats.

Loki is a sweet, fun, handsome dog with a lot of love to give. His adopter needs to be totally accepting of his housetraining status and willing to work with him on his dog-interaction skills. If you might be interested in Loki, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 6/23/17)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Loki to a fantastic woman in VA with breed experience who, after being approved as his adopter, traveled five hours each way on very short notice to adopt Loki, accommodating his previous owner 

and allowing Loki to go directly to his forever home. Loki has two adult humans who work from home, an Italian Greyhound companion, a fenced yard, and walks and outings to enjoy. Loki's adopter indicated that, "He is loving it here!" Loki was adopted on 8/2/17!

Loki in his new home!

Johnny - A seven-year old Italian Greyhound in NY 

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Johnny!

The only prior information known about Johnny is that his owner passed-away, no family members wanted him, and he was brought to a shelter. He is now in the care of Italian Greyhound Place. After entering rescue, Johnny had a mast cell tumor diagnosed and removed (he also had a dental cleaning) – there is additional information below.

Johnny, who is estimated by a veterinarian to be seven to eight years old, weighs approximately thirteen pounds and has gained confidence since leaving the shelter.

He is an incredibly sweet boy who now plays with toys (will even play fetch with stuffies,bringing the toy back for it to be thrown), is gaining skill with treat dispensing puzzles, enjoys the yard (explores, runs for the fun of it, and gravitates to sunny spots), and loves to go on walks – he quickly learned loose-leash walking. He does not need to be right next to someone, but he does like to know where people are and does enjoy cuddling.

Very nervous of the few small dogs he was introduced to at the shelter, Johnny was also initially apprehensive of the other Italian

Greyhounds here. However, he is now great with them and also less nervous when encountering new people. On walks, he will greet some dogs (and people), but will choose to stay behind someone with others.

Johnny does have a prey-drive and will chase small animals and birds in the yard and, although not much of a barker, he will bark if someone is at the door or, sometimes, when left alone. He will go into and stay in crates on his own when the door is left open – he will often choose a cushion in a crate, but is now also entering his crate for meals and treat-dispensing toys and is fine with the door being closed. When being left alone, he will enter the crate and is content and quiet, even after the person (or people) exit the house, but sometimes he will, at various intervals, begin to bark, so crate training is a work-in-progress. Johnny tends to be nervous in the car, not barking, but making “squeaky” sounds. Currently, a small crate is being used - this has been a better approach with him than a car harness.

Although Johnny does not request to go out, he is housetrained.


Tumor Removal Information:

Johnny had a mast cell tumor (2.5 cm in diameter) diagnosed and removed in June, and also had a dental cleaning. The initial post surgery biopsy (tissue) results came back quite good, but since the

tumor had an intermediate grade, or 2, on a three tier grading system, the oncologist recommended further analysis, which is currently being done, to determine if the tumor is a low or high grade 2.

Update: The mast cell tumor panel from Michigan State is complete - it included KIT Pattern, Ki67, AgNORs/cell, AgNOR x Ki67, and PCR for mutations in exons 8 and 11. Johnny has a KIT Pattern 2 with an AgNOR x Ki67 of less than 54 (27.74), a Ki67 of less than 23 (14.6) and no gene mutations. No further treatment is recommended, although he will be monitored once per month for six months, then every three months, and then at regular wellness exams. Way to go, Johnny!

Update: Johnny had his first post-surgery monthy monitoring appointment and all was perfect!

Please contact Italian Greyhound Place if you might be interested in Johnny. (Listed 6/22/17)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have rescued, fostered and rehomed Johnny to an exceptional couple in RI who have lots of love to give this sweet boy. Johnny does not have to be left alone on work days, has a fenced yard, two canine companions (an Italian Greyhound and a Dachshund) and outings to enjoy. Johnny was adopted on 8/20/17.

Phoebe – A three-year old Italian Greyhound in NY

Phoebe is a three-year old, ten pound Italian Greyhound who is being re-homed due to family circumstances and a no-pet apartment rule.

This little girl is playful and loving - enjoys playing, but also snuggling next to someone, preferably with a blanket over her! Phoebe is housetrained to potty outside and is “tray trained”. She is accident-free unless her potty tray is not clean (she will confuse throw rugs with her potty area, so clearly defining the potty area or not using throw rugs is best). Phoebe is good with dogs and cats, a bit timid around young children, and tends to be timid initially meeting people and in new environments. Walking Phoebe is easy – she doesn’t pull on-leash, and she travels nicely by car.  She loves anything chicken flavored!

If you are interested in providing Phoebe with her new home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Adopter confirmed prior to listing)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Phoebe to a breed experienced, previous Italian Greyhound Place adopter.  Phoebe has a dedicated human who she goes to work with, an Italian Greyhound companion, a fenced yard, and lots of fun activities to enjoy. Phoebe was adopted on 8/24/17!

Jax – A nine-month old Italian Greyhound in NC 

Jax is a nine-month old Italian Greyhound who weighs approximately thirteen pounds. He is very loving and, as most puppies do, loves to play. His current owner would like Jax to go to a home where someone can interact and play with Jax and where he will have the opportunity to be outside other than for potty breaks.

Jax is a nine-month old Italian Greyhound who weighs approximately thirteen pounds. He is very loving and, as most puppies do, loves to play. His current owner would like Jax to go to a home where someone can interact and play with Jax and where he will have the opportunity to be outside other than for potty breaks.

Jax is housetrained to potty outside, but does have accidents – primarily if not taken outside regularly. He is currently left alone for approximately three hours per day and stays in his crate. Jax is good with children, dogs, and cats; will pull on-leash if he wants to run; and is okay in the car, although doesn’t go in it much.

If you are interested in a sweet, playful, Italian Greyhound puppy and are interested in providing Jax with his new home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 8/21/17)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Jax to a wonderful couple in FL.  They, and their female Italian Greyhound, are already in love with this sweet boy and his two differently colored eyes. Jax will have lots of human companionship (one of his new people is retired and one is not working), an Italian Greyhound to play with, a fenced yard, and lots of fun walks, trips to the beach, and other adventures. He will also have the notorious Dr. Brown as his primary veterinarian. Jax was adopted on 8/29/17!

Shaky - A nine-year old Italian Greyhound in NY

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Shaky!


Shaky was welcomed into the care of Italian Greyhound Place on 8/28/17 by his wonderful foster Angela (and also her family and Italian Greyhound!). He is loving all the attention that he is getting. 

Based on his blood chemistry/CBC/lab results, Shaky will be receiving veterinarian analysis/testing and, when cleared for surgery, he will have surgery (neutering) for an enlarged, undescended testicle and will also receive a dental cleaning.

More information will be posted as Shaky receives his veterinarian care. (Listed 8/30/17)Shaky’s veterinarian care has been completed.  Shaky was neutered (which removed his enlarged, undescended testicle) and the histopathology report indicated no cancer; the testicle was enlarged due to decreased blood supply. This is excellent news, of course! Based on his blood and lab results, which included an elevated Indexx SDMA, an abdominal ultrasound was done. As indicated by the Indexx SDMA, the ultrasound of the kidneys did confirm early stage kidney disease – stage 1. Shaky also received a dental cleaning with two teeth extracted.

​​Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have rescued, fostered, and to have had Shaky adopted by his wonderful foster and her family! Shaky is getting lots of love an attention from his new humans and also has an Italian Greyhound companion and a fenced yard to play in. Shaky was adopted on 9/20/17!

Speedy – A six-year old Italian Greyhound in NJ

Welc0me t0 Italian Greyhound Place, Speedy!


Speedy entered the care of Italian Greyhound Place due to the long work hours / multiple jobs of his previous owner, who wanted a better situation for him. Speedy is, understandably, very happy not to be living in his crate.

Six-years old and weighing approximately thirteen pounds, Speedy is a sweet, gentle Italian Greyhound whose favorite things are to be with his person (or people) and to be in the yard – in the sun, of course! He is not overly active, although he does enjoy playing with people and other dogs, and going for walks.

When left alone for a short time-frame (approximately ½ hour), Speedy stays in the kitchen area. For longer time-frames, he stays in his crate. In addition to being crate trained, Speedy is housetrained, with minimal accidents. Although not a big barker, Speedy will bark and snap at the air when playing or excited.

Speedy is good with other dogs (can be somewhat intimidated by large dogs), previously lived with cats and loves them if they return the affection, and would do best in a home without children – he doesn’t like a lot of noise, activity, or commotion (from children or adults!). Since he loves having a fenced yard, one is requested at his adoptive home. Speedy can jump high enough to take food off counters and, although

he hasn’t jumped the baby gate at his foster home (he prefers to pull it down if it is not secured), he did clear a four-foot high counter at doggy day care when with his previous owner.

Speedy had a mast cell tumor (grade 1 with clean margins) removed after entering rescue - additional information below.


If you are interested in providing Speedy, who is very loving, with his forever home, are home a good bit (an important request from his previous owner), and have a fenced area, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Information listed 7/26/17)

Tumor removal information:

Speedy is receiving veterinarian care for a small mass (diagnosed as a mass cell tumor prior to entering rescue, but currently too small to re-aspirate). More information will be posted following surgery, recommended by a veterinarian oncologist, to remove the mass. Since a heart murmur was detected, an echo-cardiogram will be done pre-surgery.

Post surgery information:

Speedy had a mast cell tumor removed with excellent pathology results - grade 1 with clean margins!!! The veterinarian considers Speedy to be cured, but monitoring exams during the first year following surgery are recommended, and then at regular wellness exams. Good news regarding Speedy's echocardiogram also - he has a mild (stage 1) heart murmur - mild mitral valve regurgitation and a trace of tricuspid regurgitation. Speedy also had a dental cleaning - no extractions necessary.

Speedy had a post-surgery monitoring exam and is doing excellently!

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have rescued, fostered, and to have had Speedy adopted by his foster who has been providing him with a wonderful home. Speedy has the companionship of two adults (he does not have to be left alone for work!) plus another family member who lives a few houses away - lots of love and attention, another Italian Greyhound in the household, and a fenced yard - perfect for being in the sun! Speedy was adopted on 9/21/17!
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