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Adopted Dogs - Summer 2019

Chase - A three-year old Italian Greyhound mix in CT

Chase an Italian Greyhound mix in CT

Chase is in the care of another rescue organization and Italian Greyhound Place is “cross-posting” his information for them. He came from a hoarding situation and is being fostered in CT, but can be adopted outside of that state. His foster indicated that he has the temperament, long legs, and thin body of an Italian Greyhound. Chase seems like a great, little dog!

Chase, who is estimated by a veterinarian to be three-years old and weighs approximately fifteen pounds, is super sweet, although somewhat shy and timid when first meeting someone. However, once he gets to know someone, he is a real “velcro” dog, following his person around the house and thoroughly enjoys having his neck and chin rubbed. He gets along great with other dogs and another “confident, fun loving dog” in his adoptive home would be fantastic. He is good with children, but, if there are children in a new home, the request is that they be older.

This guy is crate trained and is crated when left alone (he is not destructive, but his crate is his “safe spot”).

Chase is house trained to potty outside (doggy pee pads have not been used with him) and he has only had two mishaps since being fostered: he marked when he first entered his foster home and had one accident when his foster was on a conference call and could not take him out. Basically, he is doing excellent with house training.

He has a moderate activity level; loves to cuddle on the couch, relax in your arms, and explore the yard. 

If you might be interested in Chase, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. His foster has indicated that she will be glad to speak with a potential adopter regarding Chase and his personality. (Listed 7/26/19)

Chase, an Italian Greyhound mix

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have assisted the rescue organization fostering Chase by locating a wonderful, small-dog experienced couple (also familiar with the Italian Greyhound breed through a friend) who adopted him. Chase has two retired people to provide him with lots of love and attention, walks and outings to enjoy, and a yard to explore. Thanks to Chase's adopters for providing him with his forever home and to his foster (and rescue organization) for working with Italian Greyhound Place. Chase was adopted on 8/8/19!

Chase, an Italian Greyhound mix

Gwennie - A fourteen-year old Italian Greyhound in KS

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Gwennie!

Gwennie, a fourteen-year old Italian Greyhound in KS, has been welcomed to Italian Greyhound Place by her fantastic foster, actually her foster team – a woman and her husband who have more than eighteen years of breed experience, both owning and fostering Italian Greyhounds. A huge thanks to her fosters for fostering and for doing so within two days, getting Gwennie this past Friday. Gwennie is truly fortunate to be with them.

More information will be posted on Gwennie and her availability after she has a veterinarian appointment, including a dental cleaning. However, her foster indicated that she would love to foster and possibly be a “foster fail,” so this little girl may have found her forever home.

Italian Greyhound Place would also like to thank Gwennie’s previous owners, who made the very hard decision to rehome her, knowing it was ultimately best for Gwennie and their family, for working with Italian Greyhound Place and taking such care in ensuring Gwennie’s future happiness and well-being.

Update: Gwennie had her initial veterinarian appointment and, due to oral infection, is on antibiotics and is also on an "increased meal plan" to gain one to one-and-one-half pounds of weight prior to her dental procedure. Her lab work indicates elevated "markers" for possible early kidney disease, which will be further investigated. Gwennie is doing wonderfully in her foster home - cuddling, going for walks, exploring the outdoors, choosing the largest toys in the toy box, interacting with the resident Italian Greyhounds and becoming part of the "small pack." Continued thanks to Gwennie's fosters for providing her with lots of love, interaction, and enrichment.

Update: This little one has gained 1 1/4 pounds and is scheduled for a dental procedure at a veterinarian dentistry specialty center.

Update: Gwennie had a dental procedure with extractions (she has one canine left - strong and in good condition and the veterinarian did not want to risk damage to Gwennie's jaw by extracting it) and an oronasal fistula repaired. Her lab work has been stable and she will have more done in a few months to monitor slightly elevated "markers" to determine if they are indicative of early kidney disease or another condition. Overall, this little one is doing very well :-)

(Listed 5/13/19)

Gwennie, a fourteen-year old Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have fostered Gwennie and to have had this fourteen-year old Italian Greyhound adopted by her fantastic fosters (and their two Italian Greyhounds!). Her adopters shared, "She obviously has clearly captivated us both and we love her so much. I keep telling my heart that she is an old lady and to savor each day we have with her as she is a joy and delight. She is so happy and is totally loving being part of our little pack of two." Gwennie also loves being outside and prances during her walks :-) A tremendous thanks to Gwennie's fosters/adopters for welcoming this little one and making their home her forever home, where she will continue her foster adventures as a truly loved and pampered adopted little girl! What a fortunate Italian Greyhound :-) Gwennie was adopted on 7/21/19!

Gwennie, an Italian Greyhound, going for a walk

Flash - An eleven-year old Italian Greyhound in CT

Flash, an Italian Greyhound

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Flash!


Flash, an eleven-year old Italian Greyhound in CT, has been welcomed to Italian Greyhound Place by his wonderful foster who is fostering with the intent to adopt. His foster has years of experience owning and fostering Greyhounds, but, after her Greyhounds passed away and she downsized her home, she also, due to weight restrictions on dogs, knew she would need to “downsize” any future sight hounds. The “downsizing” has certainly benefited Flash!” He is enjoying lots of human companionship (his foster is retired), going for walks and meeting everyone in his foster’s community, and will have an initial veterinarian appointment (prior to a dental). A tremendous thanks to Flash’s foster for fostering Flash, for traveling to NYC to get him, and for welcoming him despite knowing that he has a tendency to “mark!”

More information will be posted after Flash’s veterinarian appointments.

Italian Greyhound Place would also like to thank Flash’s previous owner, who, due to her health, made the very difficult decision to rehome him, for working with Italian Greyhound Place and ensuring that Flash’s future would be a very happy one.

Update: Flash has received veterinarian care, including a dental cleaning with extractions and the removal of a fatty lipoma.

(Listed 5/24/19)

Flash, an Italian Greyhound

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have fostered Flash and to have had him adopted by his wonderful foster who shared, "I love this little guy!" Previously having had Greyhounds, he is certainly little in comparison :-) Flash is fortunate to have lots of human companionship (his new person is retired), to have the opportunity to go on walks, visit with his person's friends and family, and, basically, to receive lots of love and attention. He found himself a fantastic forever home and person - a perfect match! A huge thanks to Flash's foster for fostering and adopting him. Flash was adopted on 6/21/19.

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