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Gordie - A two-year-old Italian Greyhound in PA

Adoption information below listing

Adopt an Italian Greyhound

Gordie has an absolutely fantastic home, but due to a very unfortunate and unexpected medical situation experienced by one of his owners, the very hard decision was made to locate a new home for Gordie.


Two-years-old and weighing seventeen pounds, Gordie is a great Italian Greyhound looking for a home where he will receive lots of love and attention, will have a person who is primarily home as that is what he has been accustomed to, and will have a fenced yard – he loves to run and play in his current yard, including playing fetch which Gordie is really good at!

Want a lovable Italian Greyhound?

Gordie will give you kisses and hugs and also jump in excitement when you come home from being out. He craves attention – his owner shared, “If you are not petting him, he will be begging for you to pay attention to him.” He does live with, and gets along well with, other dogs, but “does seem to get jealous if you are giving attention to another and not him and will come and get in your face (licking) as to almost say, ‘look at

me.’” He would, however, do very well with another Italian Greyhound to play with (older dogs can be annoyed by his playfulness as he still has “a lot of puppy in him”). He is a great mix of being active and chilling out though.

Italian Greyhound for Adoption

Gordie is house trained to potty outside, but does have occasional accidents and a quirk; although there are two people in his home, he only indicates to one of them that he has to go out – if that person is not home or available and he is not taken out when he has to potty, he will choose to potty inside. There are also rare occasions when he seems to mark his territory. So, he is house trained, but will need some patience and positive reinforcement to be consistent.

This guy is great with children (children of various ages visit his home); walks great on-leash without

Italian Greyhound Adoption

pulling; travels nicely by car; will willingly go in a crate, but it is rarely used and he is given free-roam in the house when left alone; and only tends to bark at squirrels in the yard, when he senses someone approaching the door, when he knows it is time to eat, and when he has to go out.

Italian Greyhound - Rescue

Gordie is a master toy de-stuffer, tearing apart stuffed toys in seconds! He does great with tougher toys and chewers such as his rubber bone.

If you would like to be Gordie’s person (or people) and have tons of love and attention to give him, please contact Italian Greyhound Place.

Gordie - Adopted!

When Gordie met his new people, his owner indicated, “Gordie really seemed to like them. I was really happy because Gordie usually doesn't take to strangers that quick.” Not only did Gordie accept his new people right away, but his new home has what his owner wanted for him:  Lots of love and attention, of course; breed experience; someone primarily home - one person works full-time from home and the other part-time from home; a fenced yard (Gordie loves running and playing fetch); and two Italian Greyhound companions.

Gordie’s adopters shared, “Gordie definitely has his forever home here. He’s such a welcome addition. The boys (the Italian Greyhounds) all get along. We’re having a blast with him.”


Appreciation and thanks to Gordie’s previous owner who, after making a very tough decision to re-home Gordie, shared information and requests for Gordie's new home and made a terrific choice, with Italian Greyhound Place, for Gordie’s new home and future.


A huge thanks to Gordie’s adopters for giving him a fantastic forever home (very pleased to have them as Italian Greyhound Place adopters again after seven years!).

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