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Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place Rascal!


Rascal is being fostered in the Philadelphia area of PA
Available to foster with the intent to adopt or to adopt

Adopter pending!

Rascal, a senior dog who recently turned thirteen-years-old and weighs seventeen pounds, was surrendered to a shelter due to his owner having a serious medical event. Terrified at the shelter, the staff, who worked with Rascal to ease the situation for him, did what they could to get him to a home environment. He is now in a wonderful Italian Greyhound Place foster home.

The shelter indicated that they believed Rascal to be an Italian Greyhound/Jack Russell Terrier. His breed mix is not known, but he is adorable!

Rascal is a great little dog who will need love and patience to adapt to his new life. He appears to have been taught a lot of great skills (he walks on a leash nicely, indicates

when he needs to go out – then potties immediately, and readily jumps into the car, traveling nicely in a crate). Rascal was loved by his owner and this transition is tough for him, but he is making progress.

The following was shared by his foster:

On day three out of the shelter, he has allowed us to pet him a bit, but is still shaky and timid when approached by people (I am able to pet him from behind - so I can pet his rear if he's facing me, or his head and ears if he's facing away). He is also still warning us if he's not ready to be petted - but this is getting better each day, and we expect that he will be in a good place with some love and patience. He is doing fine with our three dogs (two IGs), and while he doesn't cuddle with them yet, he does like to be around them. He's also starting to investigate the house a bit, and has been good with our cats, but does give warning to the young one who is a bit too playful. He's done great on our stairs for a senior.


Regarding the “warning,” Rascal does this as you want a dog to do so – he communicates that he does not want to be touched, giving lots of warning. As described by his foster, “The snipping gives you a LOT of warning if you approach slowly, but if you approach fast, he will move his head forward some. If you sit next to him and put your hand out, he'll sneer/show his teeth first, and if you keep moving forward, he'll do little air-snaps, and then if you continue, he'll move his head forward if you're too close. This is stopping for me though. It's very clear he's scared. When I started to scratch his head after sitting next to him for a while this morning, he leaned into it!


The transition from an owner at this stage in life would “shake the best” of dogs and Rascal has been moved from his home, to a shelter, and to a foster home – at thirteen, he’s doing a great job

adapting. This little dog needs to be with someone who can love him, go slow with him, and build his trust. Other dogs would likely help, but he would do well as an only dog too.


If you would like to be the person (or people) to give Rascal love and patience as his bond with you grows and strengthens, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. Rascal can be fostered with the intent to adopt or adopted.


Italian Greyhound Place would like to give a huge thanks to the shelter for recognizing how terrified Rascal was, for easing his stay there, for doing what they could to get him in a foster home, and for working with Italian Greyhound Place.


A tremendous thanks to Rascal’s foster and her husband who immediately offered to get and foster Rascal, traveling approximately three hours each way to do so (and stopping at two pet stores to get a slip lead and ID collar ordered for Rascal). Their willingness to assist and their experience is greatly appreciated!

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