Adopted Dogs - Spring 2022

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Papi!


Papi, an almost six-year-old Italian Greyhound, was welcomed into the care of Italian Greyhound Place by his foster (with the intent to adopt) who had been on-file with Italian Greyhound Place and seemed to be the perfect match for him. A huge thanks to Papi’s foster for completing paperwork, reviewing/discussing Italian Greyhound Place documents, and traveling three hours each way to get Papi, all within days of being contacted regarding him.

Italian Greyhound Place would also like to thank Papi’s previous owners for working with Italian Greyhound

Place, for having him enter rescue with fantastic supplies and current veterinarian care, and for traveling to meet his foster. It is an honor to have assisted Papi’s previous owners who had intended to be his forever home, but made the extremely difficult decision to re-home him when their circumstances significantly changed.


Papi’s foster is breed experienced (had two Italian Greyhounds), has a small, high-energy dog (and was specifically interested in a high-energy Italian Greyhound), is retired (Papi was accustomed to having someone home with him), and, being a dog trainer, is very dog experienced! Papi, and his new canine companion, go to training classes with his new person and, according to his foster, the staff there “love him.”

Fortunately, Papi’s foster and his new canine companion are also enjoying him! He is doing very well, enjoys going to

training classes and for walks, and the two dogs are playing together. It is very likely that Papi has found his new home.

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have fostered Papi and to have had him adopted by his wonderful foster who was fostering with the intent to adopt. On Papi’s birthday, his foster indicated, “Today is Papi’s birthday and Paisley (her dog) and I talked it over and it is unanimous. We want to adopt!” Such fantastic news as Papi’s foster/adopter and Paisley are a perfect match for him. Papi was adopted on 5/4/2022.