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From Past Owners

It went great. They are such nice people and I feel even more comfortable now that I've met them. I think he is going to a great home! And thank you so much for everything. I could not have done this without you! I will recommend you to everyone I know with Iggys!     Amanda

Hello. It went real well. I called later to see how Cooper was doing and they (new owners) said he was adjusting fine. I just want to say thank you very much for your help in finding him a good home. I have their # so they said I could call to check on him anytime. Once again, thank you.     Tina

Thank you Debbie for your help in finding our Remmy a new home. Rob seemed wonderful and put us all at ease; we knew Remmy would be in great hands and it's all thanks to you! Lets keep in touch!      Thanks, Lisa, Chris, Danielle, Kelcee, Kaitlyn, and Matti

Although my experience with Debbie was brief because of my hectic work schedule, she was a great help. She weeded through the potential people for adopting my baby and found a family that was perfect for her and their situation. It made the hard decision easier and she even gave me a contract so I didn't have to find one.     Tammy

He (Brody's adopter) was a really nice guy. Thank you for helping me find Brody a good home.     Kyla

Hi Debbie, I would like to thank you for helping me find such a great home for Tony. Helen's family was a great fit and it puts my mind at ease knowing that he is with someone that can care and love him as much as I did. It's very hard giving away a pet that you have grown so attached to and is a part of your family. You have made this transistion, however, much easier with the assistance you have provided.   Thanks,  Miranda

Debbie made the process of finding a new home for our Italian Greyhound very easy and comfortable. It was great working with someone who really loves the breed and only wants what's best for them. We could tell immediately that the match she made was going to be perfect. She found someone that really understands the breed and knew what to expect in adopting one. The entire process was very quick and we were able to find someone within driving distance. If you're stuck with making the difficult decision of rehoming your Italian Greyhound, you can't go wrong with using this service.      Angie

It looks like he is going to a wonderful home . . . Again, I appreciate everything you have done.      Wyatt


I am very grateful to Italian Greyhound Place in their successful efforts in finding my two girls new forever homes. Debbie stepped in during a trying time for me and eased my mind is assuring that she would find a home that would take both Iggys together. Debbie and her husband came to get the girls from me along with their personal items and found them a foster home. I was able to see updated pictures on the website while they were in foster care. In one month I received an update email saying she adopted them out to a person who was seeking two Iggys. I am thrilled that Debbie was able to find them a home so quickly!     Sarah

Hi Debbie, I met Lauran last night and she and her sister fell in love with Montag. They took him home and although my heart was broken to lose him, I know that he will get the love and attention that he needs with them. He was wagging his little tail as he jumped into their car. I feel good about this... I know he'll be happy. Thanks again for all of your help. I don't think I could have found such a perfect home without you.    All the best,  Audrey

I am very fortunate to have found your website in helping me place Bella and Hana in a loving home. I feel that anyone that has an Italian Greyhound that is in need of being placed in a good home, should contact you. Your services are very much appreciated and I feel at ease knowing that their new family will love them as much as I did and give them everything they need to have a long and happy life.      Janet

Debbie, I'll tell you that something just told me that she was the right "one" for the boys . . . It seems all has worked out as it should have and I thank you so very much for your help. I don't think I could have managed this without you. Many thanks!     Karla

Hi Debbie, We met again today so they could pick up the pups. Very bittersweet, but I think they're going to thrive in their new home.  All in all a very successful match thanks to you. I can't thank you enough for your great help and caring heart.    Sincerely, Lina

The meeting went very well! They loved her! They were so pleased :) and thank you again!!     Rachel

Hi Debbie, I do truly thank you for hleping me rehome the giirls and I do trust they went to a good place. Thanks again.     Melissa

Debbie, Thank you for all of your help and guidance!   Best, Gabrielle

Hi Debbie, I want to thank you for all of your help finding a new home for Riley. Linh turned out to be exactly the new pet parent we were hoping for. Thank you for not giving up on Riley! Knowing how your service checks potential pet parents and their references, made this difficult decision a little easier. The work you do makes a REAL difference in so many lives, including ours. We're so happy AND relieved . . .  we can't thank you enough! Again, THANK YOU!    Jane

Hi Debbie, Thank you so much for your help in finding Dexter a good home. It's a Christmas miracle!   Thanks again, Liz

Hello Debbie, Erin and her husband just came to get DJ. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your help! I couldn't have found a better family to adopt him! He usually barks at people he doesn't know, but he didn't bark or growl. He took right to them. I have no doubt he will be very well taken care of and very happy!   Thank you, Holly

Hi - So Jazz is in her new home with Colleen's family. Colleen's family seemed to be a great fit for Jazz. Colleen's dogs looked happy, healthy, and spoiled - perfect for Jazzy. They were nice, down to earth people; I expect Jazz to have a great home with the family. Thanks so much Debbie.   Lissa

Debbie - I have taken Oreo to Kim's house. Her family was wonderful!!! Thank you so much for your help . . .    Lori

Hello Debbie, The adoption went excellently. Jennine and her husband seem like a great couple to care for Spartacus. They have a nice home that is dog friendly. Spartacus took very well to their other IG. The two dogs were so happy to have each other and played non-stop. I am glad Spart will have a companion. I think he will have a good quality of life in CT with his new family; for that I have peace of mind and closure. Thank you for all your help and patience. I could not have done a better job rehoming Spartacus. You do great work!      All the best, Crystal

Jeff and his partner Derrick took Izzy home tonight. I believe it will be a very positive move for Izzy. Thanks so much for all your help.   Jane

Debbie, Thank you very much for all your help with Hercules . . . Unfortunately, an adoption failed when I learned that my IG was sick and would need medical treatment. But you never gave up, you were still looking for someone who could take care of him. . . It meant alot knowing that. . . And today you found him a new home. Thank you very much for all your help, all the efforts that you made. For all IG owners, who have to decide to adopt out their loved Italian Greyhounds, I can say that Debbie will never give up and will find the best place where they can be happy again and just enjoy snuggling and all the love they need. Thank you again,   Joseph

Meeting went great. Toby seemed to love them (which was a relief for me). Thanks so much for all your help. I really appreciate it!!    Alyssa

Hi, Thanks for all your help. Copper has a wonderful new owner now thanks to you. Thanks so much. You're such a wonderful lady and God bless you for your help.   Bonnie

It went very well. She fell in love with him, as he resembled the IG she had. I'm sure she will enjoy him and be very good to him. Thank you so much for everything! It's bittersweet for us. But absolutely what's best for Kobe.   Stacey

Hey Debbie, We appreciate all you have done to help us find Hector and Camille a new home. Thank you for everything.   Liz


Thanks for all your help Debbie.   Stephanie

Thank you very much for your help. I'm glad you were able to help me find a safe and good home for Tino. I know he will be much better off with Nicole and her family.    Thanks again, Katelyn

Everything went great. Thanks for everything.   Shavoyah

Thanks you so much for your help. I know Stella will be happy.   Kayleigh

I met Melissa today and she is a perfect match. Thanks for all your help.   Gail

I left Iggy with John today. Thanks for all of your help.   Bob

The meeting went really well. Thank you for all of your assistance.   Michelle

Hi Debbie, Laura and Adam seem to be a good match for Chi-Chi, and Chi-Chi already seems to be adjusting well. I wanted to thank you for all your help.   Best, Kathy

Hello Debbie, Just wanted to let you know that yesterday went great. He fell in love with her. My mother and I thank you so much for everything. They both went home together and are very happy.   Yazmin

Debbie, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help in this trying process. I am SO appreciative of your assistance in finding SUCH a perfect situation for Simon. He is going to have a very happy life with them!   Virginia

Hi Debbie, Thank you again so very much Debbie. This really means alot to me and my family, and Katie finding a  new good home.   Becky

Dear Debbie, Thank you for all of your help in finding Lucci a new home. I'm sure he will be happy with friends to play with.    Kathi

Hi Debbie! It went great. She's very nice. She took him for a walk and they played. She is going to pick him up for adoption on Sunday afternoon. I cannot thank you enough! I feel so good about it and know he will be taken great care of. Thank you so so much! . . . Tina adopted Junior. I am thrilled. I know he will be happy; she is awesome. Thank you so much again!!!!   Annabelle

Debbie, I just wanted to thank you for your help. I think he will be in good hands.   Jay

Hi Debbie, Thank you so much for finding a good home for Brooklyn! I can already see that she is going to love him!   Sofie 

Hi Debbie, I cannot thank you enough for your bringing Chris and I together to partner in making this adoption happen as seamlessly with as minimal stress as possible. If not for your efforts, we would never have crossed paths and Bubba would not be starting his new life with the absolute perfect person for him. You have made an incredibly difficult situation much easier and less traumatic by your wisdom and kindness.   Warm regards, Susan

Thank you for everything - for helping me find these wonderful people! They immediately made me feel as if they would love my boys just as I have loved them. I feel like, instead of "getting rid" of my dogs, I actually had the chance to give them an even better life than the one I was giving them. They, I'm sure, are so happy with the attention they get in their new home and with having canine companionship, too. Thank you for helping us!   Karen

Hi Debbie, Thank you for all your help! It is truly appreciated.   Teresa

Hi Deb, Thank you from the bottom of my heart for finding Buddy a new home. I was so worried about him and I am so glad to hear he went to a family that loves IGs.   Best Regards, Sue

Hi Debbie, The meeting went great today and Marvin and his wife were the best family I could have imagined for Mouse. I feel certain that she is going to be spoiled and treated like a queen. Thank you sooooo much for all of your help in finding such a great forever home for Mouse. . . oh, her new name is Bella. Thanks again, Shelley

It went great, thank you Debbie! They are lovely people and HoHo took to them and their dog immediately!   David

It was definitely a hard experience, letting them go, but nonetheless, I appreciate your help in the matter, and I know they'll be much happier in the long run.   Nathan

Hi Debbie, Christopher and Dominic are an incredible match for King and it gave me a wonderful sense of happiness and peace that he has found people to love and appreciate him as much as he deserves. Thank you so much, this has been an incredible experience!   Kelly

Hi Debbie! Thank you so much for all your help in finding Franklin and Laila a new hme. I really appreciate it!   Dadiana

I want to thank you for everything you've done to help find a loving home for Mooky, which is all we wanted and what he deserves. We miss him, but it's comforting knowing he's now a part of a kind and warm-hearted family. I especially want to thank you for taking care of him and watching over him. Thank you.   Sincerely, Racquel

Hi there, I wanted to thank you for all of your help. You took something that could have been overwhelming, stressful, and depressing in general and made it a smooth and easy transition that wound up with me having nothing but confidence that Polo was going to the best home possible, thanks to you. I really appreciate all the work you put into this out of love, and I am so glad you are doing it. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.   Carolyn

Thanks Debbie. Things went smoothly this morning. He seemed like a perfectly lovely man and when I looked at him, I flet he was right. Thank you so very much.   Best, Gale

Thank you for finding such a wonderful woman to adopt Gio. I am sad he is gone, but I know she will take great care of him. You do a great job!   Heather

Hi, I just wanted to thank youagain for the help finding Meeko a great home. We definitely miss him, but you found him a home at the perfect time - we will be moving in a couple of weeks. Ashley and Lulu seemed like a perfect match for him.   Thanks, Leslie

Meetings went great! Glad the puppies went to great homes/families. Thank you for all your help, I really appreciate it. I was happy with both families and it was sad letting the puppies go, but it was a little easier knowing they were going to nice families where they would be loved and cared for. Again I thank you for all you did with finding great homes for my puppies.   Thanks! Emily

I met her this morning. She was very nice! I'm so glad that they are with someone who knows the breed. Thank you again for all your help!!   Brittany

You have been an angel to us. You don't even know us. Thank you so very much.   Morgan

Thank you - she will be a good home for him . . .    Alicia

Your help has been amazing. This is very bittersweet, but I appreciate all your help.   Heather

Debbie, We met and everything went very well. We spent some time talking and then they took Reggie for a walk. He took to them right away and they to him. It was all better than I could have hoped for. Reggie did end up going home with them. I am just certain he is where he is meant to be. Thank you so much for all of your help.   Jody

She (the adopter) is an absolutely lovely person. Ziggy went right to her and they kissed one another. I know deep in my heart that he will be so much happier. Thank you for everything you did to make this happen. People like you are needed in this world. God bless you.   Gail

The meeting went well and I think that he will be happy. Thanks you for everything. Again, I can't thank you enough for setting all this up and finding such wonderful people to take care of him. God truly answered my prayers through you!!!   Big hugs, Nancy

Hi Debbie, The meeting with Evan went well even though giving up Bullet was hard. Thanks for all you have done. Judi and Don 

Thanks you so much. You have been a big help.   Tim

Hi Debbie, Thank you for everything and for handling Cricket's case. He will make his adopter happy and give her unconditional love. Thank you, Carlos

The adoption went well. Although we were sad to see him go, we know Jake will have a good hme. Thank you for all your help.   Stacey

Debbie, Everything went really well. We are very sad to say goodbye after nine years, but we are confident she is in a better place. Thanks you so much.   Paige

Debbie, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!! I'm very happy that he found a wonderful family who can take care of him. This news made me very happy. Thank you again for all your help!   Joseph

Hi Debbie, Thank you again, so much, for all of your help with Bowie. It really made an otherwise sad and frustrating experience go so much more smoothly. I really appreciate it!   Abi

Thank you for all of your help Debbie!   Donna

Hi Debbie, I am really so appreciative of you and your assistance in finding Jake and Petey a new home - especially since it's such an amazing one. I know you put the work into making sure they had the right fit and a good experience and you cannot possibly know what that means to me. Thank you so much for everything!   Jahn

Thank you a million times . . . look at the happiness . . .    Best, Tara

Thank you so much for all your help in finding a new home for my Sophie!   Beth

Thank you so much. I am so grateful I cry when I look at them! Such a relief to know they have a place to stay while they wait for their forever homes… AND Wendy picked up Ginger and pup tonight, I am very glad they will get the care they need and good homes, she will keep me posted on them, thanks again!   Ginny

Hi Debbie, Thank you so much for the amazing news. We couldn't be more thrilled to hear that Dill and Alex and Parker are one big happy family! Everyone looks so happy and content. Thank you for all of your efforts and diligence with Dill's adoption; he really has a perfect home! Thanks again, Noelle

Hi Debbie, Thanks so much for all of your help!   Francine

I saw that Tommy was adopted! Thank you so much for all that you did.   Alecia

Hi Debbie, There is a special place in heaven for people like you. I cannot thank you enough, you have made a very difficult time a little easier.   RR

Debbie, Thank you so much again for all your diligent work in finding Shadow the best home possible! Rachel seemed so excited to get Shadow, and I think Shadow will get even more love and attention than we gave her.   Christine

Hi Debbie, Thank you for all your help.   Alison

Thank you!!!   Karri

He (the adopter) was wonderful!! He seemed to fall right in love with them and they seemed to fall right in love with him!! Thank you so much for putting us in contact!!   Laura, Animal Caretaker

Thank you so much for your hard work and we are very happy with Linda.  We are confident that she is going to give Picasso a great life!  Picasso and we really appreciate it.   Josh

Hi Debbie, I met Christine today and Milo went home with her. She was very patient, caring and loving towards Milo which made the transition so much easier.  Thank you for all your help! I'm very grateful to you and your organization. Regards,   Nilsa

Debbie, Thank you for everything you've done for the entire year and two weeks that I owned Autumn.  You are a very wonderful person.   Lewis

Thank you for your generosity and advice. You don't know how much I thank you for taking care of my babies.  You are amazing. Thanks, Victor

Hi Debbie, We just met and Kiko took well to her.  I have a feeling he's going to be very happy!!!   Nilsa. Thank you so much!!


Debbie, Thank you for all you have done for us and Luna.   Sharman

Hi Debbie, We met Suzy and she took Jackson, she seemed wonderful, and caring.  We feel Jackson is going somewhere great where he can thrive. This difficult process couldn't have gone better since you stepped in to help. Thank you so much again, you're a life saver.   Ryan and Nicole

Debbie, Thanks again for doing such a wonderful, thorough job in finding the boys a good home. They send us pictures often and everyone seems happy.   Nicole

Hey Debbie! Great news! A perfect fit! Couldn't have asked for better people to come into Gabby's life! Jeff and Derrick are amazing people. Thank you so much for your assistance. You are the best and we are so grateful!   Rebecca


I am so glad that I found you. Thanks so much!   Jennifer

Thanks!!! I appreciate that your organization is very transparent.   Kelly

Hi Debbie, Max just left! They seem great. Thank you once again for your help. We are officially dog free!   Nicole

Thank you again for all your hard work on this. I appreciate all you have done!   Elka

Debbie, Thank you for your help. I love the idea that she will be with another dog - she loves other dogs. Thank you in this very difficult time for me.   Val

I wanted to tell you I appreciate everything you did and helping me get someone for the dog especially somebody I think will take care of him. l want to let you know I appreciate everything you did to get him adopted.   David

You've been so helpful through this process and made a difficult decision an easier one for us.  We know it was the best for Shaky although we all miss him very much.  We appreciate all your knowledge,  understanding,  and no judgments.  We are grateful to you and Angela and her family. Thanks so much.   Corey and Eileen

We are so appreciative that Leroy is being fostered. Thank you Deb in this bitter sweet event.   Gretchen

Hi Debbie,  Sounds like a wonderful foster home for Albert. Thank you so much for helping to find Albert a wonderful new home.   Bennett

Hi Debbie, The meeting went really well, Biscuit and Earl Grey got along! They took Earl Grey home with them yesterday and we completed the adoption. Thank you so much for finding such a good match and making this possible. The process has been better than I could have ever hoped for and I feel as confident as I think is possible that Earl is happy and has amazing, dedicated owners that will give him the attention and everything he deserves. Thank you so much,   Phoebe

Hi Debbie - Everything went so well!! Thanks again for all your hard work and dedication. Really so grateful for you!   Leslie

Bristol is with Debra now.  She is an awesome lady and I think that they are a really good fit, and he liked her right away!  Thank you for everything you guys do!   Angela (owner and then foster)

Hey Debbie, So everything went well and they adopted Janie.  Thank you for all your help.   Denise

Thank you for finding the perfect adopter for my girls.   Christopher

Hey Debbie! We had a really great meet with Abbey today. She seems like a great match for Bentley and Fitz and has agreed to take them on. :):) We are supposed to be delivering them tomorrow. Thank you again for everything. We couldn't have done it without you. :):)  Clay

Debbie, We dropped the dogs off in Hollis. I wanted to thank you for everything you did. They are a wonderful family and have a gorgeous home! The dogs will be so happy there. Thank you.   Nikkea

Busta had a day visit with Todd and Randy yesterday and they absolutely love him and Busta loves them as well. He has found a new home. We appreciate you so much. You are amazing and words can not express enough how happy I am that he is under such great care and love already. You are the very best.   Shirley

Thank you so much for everything and for providing a foster for Poppy. It is a great relief to know she will have a great future.   Jeff

Hi Debbie, Chris is really great! I think he’s the perfect fit for Axl. Thank you so much for your help finding him. I love that they have a big yard that has a high fence and that there will be someone around so often. He also sounds so eager to have a puppy partner! It was really sad to let her go but we are so relieved to know she will be in such good hands!   Meghan

Thank you so much for locating a caring, loving person to foster and adopt Flash. She is perfect for him.  Leslie

I can't tell you how grateful we are to you that you found a foster/likely adopter for our sweet Gwennie. Your organization and her foster can provide so much more for her than we currently can.   Mary

After letting Mary know that Gwennie was adopted by her foster: "Great news! Thank you again for all that you do."

Chase is off to his new home and he hit the lottery. Thank you; this wouldn’t have happened without your help.   Deborah (from another rescue organization) 

A few weeks later: Chase is now Nico and he is doing great! He eats three times a day (I struggled to get him to eat once a day), loves riding in the car, wags his tail, and loves teasing the dogs in the dog park. This was definitely a match made in heaven! Jon is walking more and is totally in love.  Thanks again for helping this dog find a great home.   Deborah

Hi Debbie:The contract is perfect, you have covered everything that needs to be understood and agreed to by the new owner. It gives us the confidence we need at this time to know we have made the right decision and are working with the right person to help us. Following the meet and greet: The meeting went well.  We felt that Pat would be a good fit since she already had an IG and understood their personality and quirks. We decided to part with our Baci since the 2 dogs seemed to like each other and hope as time goes by they will be BFF. Again thank you for all of your help!!!!!   Most sincerely, Marlene

Hi Debbie, Thank you again for all of your help, you were a life saver. We deeply appreciate how professional and caring you were; it’s obvious that you feel passionately about making sure dogs are safe, happy, and loved.   Best regards, Dave

I am so very happy to see this update. I wanted to touch base so badly to make sure he was happy in his new home. I can't thank you enough for reaching out to me and now I know I did the right thing. I truly love that little guy and hope his forever home is amazing! Please send my regards to them as they just seem so wonderful! Thank you, Debbie!!!   Jodie (note: this dog is being fostered with the intent to adopt, but there is no expectation that the pup will be going anywhere!)

Hello. The adoption was a success. Thanks again for all of your help. I know that Duke will be very happy in his new home.   Thanks, Nikki 

Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate you helping with this and making sure they are safe.   Terra

I’m so happy for him to be learning all those wonderful things. That’s great. Thank you so much for taking good care of him.   Lindsay

Thank you for all of your help. I miss him so much, but I am glad he's in good hands - I can't tell you what that means to me.   Fern

Thank you so much for finding such a wonderful home for G. I know he will love the fenced yard and having other Italian Greyhounds to play with. I appreciate you letting me know how he is doing.   Thanks, Brianna

Thank you so much. He has the perfect new home!   Mike

Debbie, Thank you again for all your help, your professional manner, and the smooth transition for Carley. We thank you for making this difficult time a little bit easier for us. She is blessed to have great new parents.   Michael

Thanks for all the help, Debbie - you are wonderful.   Kati

You have shown more compassion and empathy than anyone we have spoken to. I appreciate all that you are doing and know that Cannoli will be very well cared for and happy. God bless you.   Fred

Thanks so much for the update. I’m so glad he has found a home. Looks like he has been in great hands since leaving the shelter. You guys do great work. I will pass on the good news to those that loved him here.   Julie

Debbie, Gordie really seemed to like them. I was really happy because Gordie usually doesn't take to strangers that quick. Knowing he is in good hands makes me feel a lot better about who he is with.   Darryl

I am so happy!  I feel so grateful you found this beautiful family. Thank you!!    Susan

From New Owners

Hi Debbie, I wanted to email and say thank you again for all of your assistance in making Max a part of our family. Had not existed, we would never have found him. You were such a huge help in making Kris feel comfortable with the choice to adopt and were right there to support us every step of the way. As you can see by the attached pictures, Max has settled right into his new home. He is such a beautiful and loving dog, and we really consider ourselves the lucky ones in finding him. Having worked in rescue myself, I know how much time and energy it takes to ensure that an animal goes to a loving and appropriate home. Without your love and effort, we wouldn't have him and he wouldn't have us. Thank you so much.     Tracy, Kris, and Max

I have Zoey now. . . she is such a sweetheart! She did so well last night and I love her already. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP!!!!     Kaleesa


Debbie was completely instrumental in finding us as an adoptive family, and also for matching us to Tony.  Her website has been a wonderful resource to us and has helped tremendously in preparing us for the unique attributes found in Iggy's. We are delighted in our snuggly buddy, Tony, who will do anything in exchange for treats and cuddles! I couldn't imagine a better match.     Helen

Hi Deb, Remmy is the sweetest little guy. He is getting along with my other dogs & has become a part of the family. I can't thank you enough for all your help.     Rob

Debbie, Thank you for all your assistance in our adoption of Jake and Zoey. It is  wonderful that you dedicate so much of your time and effort in this pursuit. Choosing to adopt Jake and Zoey has been a blessing in disguise. Although adding two new iggies to our existing two proved to be a challenge at first, everyone is getting along great and are enjoying each others company. Thank you once again for all you do.     Matthew & Teri

I am SO thankful to have found - not only did it introduce me to "Tony," but also to Debbie who was so very helpful, kind, and friendly from the first communication. She helped facilitate our adoption of our iggy mix, originally named Tony, who we re-named Frankie. We didn't even make it through the first night of having him in our home before he was curled up with me under the covers; he's been there ever since! Debbie, thank you SO much for your help with connecting us to Frankie and your help with getting him to our home. He is such a love and a joy! I've wanted an IG for years, but ADOPTING and IG in need of a forever home, and a special home due to his needs, AND the fact that he's a mix (I love mutts!) has been a dream come true! Thanks so much!     Heather

I can't thank Debbie enough for all her hard work. If it weren't for her, I would never have my wonderful little boy in my life. Her website has a wealth of information even for the experienced dog owner. Thank you again, Debbie! Mackenzie

This is to thank you for helping me find a playmate for my IG mix. I've been looking since March for a young IG and could not find any in my area. Debbie is a great resource. Now Harvey, renamed Giovanni, is playing and happy with my little Biaggio, a match made in heaven. Thanks so much.     Veronica

I am very happy with the way things went. Harley is a great dog and without your website I would have never found him. Thank you again so much.     Rich

Hey Debbie, Just would like to let you know that Maia and Sasha are in their new forever home and are doing wonderful already! I would like to thank you again for all of the help and allowing me to bring these two wonderful little angels into my home.     Kyle

Debbie, Thank you so much for making it possible for us to adopt Chomper. He is such a wonderful and loving dog. He brings great joy to our house and fit right in from day one! Thanks again for all of your help.     Lindsay

I would just like to say Debbie is one of the most helpful and inviting people I have ever met. She has a great personality and provided amazing service when I was adopting Montag. Montag is a great dog and his bio that I read before I adopted him was right on. My Mini Doberman Pinscher, after getting use to having another dog around, loves the company. I just wanna say thank you for all the help in finding and adopting a new animal to my home.     Lauran

Debbie, I picked Bailey and Mickey up yesterday. Just wanted to give you an update and tell you how grateful I am for all your help and words of advice. They did great last night and I think we are going to be just fine. Thank you,   April

Debbie, We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making it possible to adopt Coltrane and Squirrel . . .. We will keep you posted on how things are going. Thank God for someone like you and for the Love of Iggies.     Alene

We did adopt her and we love her to pieces! She's the sweetest little girl! Thank you so much for helping this happen!     Amanda

Debbie, I just want to thank you for everything. You have been so kind and helpful, I honestly can't thank you enough.     Kiersten

Hi Debbie, Just want to share my little happiness with you (photo was attached)! He's doing great. His body is starting to show some muscles since we've been walking at least two miles a day.   Happy holidays! Linh

Debbie - I just wanted to thank Italian Greyhound Place for all of your assistance with the adoption of Katie, our Iggy mix. She has acclimated into our family so well and I would never have come across her if it hadn't been for your site and service. It really helped to be able to get all the answers to our questions to ensure that Katie was the right dog for our family. When we are ready to ad number three, we will look to your group again. Thanks so much!!   Heather

Hi Debbie, I just wanted to let you know Cappy is doing great. No accidents yet and he is such a cuddle bug. We love him so much. Thanks again.   Jen

Hello Debbie, I just wanted to update you on DJ's transition to our home. The night we brought him home was great, every day since has been a joy to have him here. He's such a goof ball and a sweetheart. We can't thank you enough for help coordinating his adoption. We are so proud to have him, and we can't imagine a better fit for our family.   Thanks again from Erin

Just a quick note to let you know that Oreo is now a permanent part of our family. Lori and Casey were very nice and very gracious to want better for him. Thank you for your help.   Kim

Hi Debbie, Thanks so much for your assistance with the adoption and transport of my boys. They arrived last Saturday and have settled in nicely. Both are wonderful dogs and have fit into his household quite well.   Patti

Hi Debbie, We are in love with Italian Greyhounds, and when we went out seeking to provide a loving home for one in need, Italian Greyhound Place brought one to us. We are very grateful that the organization creates a win-win, as it facilitates the bond between pet lovers and pets who need love. It was a very easy process and we would not have done it any other way. Thank you so much Italian Greyhound Place!   Marc and Jennie

Debbie, They are settling in beautifully! Such a good boy and girl. Thank you so much for all your help.   Leslie

Debbie, Thank YOU for providing such a great service!! Jane and Chris were the nicest people and we plan on keeping in touch with them. Thanks again for being there!   Jeff 

Hello Debbie, We want to thank you so much in helping us have Toby join our family. We met with Allysa and her husband, and met Toby. We fell in love with him, so, again, thank you.   Kyle

Hi Debbie, Copper is here now . . . I really appreciate your help in making this happen. I feel that Copper is a great fit and a really wonderful dog. I am very happy and lucky to have him here.   Bill

We cannot be more pleased

with our adoption of Mindy. The process was smooth and effortless, and we were so impressed with Debbie's professionalism, sensitivity, and thoroughness. Included in the adoption was all of Mindy's paperwork, and when we introduced her to her new vet, she too was impressed with how healthy and happy Mindy was. Thank you Debbie!   Noah and Edwin

Hi Debbie, He's just a love. Thanks you so much for helping me adopt him.   Sharon

Hi Debbie - Just wanted to check in and let you know that things are going great with Terry. Thanks again for all your help, we are very happy!   Karen

We brought Hector and Camille home last night and they're adjusting beautifully! Frank and I are having a great time getting to know them and we're thrilled they're with us. Thank you again for the handouts for new adopters; the tips have given us things to consider in terms of our supplies and how we train the dogs. Adopting through your group was such a positive and rewarding experience - thank you so much!   Jade 

Hi Debbie, Nietzsche is home!!! He is the most behaved boy. LOL, he is so sweet. I am in love already. THANK YOU so much!!!   Hope

He is great! Thank you so much for your help.   Christine

Hi Debbie, Dash is great and has been a perfect fit for us. Thanks again for all your help with the adoption.   Niki 

Thank you for your organization. Without it, Bambi wouldn't be in her new family! I will continue to keep you pasted, and will send pictures next time :)   Sincerely, Tyla

Debbie, Thanks so much for your help and for everything you do for the dogs; I know it's not an easy thing to be involved in.    Thanks, Geza

Debbie, Cheska is an angel. She's so sweet and we are going to have a very nice life together. I'm so happy and I thank you kindly for putting us together. Thank you!   Jason

Debbie, He (Junior) is a sweetheart. I encouraged Annabelle to call or email me if she would like to know how he's doing. Thanks.   Tina

Debbie, Thank you so much for all your help. Brooklyn was renamed Ferguson and is doing great.   Amanda

Debbie, I did adopt Bubba! We're getting along well. There's still some transitional things, but I have a plan of action in place to help his adjustment. I appreciate all of your help throughout this process.   Chris 

We have renamed Maci and now call her Milano. We cannot believe how affectionate and sweet she is. We truly feel blessed. Thank you for taking such good care of her and trusting us to be her forever family.   Rebecca 

Debbie, Peyton seems to really like his new family and felt very comfortable with them. I was sad to see him go, but I also felt very comfortable with them adopting him. Super nice couple that loves their pets. Thanks so much!   Sarah

Hi Debbie, Thanks you for all your help with making our family a little bigger and much happier. Best,   Cheryl

Hi Debbie, I just want to thank you for everything - Mooky is great and although he has been with us a few days it feels like he is part of the family, like he has been here all along. Lots of long walks in the beautiful weather have been a bonus, since I never even thought of how wonderful this part would be. Thank you again,   Susan 

Hi Debbie, We are very happy to have King, he is such and incredibly sweet boy and we are all starting to develop a bond.   Best regards - Christopher 

Hi Debbie, Just wanted to let you know Barkley is doing fantastic. He's been playing up a storm. Eating like a champ, doing his business on walks, and sleeping with the girls. He's a great addition to our family. Thanks for everything.   Patty 

Debbie - Sophia is integrating very well, her and Nicco are already bestees :)   Cody

Hi Debbie, Giovanni is a wonderful dog and I thank you so much for arranging for me to adopt him.   Sharon

Hi Debbie, The meeting went very well today! I adopted Jerry. The two IG's got along initially and things got even better. . .Jerry, now Jado, is a wonderful little IG. He is perfect in every way, and I am madly in love with him. He is a joy! I feel blessed to have him. Enzo and Jado thank you for getting them together, and I thank you too!   Rosanne

Hi Debbie, I just wanted to let you know that the adoptio went well and Max has seemed to have warmed up to us and our home. He is very happy and we are thrilled to have him here! Thank you so much for all of your help!   Sloane

Thanks Debbie - We named her Lexi and are enjoying her. She is fun and we're working on a few consistent training procedures! Thanks for all your help!   Sal

We're very happy with him. He was shy at first, but has already warmed up to us and both our dogs, and we decided to name him Leo. Thanks again!   Michelle

I came across an email from you. We've had no problems with our wonderful Hercules. He eats like a champ and is so full of energy. We can't imagine life without him.   Thanks again! Cari

Hi Debbie, I am letting you know that we have Polo and everything is going well. Ignatz and Polo are playing with one another, so that is a positive sign!   Best wishes, Suzi 

Debbie, We did get Reggie. Thank you SO much for making this possible!   Katie

Hey!! Ziggy is doing very well and he is a VERY good boy :-) I am really enjoying him and he is getting along great with my other dogs.   Kayla

We have Mia! She is a very loving and peaceful dog. We are blessed to have her. Thank you again.   Linda

Debbie, Thanks for Chrissie!   Sincerely, Dan

Hi Debbie, Luigi is wonderful. We love him already. I'll keep you posted.   Ross

Debbie, Bruno is such an awesome dog. He has settled right in and my children love him. My senior IG, Chip, is bouncing around trying to act like a puppy. It's such a cool scene in my house now. Thank you so much for setting up this adoption. Bruno is exactly what I was looking for. Bruno will be much loved here.   Thanks again, Maria

Just so you officially know . . . You can't have him back! Lol, he's mine and he knows it. Everyone loves him; he gets along with my parents and their dogs. He's doing really well. And he's coming out of his shell and he's a real goof ball. Ellen

Debbie, Just to let you know Koby is adjusting wonderfully. He is just a delight. My dad and mom are very happy and Koby is getting all the love and walks he can want.   Sincerely, Robert

Hi Debbie! We wanted to let you know that everything went well and we have Bowie with us. Thank ou for all your help!   Karly

Hi Debbie, It has been a while and I wanted to send you an update on my angel Noodles. He is the most amazing dog. I really cannot thank you enough for allowing him to be a part of my family. He brings joy to my life everyday and Spartan too. He even likes to play with toys now! Again, thank you! I am truly blessed!!   Tara

Debbie, Thank you so much for your help in adopting Jake and Petey! Things are going great! Thanks again!   Christa

Thank you again so very much for bringing us both together!!!   Anna

Hi Debbie, I wanted to thank you again for helping to place Bug (aka Spiderman) with me. Thank you for all you do.   Sam Abbott

Dear Debbie, I can't believe how lucky we are to have found Sophia. She is so incredible and has the sweetest personality. We are so grateful for all you do at Italian Greyhound Place. Many thanks!   Paula

Hi Debbie! I never imagined I could love two dogs so much. My whole world revolves around my two goofballs. I just wanted to thank you for placing them with me. I don't know what I would do without them!   Thanks, Brooke

Thank you so much for all you have done to give Sal and me these wonderful new pets to love.   Mary Lou

She is amazing, sweet, loving and so beautiful. Thank you!   Rachel

We're glad to have him!   Max

The dogs are getting along very well. He is a wonderful dog. Thanks for helping us get him!!!   Bill 

Thank you for helping place them. They are so adorable, gentle, attentive, and making themselves at home.  Charly (our chihuahua), doesn't mind them one bit. They are a great fit for us.  What an incredible addition to our family. My husband is in love with them. In fact, he's walking them in Central Park as we speak.
Thank you for the wonderful work you do!   Shawn

I am elated! Thanks a million!!! Picasso will have the best last years he can possibly have with me.  He will bring me so much joy. Linda

Everyone loves Milo, and he enjoys all the attention. Thank-you.   Sincerely, Christina and Milo

I love this dog sooooo much - he is so attached to me.   Tara

Thank you so much. I love him already !   Sharae

Hi Debbie, Thank you for all your help with the adoption. The boys and Aggie are all getting along wonderfully.   Sincerely, John

She's getting along famously with the other three. She's a really good girl and seems to like us. I am so happy this worked out for all of us! Thanks again for facilitating all this. You are a very special person for doing what you do.   Jeff


I've had Ciara for a few hours and just love her already!   Angie

We are so fortunate to have him, he is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met. His demeanor is fantastic and once he has a little more confidence he will basically be a clone of Stella personality wise. It's the best match we could have ever hoped for. The minute I saw him I felt deep down he was meant to be mine, and now he is. I'm so in love with him already, so thank you from the bottom of my heart.    Faythe

He is absolutely loving it here and he's being so well behaved.   Caroline

Hi Debbie, We are home. Phoebe is wonderful. We will take are time and get to know each other. Nicky was dancing and rolling in front of Phoebe. They will be great friends. Nicky's eyes lit up when she saw Phoebe. You could just hear her saying . One of my kind. Thank you so much for thinking of me.   Kindest Regards, Joyce

He is so beautiful - blue with white. He has one dark blue eye and one light blue eye. Sophie couldn't stop waging her tail.  He is so loving ! We feel so happy. Thank you for all your hard work and giving us the opportunity to adopt him! We are so in love with him already. Thanks again Debbie

From a foster: Hi, we would like to adopt Shaky . . . We could just not let him be anywhere but with us . . . Can I say he's ours now lol   Angela

From a foster: You can write up adoption papers as Bella is part of our family and isn't going anywhere….:-)   Ferol

From a foster: Leroy had a great first day at our home. I have no doubt that I want to adopt Leroy so please let me know whether there is anything else I need to do to make our home his permanent home.   Many thanks, Debbie.  Lyn


Thank you!   Shirley

I couldn’t let Albert, my little 10 lb. terror, go. We would love to keep him - I do feel losing Cody and getting Albert was meant to be.   Tara (foster and adopter)

Debbie: Thank you for facilitating the adoptions! Getting the girls from the original owners, rather than via a shelter, was much less stressful for them. So, they're settling in very quickly.   Christina 

Debbie, He's a great little dog. I love how he ever so gently and slowly taps me with his paw to get me to continue massages. He is very sweet and I am absolutely in love with this handsome little boy. We're both very happy. Thank you for this pairing.   Debra

Debbie - Thank you so much for all the hard work. It's paid off; Janie Joy is happy and enjoying life in her new home. She is exploring her new home, meeting new two and four legged friends, and most importantly logging plenty of hours dozing off in laps. She has brightened our life with her personality and affection. All of the information and materials you sent us were so helpful in making sure things went smoothly and successfully. With the help of Italian Greyhound Place, this precious animal has found a new home and we have found more love than imagined.   Benjamin

Debbie, I don't think it can get any better as far as a match goes. He is the perfect little guy for us. And honestly I don't see any reason to wait on this decision. He has adapted so quickly to being here. It's like he has been here his whole life . . . Bob is amazing. The universe was looking out for me when they sent me to your website. I don't know if I can ever thank you enough for trusting me.   Barbara (foster and adopter)

Thank you for all your help in finding me my new fur babies - Michele

Hey Debbie - Thank you so very much for making the connection for myself & the boys. I look forward to making many great memories with Fitz & Bentley in the future.  Best, Abbey

Hi Debbie, They are doing great! Just now we walked them around a bit outside to introduce them to their new environment. Thank you for facilitating! Jill and Bill

Debbie, Thank you so much for helping us adopt Busta. We are very excited! Thank you again for all your help!  Todd

Hi Debbie,  "We know she isn't going anywhere!"   Ferol (foster and adopter) 

Hey Debbie! So I met with Meghan and Liz, and it went amazing. They went through with the final step and Axl is home with me. Thank you so much!   Chris

In reference to adopting her foster dog, the foster indicated: "YES, I love this little guy." In a following email:  Oh, Debbie, he really is doing great. I just love this little guy. Thanks for getting us together  Jan  

From Gwennie's foster who adopted her: "She obviously has clearly captivated us both and we love her so much. I keep telling my heart that she is an old lady and to savor each day we have with her as she is a joy and delight. She is so happy and is totally loving being part of our little pack of two (now three!). She's truly loved and pampered."   Patti

Yes! Chase is home. On his papers it said his name was Nico, so we will swap it back – he seemed to respond better to it. He is fitting in just fine . . . his exciting day should end with a Yankee game, so he is with me watching the game. Thank you so much.   John (Chase was with another rescue organization who requested the assistance of Italian Greyhound Place in locating an adopter)

My anticipation is increasing that this meeting is going to be for real. I have a positive feeling about the match. . . Meeting went well and we are home. Thank you so much.   Pat

Holy moly, Debbie - this honestly could not have worked out better! Jake and I are just so incredibly grateful! I think the long visit went a long way towards making Speedy comfortable with us. I swear he is already bonded… We already love Speedy so very much, and we are so grateful to have him as a part of our family! He will be spoiled with attention here, no doubt about it! I cannot thank you enough, Debbie.   Mikhaila

Thank you, Debbie.  Millicent did her little play dance when she met Petri,  so I knew she liked him.  She doesn't dance for just anyone.   Thanks, Natalia

Hi Debbie! I have to say that Blue has already adapted to his new family. The 3 of them (Italian Greyhounds) get along like they've been friends all along. Blue and my wife are best friends and he follows her everywhere. Blue and my youngest Iggy have been running around the yard playing and chasing one another. Blue has fit in perfectly.   Darryl

He's doing super and he's well behaved. He's definitely IG, but he's quite a bit overweight.

He's going to fit in great and is getting along with the other dogs. I'm very happy to have him. Thank you again for all your help and for giving me the opportunity to adopt Duke. I'm truly grateful.   Bonni

From Papi's foster: “Today is Papi’s birthday and Paisley (her dog) and I talked it over and it is unanimous. We want to adopt!” You do a wonderful job with the dogs in your care and it has been a pleasure to work with you. Thank you from Donna, Paisley, and Papi

(From Charlie and Roger's foster) These two have definitely found their furever home. We love them!   Amanda

We are grateful to have G! He is really smart, learns quickly, gets along with all three of my other Iggies and really adapted to us quickly.   Darryl


He is an amazing dog!   Thank you, Michael

(From Carley's fosters who were fostering with the intent to adopt) We are so happy to be adopting her, and couldn't have done it without you and your wonderful organization.   Dennis

Hi Debbie, Cannoli's really doing so well and we are so thankful for him and his big personality! My family (who live very close by) absolutely loves him. He’s already my best buddy! I absolutely love Cannoli! Thanks so much Debbie! I really appreciate all you do!   Danielle

Wooooohoooooo!!!! We are so excited that she is officially a part of our family!!!! Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to love her!!!!!!! She is such a little spitfire and brings us so much joy and love. Thank you so much Debbie.   Melissa

Thank you for all your help and advice!!!! Rascal will be loved and well cared for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Cathy

Gordie definitely has his forever home here. He’s such a welcome addition. The boys (Italian Greyhounds) all get along. We’re having a blast with him. We bought guards to go under our sofas and loveseats. Now his balls don't roll under furniture because he has a blast playing.   John

From Others

Thank you for taking the time (to email us back). The IG Place website has provided us with alot of useful information and I will highly recommend to anybody in the future. Best Wishes,   Suzi

Love your site, especially the additional info and links.   Dan

Thank you so much, you're a life saver!!!   Joey

Thanks you for the information! Best,   Trent

Thanks. You have been very helpful. I will refer anyone I know to your site if they are looking for an IG. I appreciate everything.   Angela

Thank you so much! That is very helpful.   Ellie

Debbie, Thanks for getting back to me so quickly, and for your honesty. Regards,   Laurie

Hi Debbie, I really appreciate the information. This is very helpful! I really appreciate you getting back to me. Hopefully I am on the quest of finding my IG soon :-)   Melissa

Debbie, Thank you very much for sharing the adoption contract with me and for being so understanding. This process is definitely challenging every part of my being.   Amanda

Hi Debbie! Thank you so much for replying to my email. I really appreciate your help. There is so much excellent information in this email and I am sure it will be very helpful to me. I will be doing my research and work to get Ella on the path to losing some weight. Thanks again!!   Kathy

Excellent suggestions! Thanks.   Carolyn

Thank you so much! I really appreciate your response :-)   Sincerely, Liz

Oh wow! Thank you so much for your help!!:)

I read your tips and we have only had one accident in two weeks! So very happy - she is a good dog and we love her very much! Your website and tips were very helpfull!   Thank you, Rachelle

Hi Deb, I have been working with Spencer and he is getting better. I really appreciate the time you invested to help me and your pages were and are invaluable.   Thank you, Bob

Hello Debbie - Thanks again for taking the time to share the info from your website.   Take care, David

Hi Debbie, Thank you so much for the recommendation.   Sincerely, Jason

Hello Debbie, Thank you so much for your help and the information.   Francessca

Thank you for the advice :)  

Keep up the good work - you are doing a wonderful job!   Ruth

Hi. I love the website and love it more now that you were able to respond to my questions and concerns. So hard when you  have such a lovable dog that hates inclement weather.   Dolores

Oh my, such a girl who is in need of TLC. Thank you so very much for letting Kim (rescue coordinator in geographical area dog was located in) know about her.   Robin

Hi Debbie, Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it.   Thanks again. Lisa

Thank you so much, Debbie. You are a great help. I'll be sure to keep you in mind if I ever need advice. I really do appreciate it.   Melissa

Hi Debbie, Thanks again for all of your help. I loved your website.    Best Regards, Cristina

Thank you again for all the help.   Jon

Oh, great advice! Thank you!   Adina

Thank you so much! I very much appreciate your advice.   Mary

Debbie, Thank you so much for all of your help! This is extremely helpful. Thanks so much!   Cate

Hi Debbie, Wow! Thank you for such a thorough response. I wasn't expecting that much detail, but it was definitely needed! Thank you so much on this wonderful insight! Thanks again!   Alison

Debbie, Thank you for the valuable information and quick response.   Thank you! Beth

Hi Debbie! Chomper's surgery went well and he's so much better. They had to pull 4 small teeth, but it looks like everything has heeled. Thank you again for your help with finding a vet.   Lindsay

Thank you for your help.   Debbie

Thank you for the suggestions.   Sherri

Great information and advice Debbie. Again thank you for all your help.  Shiela

Thank you so kindly. I heard your rescue is fabulous.   Lori

Your website was super helpful / easy to navigate. You’ll make us experts in no time!   Thank you,   Paul

By the way, I found your website to be one of the most comprehensive of all the IG sites I've looked at over the past 6 months. So Helpful!  Dan

Hi Debbie, Thank you very much for your prompt and very informative response.   I'm truly grateful for your guidance, knowledge and kindness. You have provided me with so much helpful information.   Donna

Debbie, Thank you so much. I would not have found all of this information on my own.   Kathryn

Great! Thanks so much for the help!   Kristal

Hi, Thank you for all your help!   Lori

Hi Debbie! Thank you so much for this information. I really appreciate you getting back to me.   Kathy 

Hi there, Thanks for all your help.  Andrea

This was extremely helpful! I’m going to reach out to these people, thank you so much! Gabrielle

Thank you so much for the info!  Shannon

Thanks for getting back to me.

Debbie. Fantastic! I've been trying to rescue for awhile, but it seems like Iggies are nearly impossible to find, so I'm going to try the breeder route. Best breed ever! Thanks again!   Lisa

Thanks for the information.   Barbie

Thank you so much for the info!   Lori

Thank u.   Michael

Hello, Debbie! Thank you for responding back so quick!  I really appreciate the feedback and advice.   Best, Rebecca 

Thanks so much for the info.   Thanks, Shanna

Hi Debbie, Thank you so much for this list! I appreciate all the help.   Best, Grace

Thank you so much for the info! I will look into all these options.   Daniela

Debbie, Thank you for the information. We love, love our babies.   Bobbi

Hi Debbie,Thank you so much for all the help!   Thanks, Grace

Debbie, Thank you for such an informative email.   Thank you so much! Elizabeth

Hi Debbie, Thank you so much for this information. It was incredibly helpful.   Kelly

Debbie, Thank you for such an informative email. I am keeping in mind all your advice and things to look for. Thank you so much!   Elizabeth

Thank you very much for the quick response!   Jason

Hi there, I am based in Australia and getting an IG at the end of June. I just wanted to say that your website is so helpful, and I'm really grateful for all the advice you've shared. The level of detail is fantastic.   Thanks! Clare

Thank you for all of this helpful information!! I really appreciate it.   Rachel 

Thanks for your response. Out of all the shelters and or pet adoption places, you are the only one that takes the time to respond. I will keep checking your site.   All the Best, Bob

Thank you so much, Debbie. I truly love the website and am grateful to have such a wonderful resource at my fingertips.   Laurie


Thank you!  This is so helpful.   Celia

I am impressed by the amount and quality of  information and thought that goes into your website.   Susan

Your website was so informative and helpful! I appreciate your dedication and knowledgeability. Thank you so much for your time, help, and love for iggys!   Jeanne

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