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Adopted Dogs - Spring 2018

In honor of Cody, Albert, a 1.5 year-old Italian Greyhound, has been welcomed
into the care of Italian Greyhound Place.

Cody, an Italian Greyhound


On the day that Albert was scheduled to enter foster care, one of his fosters', Tara’s, Italian Greyhounds, Cody, unexpectedly passed away. Cody was adopted through Italian Greyhound Place almost eight years ago after having lived in a crate at a puppy mill for approximately four years. He was rescued by a woman who contacted Italian Greyhound Place and, after viewing Cody’s photograph, his adopter, Tara, offered, and provided, him with a life that he didn’t know existed. Although deeply saddened by the death of Cody, Tara still met and brought Albert home to foster, demonstrating a real commitment to the dogs who she helps.

Therefore, Italian Greyhound Place would like to share that Albert has been welcomed into the care of Italian Greyhound Place in honor of Cody.

Albert - A 1.5 year-old Italian Greyhound in NJ 

Albert, an Italian Greyhound being fostered

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Albert!


Information will be posted as Albert's foster gets better acquainted with him.

(Listed 3/24/18)

Albert has been adopted by his foster! While getting to know Albert and working with him, Tara realized that she couldn’t let him go, that “losing Cody and getting Albert was meant to be.” Albert has wiggled his way into her heart and has also become buddies with his new canine companions. A tremendous thanks to Tara for fostering Albert and for welcoming this little Italian Greyhound to his wonderful, forever home, the same as she welcomed Cody years before (and Grayson more recently). What a wonderful tribute to Cody. Albert was adopted on 4/8/18!

Earl Grey – A ten-month old Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua in Oregon

Earl Grey, an Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua mix

Earl Grey’s owner is moving to Europe and, primarily for that reason, decided, although not an easy decision, that it is best to locate a new home for him; the trip would be long and, she  believes, stressful for him, and once in Europe, her schedule will not provide for sufficient time with Earl Grey. In addition, Earl Grey’s energy level is too high for her other dog.

Earl, who is believed to be an Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua, is approximately ten months old, weighs about ten pounds, and is, needless to say, adorable. He is very playful, with a high energy level, but also likes to be close to his person, cuddling in their lap or having them hold a chew bone while he chews it. Chewing is something he loves! His current owner provides him with plenty of acceptable chewing options and, happy with the selection, Earl Grey does not gravitate to inappropriate items. This guy also loves balls and small, stuffed toys.

Although good with dogs, this especially applies to other small dogs as he can be wary around bigger, rambunctious dogs, which is understandable given his size. He is currently living with a cat.

Earl Grey understands the general concept of pottying in a designated area of his yard and will do so when taken out, but does have accidents. This guy walks nicely on-leash without pulling; travels fine by car; is crate trained (does not have accidents in his crate); and, except for accidents, is okay staying in a designated area of the house when left alone. He has some digging tendencies, particularly on carpeted areas or in the yard.

Described as fairly quiet, Earl Grey will sometimes bark at noise, in an attempt to get the cat to play, or to get his owner’s attention. He will also bark at new/unknown people who enter his home, primarily if they do not greet him with a soft voice and, preferably, a treat.

When younger, Earl Grey was not tolerant of having anything put over his head (i.e. collar, sweater) and would growl. His owner worked with a trainer and he is now fine having clothing put on and he puts his head through his collar when his owner holds it for him. However, given the fact that he was “head shy” (and has some food aggression), it would be best if Earl Grey was not in a home with young children or where young children are regularly present. That said, Earl Grey does interact with an eleven-year old and does do fine with her.

According to Earl Grey’s owner, “Earl Grey is a great dog who craves to be close to someone, but he also tends to be wary of his surroundings and on the lookout for what's going on around him.”

If you would like to share your love and home with Earl Grey and are willing to work on a few behaviors with him, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 3/17/18)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Earl Grey to a fantastic couple who enthusiastically welcomed him to their home. In addition to two adult humans, one who works at home, Earl Grey has an Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua companion, close to his age, a fenced yard to run and play in, and walks and outings to enjoy. Earl Grey was adopted on 4/8/18!

Earl Grey, an Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua mix
Earl Grey, an Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua mix

Gabby and Gemma - Eleven and ten-year old Italian Greyhound / Chihuahuas in MD

Gabby and Gemma, Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua mixes

Both dogs are trained to potty outside (they currently have a dog door, but even without one, do not tend to have accidents); walk nicely on-leash with someone who regularly walks them (will pull with someone they are not accustomed to walking with); are fine traveling by car; only tend to bark when someone arrives at their house or the neighbor dog barks; and, when left alone, are given free-reign of the house (they are not crate trained).

Gabby and Gemma are very good with other dogs and were accustomed to going to the dog park. Although they enjoy older children, they are not fans of toddlers and young children. They seem indifferent to cats, but have never lived with them.

If you are interested in fostering, fostering with the intent to adopt, or adopting Gabby and Gemma, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 2/28/18)

Note: Gabby and Gemma's family is moving in April and a foster or adopter is needed prior to the family's move!

These two, bonded Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua girls have been in the same home together since each were puppies, but due to the demands of having a young family, their owner feels it is best to locate a new home for them. The family is moving in April and a foster or adopter is needed prior to the family's move.

Gabby and Gemma love to be with each other and with people, although of the two, Gabby is more of a lap dog, with Gemma being content to “hang out” most anywhere. Lots of love and attention, with some walks and play thrown in, is what these two, described as sweet and fun-loving, would like.

Gabby and Gemma, Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua mixes
Gabby and Gemma, Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua mixes

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Gabby and Gemma to a wonderful woman who wanted to welcome two, older dogs to her home and these two girls were the fortunate ones. Gabby and Gemma have a loving human with an impressive record of providing a wonderful home to dogs in need of one, two small canine companions, a dog friendly home and fenced yard, and walks at a local park to enjoy. Gabby and Gemma were adopted on 4/14/18! 

Bristol – An almost eight-year old Italian Greyhound in KS

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Bristol!

Bristol, an Italian Greyhound being fostered by Italian Greyhound Place

Bristol, who is in the care of Italian Greyhound Place, will be eight-years old this May and weighs seventeen-pounds.

This guy is extremely sweet and, although not a real "snuggler," enjoys being petted and receiving doggy massages. He likes to be in the same room as his human, but does not need to be interacting with them constantly. Bristol was previously used for breeding and it became obvious to his foster that Bristol was not exposed to many common household items such as wood floors (he did not want to walk on a wood floored hallway so some carpet squares were put down and now he is fine), or stairs (which he now navigates), but he tends to be a quick learner. He has a tendency to be hesitant with people, and is scared of children, but does bond to his person. When scared, Bristol will cower and shake – he does not display any aggressive behavior. He hasn’t played with toys yet (and is fearful of fast movements such as a ball being thrown), but glimpses of playfulness such as a playful, pounce position and a few “hops” when out walking have been seen. Bristol is an excellent on-leash walker and loves to go for walks. Although seemingly a bit worried, he is okay in the car and travels without whining.

Bristol is housetrained to go outside and, if taken out regularly, does not have accidents in his current home. Bristol is accustomed to being with other small dogs and a cat and is fine with both.

Bristol, an Italian Greyhound being fostered by Italian Greyhound Place
Bristol, an Italian Greyhound being fostered by Italian Greyhound Place

Crate training is being worked on, but Bristol is not a fan of being left alone and does initially whine. Therefore, a home where someone is primarily home is desired for Bristol.

Bristol is a very sweet, sensitive Italian Greyhound who is ready to enjoy life and will bond strongly with his person. If you would like to be this person for Bristol and are willing to work with him on his introduction to new items/situations that he might encounter and on his fearfulness with new people, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. A home without children is requested.

Note: Bristol has color-dilute alopecia and, therefore, has some hair loss. This does not affecta dog's health. Bristol will be having blood work and a dental cleaning, with expected extractions, done.


Update: Bristol received his dental cleaning and had twenty-eight extractions. 

(Listed 3/21/18)

Italian Greyhound foster, Bristol

Italian Greyhoud Place is pleased to have fostered and to have had Bristol adopted by a wonderful, caring woman who drove from Maryland to Kansas to adopt him. Bristol couldn't have found a better forever person to share his life with and has been enjoying the companionship of his person, walks, and fluffy blankets fresh from the dryer. What a change from being used for breeding to being "absolutely loved." A tremendous thanks to his foster who started him on his journey to a better life and to his adopter for welcoming Bristol to her home and heart! Bristol was adopted on 4/30/18!

Janie Joy – An eight year old Italian Greyhound in WA

Janie Joy, an eight-year old Italian Greyhound

Janie Joy’s household expanded when her owner’s adult child moved in with four young children. Unfortunately, this has not been an ideal situation for Janie Joy and her owner has subsequently made the very difficult decision to locate a new home for Janie Joy.

Eight-years old and weighing approximately eleven - twelve pounds, Janie Joy tends to be very friendly and likes to give kisses - she is especially fond of adult males, but also bonds to females. This little one is great with dogs, cats, and older children.

Janie Joy, an eight-year old Italian Greyhound

Housetrained to potty outside, JanieJoy will whine when she needs to go out and only tends to have an accident (on the bath mat) if no one pays attention to her request. On walks, Janie Joy will pull for a few minutes and then walks nicely on-leash. She is crate trained, travels fine by car, and only tends to bark to announce herself when she goes into the yard and if she hears unfamiliar noise.

Although Janie Joy has spurts of energy several times each day, she is often, especially when the weather is cold or inclement, content to be cuddled beneath a blanket.

If you are interested in providing Janie Joy with her new home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 4/2/18)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Janie Joy to two wonderful  men (Janie Joy’s favorite people are men!) who are a fantastic match for this little one. Janie Joy is enjoying her new  life - exploring her new home (fencing is being completed for a fenced yard), going to work with her new people where she is meeting new “two and four legged friends,” going for walks,  and, of course, cuddling in laps! Her adopter shared, “She has brightened our life with her personality and affection . . . we have found more love than imagined.” A tremendous thanks to Janie Joy’s adopter! What a fortunate Italian Greyhound she is.

Janie Joy, an eight-year old Italian Greyhound
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