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Help Finding or Re-homing
an Italian Greyhound (or mix)

​​Finding an IG to Purchase or Adopt


Want help looking for an IG or IG mix?

Finding and choosing an Italian Greyhound to be your forever companion, whether through a purchase or adoption, is a big undertaking. Perhaps you have:

  • Researched the breed, but still have questions;

  • Are not finding Italian Greyhound puppies or adults near your geographical  location;

  • Found a breeder, but are not sure if he/she is reputable;

  • Are concerned about ensuring that the IG you choose is a good match for your lifestyle; or

  • Are concerned about the requirements of Italian Greyhound rescue groups or breeders.


Maybe you want someone to work with you to find an Italian Greyhound who will be your future companion.

If so, contact Italian Greyhound Place and I will be glad to assist you, whether by answering a question, pointing you in the right direction, or attempting to find you an Italian Greyhound.

Finding a Great Adopter for Your IG


Need to re-home your IG or IG mix? If you are in the unfortunate position of having to re-home your IG or IG mix, Italian Greyhound Place can assist you. I am available to help you determine and evaluate your options and to choose the course of direction best for you and your IG. Whether only providing suggestions, or listing your dog, screening and evaluating potential homes, providing an adoption contract - basically assisting throughout the adoption process, I am here to provide help.

Italian Greyhound Place also operates as a  non-profit Italian Greyhound Rescue that includes IG mixes. Dogs enter into the care of Italian Greyhound Place where they are fostered in breed-experienced homes, receive veterinary care, and have wonderful adoptive homes chosen for them.

Italian Greyhound Place works with owners, shelters, and other rescues.

Please contact Italian Greyhound Place and I will assist as much, or as little, as you would like.

There is no cost!

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