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Adopted Dogs - Spring 2023

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place Carley!

Italian Greyhound mix in foster care

Carley is being fostered with the intent to adopt

Carley, an approximately ten-year-old Italian Greyhound / Miniature Pinscher, was welcomed into the care of Italian Greyhound Place on 3/29/23 by her fosters, experienced Italian Greyhound owners, who are fostering with the intent to adopt. Given that Carley has fantastic fosters, with one working from home, it is not surprising that she is doing exceptionally well! In addition to lots of love and attention, Carley has walks to enjoy in her neighborhood and elsewhere - she had “a great walk at the park and seemed so happy,” windows that look out the front and back of the house that she loves, and a beautiful yard to enjoy with her people. Carley did great meeting a neighborhood dog, but dog introductions will be taken slow given that Carley’s owner shared that she was reactive with two small dogs (although the dogs did not greet her with courteous “canine etiquette”).  Carley’s fosters indicated that she is “so well-behaved,” although, as expected from information shared by her previous owner, “she needs to learn not to pull.” That is being worked on!

Carley’s fosters shared, “Carley is so sweet and we are so happy to have her in our home.”


A huge thanks to Carley’s fosters!!! Additional thanks for taking a day off from work to meet and get Carley!

Italian Greyhound Place would also like to thank Carley’s previous owner for working with Italian Greyhound Place to ensure that Carley would have a happy, safe future and for meeting part-way between locations.

Italian Greyhound mix in the care of Italian Greyhound Place

Carley has an initial veterinarian appointment scheduled and this posting will be updated following that.


Fantastic News - Carley has been adopted by her fosters who were fostering with the intent to adopt! Carley’s initial urinalysis indicated proteinuria and a following UPC (urine protein:creatinine ratio) was high. A following UPC test was high, although a bit lower. Yet a following test came back within the normal range, but prior to that, Carley’s fosters indicated, “No matter what we want to proceed with adopting Carley.” Carley will have an additional test in approximately two to three weeks to monitor her status, but so far, good news there for Carley.

Carley could not have found better fosters and, of course, adopters. She is truly loved and her new people are so happy to have her with them. Carley will continue to enjoy lots of human companionship (one of her people works from home), walks (including to a park that she loves), a backyard to enjoy with her people, and, overall, a fantastic love-filled life!

Italian Greyhound mix adopted!

When adopting Carley, her new people shared, “We are so happy to be adopting her.”  

Adoption Update

Carley has consistently been greeting small dogs (in addition to larger dogs) happily and very nicely on-leash. Given this behavior, her adopters cautiously introduced her to the opportunity to interact and play with other small dogs off-leash in a securely fenced area and Carley did fantastic!!! Way to go Carley (and, of course, her adopters).


Rescue dog playing
Italian Greyhound / Min Pin rescue playing
Adopted dog playing with other dogs
Adopted dog playing
Adopted Italian Greyhound / Min Pin

Carley - A ten-year old Italian Greyhound / Miniature Pinscher in NJ

Adopter or Foster with Intent to Adopt Needed - Foster Pending!

Italian Greyhound / Min Pin for adoption

Carley is an approximately ten-year old Italian Greyhound / Min Pin*, weighing about ten pounds, who is in need of a new home. Due to her current owners’ work schedules, involving international travel, in addition to extensive obligations with family and children, they have concluded that they can no longer care for Carley as needed. What they want most for Carley is a home where she will receive lots of love. A fenced yard is being requested.

This little girl is very loving and affectionate, adores attention, and is described as being “chill” with a low

activity level; she will do “a lap or two outside” in her fenced yard and then she’s calm. Carley is great with the children in her current home and, although she does get excited with visitors, after a few minutes of getting acquainted with them, is “absolutely good.”

Carley is house trained (potties in her fenced yard) with no accidents in her current home; is not crate trained, but is fine given free roam of the house; has not been in the car recently, but traveled fine by car in the past; and only tends to bark at

Italian Greyhound mix for adoption
Italian Greyhound mix needs new home

the door bell, people and dogs walking down the street, and when someone initially enters her house. She pulls approximately 50 - 75% of the time on-leash, so could use some positive guidance on loose-leash walking (Italian Greyhound Place would be glad to provide information on this).

Regarding other dogs, Carley did get aggressive with smaller dogs on two occasions that were similar in nature - both occurred in an off-leash area where Carley was confronted/violated by another small dog; in this type of situation, the owner indicated that Carley will “attack.” The owner shared that there has never been an instance of a large dog having this effect on Carley. On-leash is a much better scenario - Carley can typically greet other dogs, but due to her history and

Italian Greyhound mix - adoption

the owner’s sense of caution, she is generally kept away from smaller sized dogs. She is fine when in her fenced yard and another dog is walking down the street - Carley will bark, but not aggressively, and say “Hello”.

If you are interested in welcoming Carley to your home and sharing lots of love with her, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 3/23/23)

* Breed mix was indicated to the current owner by a previous owner

Italian Greyhound / Miniature Pinscher Needs New Home
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