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Adopted Dogs - Winter 2018/2019

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Poppy!

Poppy, an Italian Greyhound in NY

Poppy is a six-year old Italian Greyhound in NY who was welcomed into the care of Italian Greyhound Place by her fantastic foster (a previous transport volunteer, foster, and multiple adopter). More information will be posted as her foster becomes better acquainted with Poppy and she has her veterinary wellness check. A huge thanks to Poppy's foster for welcoming her and for providing her with lots of love and care.

Also, thanks to Poppy's previous owner for working with Italian Greyhound Place and for taking such care in ensuring that Poppy has a wonderful future. (Listed 1/26/19)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have fostered Poppy and to have had her adopted by her fantastic foster who indicated, "We know she isn't going anywhere!" Not only has Poppy's foster/adopter become very attached to her, Poppy has reciprocated the attachment, has acclimated very nicely to her new environment, and her adopter's other Italian Greyhounds (also adopted through Italian Greyhound Place) have given their new companion their "stamp of approval." Surrendered to rescue due to housetraining accidents, her adopter's patience, acceptance, willingness to work with her, and experience is perfect for her; she also has canine role-models who have also been teaching her :-) A huge thanks to Poppy's adopter for fostering and for providing Poppy with a fantastic forever home. Poppy was adopted on 2/11/19!

Busta – An almost two-year old old Italian Greyhound in NV 

Busta, an Italian Greyhound in NV

Although not an easy decision, Busta’s owners have, due to changed circumstances, including a planned move, decided that it is best to locate a new home for Busta. The requests for Busta’s new home are (1) that someone be home more than not, (2) that there be a fenced yard, and (3), that if there is another dog, or dogs, in the home, that the breed be Italian Greyhound. In fact, another Italian Greyhound in the home for Busta to play with would be a bonus (he lived with an Italian Greyhound who passed away and misses the companionship).

Busta, who is not quite two years old and weighs approximately ten pounds, is a high-energy, playful (loves to play ball and tug), very loving and affectionate Italian Greyhound who totally enjoys going for walks (he is good on-leash). He can be initially afraid of other dogs, especially large dogs, but warms to them after a few minutes or so; when on walks, his current owner tends to carry him past large dogs. Busta also tends to be a bit afraid/timid when first meeting new people.

Two Italian Greyhounds

Busta is housetrained to potty outside (on walks or in an enclosed area) and only has occasional accidents (approximately twice per month) when left alone for a long, to him, time-frame – his current owner works from home and, if Busta is  left alone, it is for a maximum of approximately four hours. Busta’s accidents tend to be on carpet or bath mats. When he is left alone, Busta is given free-reign of the house; he has been in a small crate, but would tend to urinate in it and one is not currently used. Busta is not a big barker inside, primarily barking at the door bell, but he does tend to bark a lot when outside in his fenced yard (this tends to be along a fence-line where a neighboring dog lives). He loves to travel in the car.

If you are interested in a super sweet, loving Italian Greyhound with a high activity level, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 12/13/18)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Busta to two wonderful, Italian Greyhound experienced (they previously had two Italian Greyhounds) men who are very excited to have Busta become part of their family. Busta's two new people both work from home, there is a fenced yard, and Busta will have lots of walks to enjoy. In addition, his adopters plan to add another Italian Greyhound to their family, so Busta will also have an Italian Greyhound companion. A big thanks to Busta's adopters for providing him with a fantastic new home with lots of companionship! Busta has been gradually transitioning from his previous home to his adoptive home during January 2019. Update: Busta now has a resident Italian Greyhound companion!

Busta, an Italian Greyhound
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