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Adopted Dogs - Winter 2019/2020

Ares - A seven-year old Italian Greyhound in NJ

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Ares! - Being fostered with the intent to  adopt

Ares, an Italian Greyhound

Ares, a seven-year old Italian Greyhound, has been enthusiastically welcomed to Italian Greyhound Place by his fantastic foster (and her husband) who extended their fencing height (which was fine for their previous Italian Greyhound and current Chinese Crested and Dachshund/Beagle), to ensure that Ares would be able to enjoy their fenced yard as he would be arriving with his fence jumping ability not known. 

When confirming that she would foster with the intent to adopt, Ares’s foster indicated, “Absolutely YES and I will accommodate any meeting plan the owner can put together,” which leads to a huge thanks to both Ares’s foster and to his previous owner. This little dog is very much loved by his previous owner who wanted to be the one to transfer Ares to a new person and have the opportunity to meet them. However, the person, who seemed (and is!) perfect for Ares, was approximately eight-hours away. The first plan was for a meeting half-way between the owner and

foster’s locations, but due to his job, the owner had to cancel the day before this was scheduled for. It was then that the owner indicated that although he does fairly local deliveries for his job, that he would request a delivery close to where the foster was located; and he got one! The owner traveled to PA for a delivery and Ares’s foster, who is located in NJ, met him there.

Since entering the care of Italian Greyhound Place, Ares has been receiving lots of love and attention and also veterinary care – lab work, diagnostic tests, and treatment and will be receiving more, including surgery to close an oronasal fistula that has reopened. Some veterinary care was provided prior to Ares entering the care of Italian Greyhound Place with the goal being that the owner might be able to keep this little dog, but the owner made the very tough decision that, given Ares’s health status and his current situation, that it was in Ares’s best interest that he go to a new home. Tremendous thanks to Ares’s owner, not only for traveling to PA with Ares, but for taking such care in ensuring Ares’s future and for working with Italian Greyhound Place.

Ares’s is acclimating very nicely to his new home – his foster, who is breed-experienced, is primarily home and there are three other adults to “spoil” him (the foster’s husband and two adult children). He also has two canine companions and a fenced yard to enjoy. This sweet Italian Greyhound, who is being fostered with the intent to adopt, is not expected to be going anywhere, although he will be fostered during his veterinary care and treatment. A huge thanks to Ares’s foster (and her family) for all that they are doing for this sweet Italian Greyhound and for keeping in contact with Ares’s previous owner so that he knows how his little one is doing. (Listed 8/8/19)

Ares, an Italian Greyhound
Ares, an Italian Greyhound, finding a spot in the sun

Caught in the act of finding a spot in the sun!

Ares Update 9/22/19:

This little guy is doing wonderfully – enjoying lots of love and care and, in the process, now weighs 8.8 lbs. – a gain of well over a pound since entering rescue. He was treated for, and is now clear of, hookworms; was diagnosed with chronic bronchitis (x-rays, bronchoalveolar lavage, and CT scans) and, although there is permanent lung damage, he is doing well with treatment and his medication has been reduced; and has glomeruler disease with proteinuria, but lab results are improving with treatment. He is scheduled with a board certified veterinarian dentist to have an oronasal fistula closed. Continued thanks to Ares foster for all that she is doing for Ares, including the many trips to his primary veterinarian and his veterinarian internal medicine specialist. There is no question that Ares’s foster has been, and is, perfect for him!!!

Ares at 8.8 lbs.!

Ares, the Italian Greyhound, weighs 8.8 pounds!

Ares Update 10/31/19:

Ares, an Italian Greyhound, with the veterinarian
Ares, an Italian Greyhound, getting a dental

Ares is being monitored with lab work and another chest x-ray was done, with medication being altered as appropriate. The big news though is that he had his oronasal fistula closed at a veterinarian dentistry specialty facility - an extensive process taking about four hours. A huge thanks to his foster for taking him on his adventure and being there for him! As his foster has shared, this guy is "so loved."

Ares, an Italian Greyhound, with the veterinarian

A successful oronasal fistula closing and sweet Ares was brought out to recuperate with his special person!

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have welcomed Ares into the care of Italian Greyhound Place and to have had him fostered by an incredible woman (and her husband, two adult children, and two small dogs), with the best news being that, as expected, he was officially adopted by his foster! Ares found himself a breed-experienced home where he has lots of love and attention (his foster/adopter is primarily home), a fenced yard to enjoy, and lots of fun adventures to experience, especially with the soon-to-be warmer weather. His forever person shared, "Oh, yes, definitely, I would like to officially adopt Ares!  I love him and this is his home forever. I want him to have the best life possible; full of good food, and fun, adventures, and always, always lots and lots of love." A tremendous thanks to Ares' adopter for all she has done for him - the love, enriched life, and all the veterinary trips for his diagnosis and treatment. His oronasal fistula surgery has healed very nicely and will be checked during the year by his veterinarian dentist, his chronic bronchitis and kidney function will be monitored (his medication was recently reduced!), and his new person is planning to consult with a veterinarian nutritionist to increase his dietary variety. This little dog definitely landed himself in the perfect home! Ares was officially adopted on 3/5/20!

Ares, an Italian Greyhound
Ares, an Italian Greyhound
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