For Fun

Fun and entertaining videos of Italian Greyhounds, dogs, and a few other species!

Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhound Walking in Snow - This guy really does not like cold, white, wet stuff on his paws.

Italian Greyhound in Boots - Some Italian Greyhounds have to get used to their new boots. This Italian Greyhound has new boots too!

Italian Greyhound and the Doormat - This Italian Greyhound knows what to do with the doormat.

Indoor Racing - A good reason to use non-slip area rugs in strategic locations.

Italian Greyhound and the Mirror - Italian Greyhound playing with . . . who?

Italian Greyhound Jack - There are alot of clips of IggyJack doing various tricks.

Italian Greyhound Exiting Crate - This is a good reason to have secure latches!

Speak and Growl - A Chinese Crested and an Italian Greyhound learning "speak" and growl."

Italian Greyhounds are Fast! - Italian Greyhounds running in a yard.

I Wuz Cold - Not an Italian Greyhound, but could have been!

Pool Video - Who said Italian Greyhounds don't like water???

Jump! - An Italian Greyhound jumping into a pool.

Stairs - Be sure to view the entire video so you do not miss Crispy, the white Italian Greyhound.

Bike Ride - A video of an Italian Greyhound enjoying a bike ride from his seat in a back-pack.

Violet The Puppy Goes Berserk Over iPad Game - A video of an Italian Greyhound puppy playing an iPad game.

Bertie the Italian Greyhound - A video of Bertie performing his "trick."

Jumping - Not an Italian Greyhound, but a video of a Whippet jumping a fence (the video in slow-motion)

Synchronized Snow Sissies - Are these horses or Italian Greyhounds???

Go Biscuit - Biscuit, the Italian Greyhound, walking on her hind legs.

MO Lottery - Little Taste of Big Adventure: Serengeti - A Missouri lottery promotional video featuring the cutest antelopes - otherwise known as Italian Greyhounds!

Italian Greyhound Skateboarding - A "mygoodgirlsclub" Italian Greyhound demonstrating her skateboarding skill

Guiness World Record - Longest Throw Caught by a Dog @ 402 Feet - The catch is by Davy the Whippet! 

My Italian Greyhound Reviews Food - A fun video similar to others out there, but with an Italian Greyhound!


Italian Greyhound Mug - Not that these these guys shed much, but: It's Not Dog Hair, It's Italian Greyhound Glitter

Can You Identify an Italian Greyhound? - View the images and find the Italian Greyhounds! When you answer "yes" or "no," it will indicate that the response is correct or identify what breed is pictured.

Other Dogs & Species


Dogs at the Beach- No Italian Greyhounds, but a fun video.

Useful Dog Tricks - A Just Jesse (Jack Russell Terrier) video. Other Just Jesse videos can be found on YouTube.

A Bulldog and a Pool - A fun video!

Dog Upset with His Master - A talking dog video

Dog Wants a Kitty - A talking dog video

Something Odd Was Happening At A Shelter So They Set Up A Camera. What It Caught Is Amazing! - Check out this Greyhound.

Doofy Dog Can't Stop Smiling After Finding a New Pair of Chompers - Brush your Italian Greyhound's teeth so he does not have to resort to this!

Dog Teaches His Brother How to Sit - A video of Rufus teaching Jet to sit!

"Yuck, I Hate Eggs!" - A dog's encounter with a hard boiled egg.

Dog Hides from Owner - This dog doesn't want to go inside!

Oreo's Rat Tricks - All Grown Up! - Not an Italian Greyhound, not even a dog, but a talented rat doing tricks!

Dog Gets Really Creative with Trampoline - Nope, the dog is not bouncing on the trampoline!

Kitty Accidentally Pressed the Turbo Button - For Italian Greyhound owners, this will look familiar!

Ready for Shipment - Yes, a CAT video!

Bear Steals Package from Chewy - A bear takes a Chewy package containing dog food off a porch where it was delivered.

Gorillas React to Rain - Guess what they do :-)

Sprat Bar - Ring for Sprats!

Lawyer Gets Stuck in Cat Filter Mode During Zoom Trial - His response, "I'm not a cat."

Shiba Inu Ruining Group Photographs - While the other Shiba Inus pose nicely, Hina does "her own thing." (The photographs in video format).

Dude, what are you looking at? Just throw the ball! - This dog is very persistent!

Weather Reporter’s Hungry Dog Interrupts a Live Forecast - Storm, the weather reporter's dog, wanders onto the live screen set.

Dog and Mirror - Dog makes faces at himself in the mirror.