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For Fun

Fun and entertaining videos of Italian Greyhounds, dogs, and a few other species!

Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhound Walking in Snow - This guy really does not like cold, white, wet stuff on his paws.

Italian Greyhound in Boots - Some Italian Greyhounds have to get used to their new boots. This Italian Greyhound has new boots too!

Italian Greyhound and the Doormat - This Italian Greyhound knows what to do with the doormat.

Indoor Racing - A good reason to use non-slip area rugs in strategic locations.

Italian Greyhound and the Mirror - Italian Greyhound playing with . . . who?

Italian Greyhound Jack - There are alot of clips of IggyJack doing various tricks.

Italian Greyhound Exiting Crate - This is a good reason to have secure latches!

Speak and Growl - A Chinese Crested and an Italian Greyhound learning "speak" and growl."

Italian Greyhounds are Fast! - Italian Greyhounds running in a yard.

I Wuz Cold - Not an Italian Greyhound, but could have been!

Pool Video - Who said Italian Greyhounds don't like water???

Jump! - An Italian Greyhound jumping into a pool.

Stairs - Be sure to view the entire video so you do not miss Crispy, the white Italian Greyhound.

Bike Ride - A video of an Italian Greyhound enjoying a bike ride from his seat in a back-pack.

Violet The Puppy Goes Berserk Over iPad Game - A video of an Italian Greyhound puppy playing an iPad game.

Bertie the Italian Greyhound - A video of Bertie performing his "trick."

Jumping - Not an Italian Greyhound, but a video of a Whippet jumping a fence (the video in slow-motion)

Synchronized Snow Sissies - Are these horses or Italian Greyhounds???

Go Biscuit - Biscuit, the Italian Greyhound, walking on her hind legs.

MO Lottery - Little Taste of Big Adventure: Serengeti - A Missouri lottery promotional video featuring the cutest antelopes - otherwise known as Italian Greyhounds!

Italian Greyhound Skateboarding - A "mygoodgirlsclub" Italian Greyhound demonstrating her skateboarding skill

Guiness World Record - Longest Throw Caught by a Dog @ 402 Feet - The catch is by Davy the Whippet! 

My Italian Greyhound Reviews Food - A fun video similar to others out there, but with an Italian Greyhound!


Italian Greyhound Mug - Not that these these guys shed much, but: It's Not Dog Hair, It's Italian Greyhound Glitter

Can You Identify an Italian Greyhound? - View the images and find the Italian Greyhounds! When you answer "yes" or "no," it will indicate that the response is correct or identify what breed is pictured.

Dog Rejected by a Chihuahua Finds a New Home - Nori, an Italian Greyhound, who is funny, cuddly, and, well, view the video!

Greyhound Slays Agility - Okay, a Greyhound, not an Italian Greyhound, but a fun video.

Ruggable Ad - a video ad featuring Italian Greyhounds!

Other Dogs & Species


Dogs at the Beach- No Italian Greyhounds, but a fun video.

Useful Dog Tricks - A Just Jesse (Jack Russell Terrier) video. Other Just Jesse videos can be found on YouTube.

A Bulldog and a Pool - A fun video!

Dog Upset with His Master - A talking dog video

Dog Wants a Kitty - A talking dog video

Something Odd Was Happening At A Shelter So They Set Up A Camera. What It Caught Is Amazing! - Check out this Greyhound.

Doofy Dog Can't Stop Smiling After Finding a New Pair of Chompers - Brush your Italian Greyhound's teeth so he does not have to resort to this!

Dog Teaches His Brother How to Sit - A video of Rufus teaching Jet to sit!

"Yuck, I Hate Eggs!" - A dog's encounter with a hard boiled egg.

Dog Hides from Owner - This dog doesn't want to go inside!

Oreo's Rat Tricks - All Grown Up! - Not an Italian Greyhound, not even a dog, but a talented rat doing tricks!

Dog Gets Really Creative with Trampoline - Nope, the dog is not bouncing on the trampoline!

Kitty Accidentally Pressed the Turbo Button - For Italian Greyhound owners, this will look familiar!

Ready for Shipment - Yes, a CAT video!

Bear Steals Package from Chewy - A bear takes a Chewy package containing dog food off a porch where it was delivered.

Gorillas React to Rain - Guess what they do :-)

Sprat Bar - Ring for Sprats!

Lawyer Gets Stuck in Cat Filter Mode During Zoom Trial - His response, "I'm not a cat."

Shiba Inu Ruining Group Photographs - While the other Shiba Inus pose nicely, Hina does "her own thing." (The photographs in video format).

Dude, what are you looking at? Just throw the ball! - This dog is very persistent!

Weather Reporter’s Hungry Dog Interrupts a Live Forecast - Storm, the weather reporter's dog, wanders onto the live screen set.

Dog and Mirror - Dog makes faces at himself in the mirror.

Dog Found Singing and Playing Piano While Owners Aren't There - Dog caught on video!

The Way to Go through Water - Video of a dog and a large puddle.

Vizsla in Boots - "When you meant to put it in All Wheel Drive, but put it in Rear Wheel Drive instead!"

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