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Adopted Dogs - Spring 2015

Dill – A five-year old Italian Greyhound / Whippet mix in New York

Italian Greyhound Place foster Dill, an Italian Greyhound / Whippet in NY

5/22/15 Update - Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Dill!

Dill is now in the care of Italian Greyhound Place (his owners accepted a job transfer that required a quick move to the West Coast). Dill does have an interested adopter, but please contact Italian Greyhound Place if you would like to be notified of his availability.

This boy is approximately five years old, blue merle in coloration, twenty-five pounds, and stunning. Not only that, but he is a fantastic canine companion. Dill was found four years ago by his current owners who are now in a situation where their work schedules, including travel, prevent them from being with him as often as they feel he deserves. Although Dill does fine when he needs to be left alone (he does whine a small amount

when first left), he is happiest when with his humans. 


His current owners prefer that Dill go to a home where a human is home more than not and/or in a situation where Dill could accompany them on outings, and where he would have a fenced yard to run, play, and sun in. Since Dill loves being the center of his people’s attention, being the only dog would be a positive for him. 

Dill is housetrained (outside, not doggy pee pads); is crate trained, although his owners do not find it necessary to crate him when he is left alone; is not a barker, giving only a few barks if a stranger approaches the door; and, after taking a moment to settle down, is fine traveling by car. He exhibits an absolute love of people, young and old (he is excellent with children); has lived with other dogs; and is good meeting new ones when provided with appropriate leashed walk introductions – if put abruptly in a dog park type situation, he becomes scared. Dill has not been exposed to cats.  

Overall, Dill’s activity level is moderate. The best thing is that he tends to match his energy level to that of his people, being ready to relax or play when they are. His favorite game is playing fetch with his tennis ball. According to his current owners, “Bubbly and loving best describe Dill, and he is very eager to be with, and please, his people.” He responds to many commands and is food motivated, making treats, along with praise, a great, positive reinforcer. Dill enjoys walks and has been taught to walk beside or behind his human walking companion without pulling; a Halti head collar in conjunction with a martingale collar is used.


As indicated, Dill is one fantastic dog. If you are interested in being his person/people, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 4/28/15) 

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have fostered Dill and to have had his foster adopt him!!! Due to the acceptance of an immediate job transfer by his owners, Dill entered into the care of Italian Greyhound Place and, it turns out, into a foster home that matched his personality quite nicely. So nicely, in fact, that Dill has made it his permanent home. Dill now has a human able to be home a lot, a fenced yard, walks, and an Italian Greyhound to play and cuddle with.  A big thanks to Alex for fostering and adopting Dill! In addition, appreciation to the couple who were interested in Dill for graciously acknowledging that Dill had found his forever home with Alex and his Italian Greyhound. (Dill was adopted 6/5/15. )

Ginger -  An Italian Greyhound mix and her puppy in Arizona

Ginger, an Italian Greyhound mix in AZ

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have coordinated the placement of Ginger and her puppy into a foster home in Arizona where they will be cared for and vetted while an adoptive home is located. The woman Italian Greyhound Place assisted rescued five dogs (the person who had them was being evicted), and found homes for all but one, Ginger, who was pregnant, deciding to keep her until after the puppies were born. She then located homes for four puppies, but was faced with a situation where she had less than one week to find a new location for Ginger and one remaining puppy. She was not finding a placement and indicated, “I am desperate.” A big thanks to Wendy and the organization for which she fosters for accepting Ginger and the puppy into their care, and a thanks to the woman who had them for caring so much about their futures! (Placed 4/30/15)

IG pup in AZ

Sonia and Casanova - Two five-year old Italian Greyhounds in New Jersey 

Italian Greyhound Place welcomes two bonded Italian Greyhounds to foster care in NJ

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Sonia and Casanova!


Sonia and Casanova, who are in the care of Italian Greyhound Place, will receive veterinarian care, following which they will be going to their adoptive home!

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have rescued, fostered, and rehomed Sonia and Casanova to a wonderful woman in Pennsylvania whose family previously had an Italian Greyhound. These two will have lots of love, attention, walks, and a fenced yard to run and play in. Sonia and Casanova were adopted on 4/23/15!

Cappi - An Italian Greyhound puppy in PA

An Italian Greyhound in his new home

This adoption was a cooperative effort between Hazeljane's Blessings and Italian Greyhound Place, with Italian Greyhound Place recommending Cappi's adopter, and Hazeljane's Blessings rescuing and fostering him. In addition to having a fenced yard and canine companions, Cappi's adopters own and operate a pet resort and he will be able to go to work with them each day. The photos are of Cappi in his new home and, as the second one illustrates, he seems to approve of both his home and new canine siblings :-) Cappi was adopted the weekend of 3/21/15!

Photograph taken through window
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