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Adopted Dogs - Spring 2017

Joey -  A nine-year old Italian Greyhound / Border Collie in CT

An Italian Greyhound / Border Collie foster

When left home alone, Joey is given free run of the house. Although now crate trained, he was not initially. Therefore, Joey’s foster chose a room as his “stay alone place,” but he managed to open the door and exit the room! His foster arrived home to find Joey doing fine in the house with the resident dog, and that has been the procedure since then.

Joey has a medium activity level (his foster has found that he requires at least a 30-45 minute walk - he is good on-leash -  and a game of fetch each day). In addition to enjoying walks and fetch, Joey likes to play with squeaky toys; knows some commands such as sit, down, and paw and is very willing to learn, especially if treats are involved; and makes a great quiet time/movie buddy. 

Foster dog Joey on a walk

Although good with other dogs, Joey needs time to warm to them before desiring to play with them - he has been on walks with a lot of other dogs and is generally indifferent to neutral dogs. He is curious, but not overly invasive, with cats, and good with children he has met, Joey also travels nicely by car, is housetrained (no accidents) and only tends to bark if secluded away from people, a car arrives home, or when excited about seeing people.

If you are interested in providing Joey with his forever home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 11/19/2015)

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Joey!


Joey is a ten-year old, thirty-four pound Italian Greyhound / Border Collie who was diagnosed with canine diabetes after entering the care of Italian Greyhound Place. He does require daily insulin injections, but is very good about receiving them (and being bathed and having his nails trimmed!), but he will need an adopter comfortable with the condition and willing to have it monitored. 


Quite shy when initially meeting people, Joey is very sweet, cuddly, and likes to be with his person/people, tending to follow them around. He also tends to like having the companionship of another dog, as evidenced in his relationship with the resident dog in his foster home. Since he finds comfort in the presence of another dog, a home with an existing dog would be ideal for Joey.

An Italian Greyhound / Border Collie fostered by Italian Greyhound Place

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have rescued and fostered Joey, and to have him adopted by his foster!!! Joey was diagnosed with diabetes after entering the care of Italian Greyhound Place and also had some inter-dog aggression to work on, but his foster has been accepting and wonderful with him - Joey has been with the perfect foster and now the perfect owner for him. Joey has two fantastic humans (his adopter and her sister), a canine companion (the resident dog prior to his being fostered), and a wonderful, active life. As his adopter indicated, "Joey thinks of this as home, and would be heart broken all over again if he got adopted by another family." Joey is in his forever home and was adopted on 5/25/17!

Max – A four-year old Italian Greyhound in NJ

Max, an Italian Greyhound available for adoption

Max’s owners had three dogs, including Max, and made the decision to rehome two of the dogs with the intention of then being able to provide a good life to one dog, Max. Unfortunately, with a one-year old child, another baby expected, and work, the couple is not in a position to provide Max with the attention and care that they would like him to have. Therefore, Max, who is four-years old and weighs approximately twenty pounds, is in need of a new home. His current owners have requested that an adoptive home have a fenced yard and the companionship of another small dog.

When left alone, Max is accustomed to staying in a “dog” room, but is also crate trained. Regarding housetraining, he is housetrained to potty outside and has also used doggy pee pads (if used, he might need a refresher course on the doggy pee pads!). Some housetraining accidents do occur and Italian Greyhound Place will be glad to provide housetraining information. Max is not accustomed to a leash (has never been walked on one) and will need to be acclimated to loose-leash walking and, if desired, information on this will be provided. Max travels nicely by car.

If you are interested in welcoming Max to your home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 3/19/17)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Max to a fantastic, breed-experienced couple who have, with their female Italian Greyhound, welcomed him to his forever home. Max will have lots of human love and attention, a canine companion, a fenced yard, and walks and hikes to enjoy. Max was adopted on 5/21/17!

Max, an Italian Greyhound available for adoption

Although he enjoys being active, Max is also very affectionate and enjoys cuddling with hispeople. He has lived with two other dogs and a young child, but has not been exposed to cats or many other dogs.

Ciara – An approximately five-year old Italian Greyhound in Ohio

Ciara, an Italian Greyhound available for adoption

When Ciara’s owner passed away, Ciara’s current owner provided her with a home so that she would not have to go to a shelter. Although she loves Ciara, the owner has indicated that Ciara is not a good match for her personality and temperament and, although not an easy decision, has determined that it would be best for her and Ciara for Ciara to be rehomed. Ciara is estimated, by a veterinarian, to be approximately five-years old and she weighs approximately fifteen pounds.

If you are interested in a calm, affectionate little dog who, although not playful, loves to go for walks (does not pull on-leash) and even enjoys running with someone, Ciara could be for you! However, her adopter does need to be accepting of housetraining accidents, and willing to work with Ciara on this. In addition, although Ciara will bond to multiple people, she does, according to her current owner, bond most strongly with adult females; therefore, having a woman in her new home is desired.

Ciara is housetrained to potty on walks and in an enclosed outside area – although they have
been offered, Ciara has not used doggy pee pads. Ciara does have accidents, primarily when alone for too long, there is inclement weather, or she is not taken out regularly; she does not communicate that she wants to go out to potty.

A very calm environment with an adopter who is extremely patient is needed for Ciara. Not only is Ciara very calm, but she is very sensitive to yelling, stern voices, and loud noises –

Ciara, an Italian Greyhound for adoption in Ohio

she will become nervous and begin to shake. That said, she is good with children, but they need to be calm (she will snuggle with calm children, but run and hide from children who are too active near her). She is also good with other household pets. If another pet is receiving attention, Ciara will go to the person dispensing it to get some for herself – she loves attention and loves to be cuddled and have her back scratched. She also loves food and is very receptive to getting treats – she will sometimes hide her treats!

Ciara is not crate trained (stays free in the house when alone), travels nicely by car, only tends to bark when someone is at the front door, and, as indicated, is great on-leash.

If you might be interested in providing Ciara with her new home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 4/6/17)

Italian Greyhound Place is please to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Ciara to a breed-experienced couple who, instead of "two girls" (Italian Greyhounds) now have "three girls"! Ciara has lots of human companionship (her new female, adult human does not work outside the home), two Italian Greyhound companions, a fenced yard, and walks to enjoy, which she loves. Ciara was adopted on 4/13/17!

Gabby – A seven-year old Italian Greyhound in CA 

Gabby, a seven-year old Italian Greyhound in CA

Gabby is a seven-year old, seven pound Italian Greyhound in need of a new home. Although she can be timid, Gabby is extremely loving and friendly, with a moderate activity level and absolutely loves going for walks (doesn’t pull on-leash). A fenced yard is being requested for Gabby.

This little one is housetrained to potty outside (her preferred location is a grassy area in her current backyard). Gabby will generally go to the back door when she needs to potty, but will occasionally sneak away to a corner of the house to potty instead – not often, but it does occur. This also occurs when Gabby visits somewhere. Gabby has not been crate trained, but is something that she could be acclimated to.

It is rare for Gabby to bark (she will bark if the side gate to the yard opens and she cannot view who the person is); she was raised with another dog, cats, and children (good with all); and she travels nicely by car.

Approximately two years ago, Gabby’s canine companion was killed by a raccoon that entered their yard from a neighbor’s tree. Since then, although Gabby’s love of going for walks has not diminished, she does become frightened by large dogs, especially if they are barking, and is also scared in unfamiliar, noisy environments – in both cases, she tends to be shaky and nervous.

If you are interested in providing a forever home to this sweet, little Italian Greyhound, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 3/22/17)

Italian Greyhound, Gabby

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Gabby to two fantastic men  who are  previous Italian Greyhound Place adopters - they adopted a one-year old, female Italian

Greyhound six years ago who is, like Gabby, now seven-years old! In addition to wonderful humans and a female Italian Greyhound companion, Gabby also has the companionship of two male Italian Greyhounds and a fenced yard to run and play in. This little girl struck gold! Gabby was adopted on 4/2/17!

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