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Adopted Dogs - Winter 2013/2014

Artie - A twelve-year old Italian Greyhound in New Jersey

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Artie!

Italian Greyhound Place foster Artie - a twelve-year old IG

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have rescued, fostered, and rehomed Artie - in fact, Atie's foster home is now his adoptive and forever home!!! Thanks so much to Pam and her family, including Artie's two Italian Greyhound "brothers." Artie was adopted on 2/27/14!

Artie, who turned twelve this past September and weighs twenty-three pounds, is in the care of Italian Greyhound Place. With the same family since puppyhood, the birth of two children, one year apart, significantly impacted the attention Artie's people were able to give him, with walks, play, and cuddles estimated to be 5 - 10% of what they once were. In addition, Artie no longer seemed happy and appeared to be experiencing stress when the children were crying or making noise when playing. A home with older, or no, children would be best for Artie. 

Artie is housetrained, and will whine when he needs to go out. When left alone, Artie is accustomed to staying in an enclosed space with an open crate such as a kitchen or laundry room, or in a closed crate. Artie is consistently accident-free in his "room," but if left alone with free roam of the house, accidents tend to occur. 

This guy loves to go for walks and, although he will pull slightly at times, is basically good on-leash. He is good with other dogs, cats, and people; enjoys cuddling under blankets; tends to be alert; and at twelve-years of age, still has a fairly high level of energy and, in addition to walks, enjoys playing. Artie has a fantastic personality - kind, loving, and sweet. He loves to be by his person's side and makes for a wonderful companion. 

If you are interested in sharing Artie's senior years with him, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 12/1/13)

Bowie - A six-month old Italian Greyhound puppy in New York

Bowie's current owner describes Bowie as "the friendliest, waggiest, most loving dog I have ever met. He can't wait to meet every person and dog he has the chance to."


Although Bowie loves playing with other dogs at the dog park, his exuberance is proving to be too much for the four-pound Chihuahua in his home. Bowie's owners are concerned, especially when Bowie play bites, for the safety of their Chihuahua and feel it is best to place Bowie in a new home. 

As many Italian Greyhound puppies do, six-month old, eleven-pound, Bowie has lots of energy and will need someone who can provide him with the opportunity to appropriately expend it. In addition to running and playing, Bowie also enjoys safe chewing items. When his energy is drained, he is "an absolute snuggle bug and loves cuddling." Bowie has attended puppy classes and knows cues such as sit, stay and wait. 

Bowie is being housetrained to potty outside and also on doggy pee pads (his current owner estimates him to be approximately 45% trained). He will go outside if it is not too cold or snowy out, and accidents away from the pee pads are most likely if the pee pads need to be changed or when he is on a different level of the house than the potty area. When using the pee pads, Bowie eliminates on, or within approximately three feet of, the pee pad. Since Bowie will eliminate in his crate, he is not currently crate trained. When left alone, he is contained in the living room with access to his potty area. Bowie does not calmly accept baby gates as a "No Tressspass" signal, but views them as something to get past, which he has proven himself quite capable of - he "will bash through the gate if it is unsecured or poorly secured, chew through it, jump over the gate, or otherwise manage to squiggle through it." A covered exercise pen could be an option for containment. 

As you may have surmised, Bowie tends to be mischievous, taking about two seconds to knock the garbage over or locate some morsel that he would like to sample; exploring items he shouldn't be; standing on the coffee table and, from there, trying to get onto other objects - lots of puppy antics that require puppy houseproofing, supervision, and containment. 

Bowie is accustomed to walking on-leash. He is generally polite when doing so, but is excitable and, if there is a person or dog to meet, will bark and pull. Once meeting them, he is quiet. Barking will also occur, briefly, in response to a knock on the door or a barking dog outside his home that he can view. 

Except when playing with very small dogs, Bowie is extremely gentle and friendly, sweet and loving, and "enjoys getting in your face whenever possible." 

If you are interested in providing Bowie with his forever home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place.  (Listed here 1/21/14)

Six-month old puppy in NY needs new home

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Bowie to a fantastic home in New Jersey consisting of four adults. Bowie has a fenced yard to play in; the opportunity for numberous walks; has bonded, so far, with one of the resident cats; and due to his people's varying work schedules and the opportunity to work from home, lots of human companionship. Bowie was adopted on 2/16/14!

Koby - An almost eight-year old Italian Greyhound in New York

NY Italian Greyhound available for adoption

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have rescued, fostered, and rehomed Koby to an absolutely wonderful family with Italian Greyhound experience. Koby is receiving all the love, care, walks, and interaction that he deserves, and is bringing great happines to his new people. Koby was adopted on 12/21/13!

After becoming aware of certain undesirable aspects of the care Koby was receiving from his adoptive family, he has been welcomed back to Italian Greyhound Place. Koby is a sweet, loving dog who needs a forever home.


This guy is a "biggy iggy" who should weigh approximately twenty-three pounds and, when he does, as his original listing indicated, "it is a pleasure to see him in motion." Unfortunately, when Koby re-entered our care, he topped the scales at thirty-nine pounds. Needless to say, he needs to lose weight, which is being accomplished with a combination of exercise and diet. Even with the excess weight, Koby is quite agile and enjoys playing and going for walks - in the past, he also enjoyed jogging; something he would probably enjoy again once his weight is reduced some. *Update: Koby has lost eleven-and-one-half pounds and now weighs twentyseven and one-half pounds.


Koby is housetrained and will even whine to let you know that he has to go out. He is also crate trained, good on-leash, and travels nicely by car. Once Koby bonds with you, he will give hugs and cuddle next to you, occasionally jumping into your lap for shared together time. Koby is good with people, including children, other dogs, and cats. Koby is once again proving to be a quick learner, and wants to please.


This handsome boy has color dilution alopecia and, consequently, has hair loss predominantly on his back. Due to his skin coloration, the hair loss is not that noticeable and the condition does not affect his health. He also has a mild luxating patella that does not slow him down and rarely occurs. Please do not be deterred by these conditions or you will be missing out on a really terrific dog!


If you are interested being Koby's forever person (family), please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 9/30/13).

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