Permanent Rescue Residents

Not Fosters, but Family

Caesar - A seven-year old mixed breed in New York

*Update - Caesar's forever home is with Italian Greyhound Place!

Italian Greyhound Place rescued this little guy from a shelter where his family had left him when they moved. Due to long nails and infected paws, he hobbled around, but, since a nail clipping and antibiotics, gets around fine. He enjoys going for walks (is great on leash); playing tug-of-war and with a squeaky ball; and exploring the yard while looking for prey! Caesar is housetrained, excellent in the car, responds well to requests, and enjoys

being with a human companion. He is not a demanding dog at all. Caesar bonds very strongly with his person and is a perfect angel with that person. However, if you are not Caesar's person, he does not want you disturbing him when he is curled in his cushion or on his person's lap. If he approaches you, or when he is elsewhere, he is fine. On walks, he is fine meeting people (and enjoys it) and, although he was initally unpredictable with other dogs, has improved greatly in that area.

A single-adult home would be best for Caesar. Caesar weighs fifteen pounds, is seven-years old, and, other than the above mentioned behavior, is a great, little dog. If you would like more information about Caesar, please contact Italian Greyhound Place.  (Listed 7/27/11) 

Gio - An eleven-year old (as of July 2012) Italian Greyhound in New York

*Update - Gio's forever home is with Italian Greyhound Place!

Gio, who is in the care of Italian Greyhound Place, is a calm, gentle boy who spends most of the day relaxing on a soft cushion, but also loves to explore the fenced yard, and go for walks. He is very non-demanding, but enjoys being given attention and cuddles. Gio is fine with other dogs, travels nicely by car, and is crate trained. He is semi-housetrained; if taken out regularly, he is fine, but, if he is walking around the house, has to urinate, and is not taken out, he will eventually have an accident. 

Due to missing all of his teeth, Gio appreciates soft food. He does have some vision and hearing loss, and arrived here with benign prostatic hypertrophy, that was addressed through neutering surgery. Gio originally had pain and movement restriction in his rear legs, especially the left one. However, with some initial medication (which he is no longer on), a small amount of weight loss, exercise, and supplements, he is getting around nicely, even jumping over obstructions when

hiking. An echo-cardiogram was done, and a heart murmur was confirmed, but no medication is required (or recommended) and there are no exercise restrictions. This guy, who turned eleven this past July, was spending his existence in a crate and not being well-taken care of. He was quite despondent, and the change in him is heartwarming.


If you would like to provide Gio a forever home with lots of love, please contact Italian Greyhound Place.  (Listed 7/21/12)

Spencer - A seven-year old Italian Greyhound in New York

*Update - Spencer's forever home is with Italian Greyhound Place!

Spencer, who is nine-years old and weighs fourteen pounds, is a delightful boy in the care of Italian Greyhound Place. Primarily surrendered due to a lack of housetraining, Spencer is doing exceptionally well here. An adopter willing and able to provide consistency and supervision is desired, especially during inclement weather.

Spencer is very sweet and loving, responsive to requests, good with other dogs, friendly with people (does not tend to be timid), travels nicely in the car, and is crate trained. He is extremely good on-leash and enjoys walks and hikes. Although he will alert to someone at the door, he stops when requested to do so.

If you are interested in providing a forever home for this gentle guy, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed here 7//12/13)