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Adopted Dogs - Winter 2015/2016

Dante – A ten-year old Italian Greyhound in NY

Dante, a ten-year old IG in NY, needs an adopter

Due to an extremely unfortunate medical situation, Dante’s owner has made the heartbreaking decision to locate a new home for his Dante Picante. Dante, who is ten-years old and weighs seventeen pounds, has a sweet, friendly personality and his current owner believes that Dante “will make his new owner very happy.”

Dante is housetrained to potty outside during walks and is accident-free except for rare occasions when the dog walker is late or his owner is stuck at work. When left alone, Dante stays in a room in his home, but he is crate trained and actually likes crates when they are accessorized to be comfortable.

This little dog loves people, and children are high on the list - he likes to walk over to them and have them scratch his back. He also likes cats and, if the cat allows it, will approach him/her. Although good with other dogs, Dante is skittish with larger ones and will choose to avoid them by walking on the other side of the sidewalk (he was bit by a large dog as a puppy).

Dante is a good walking partner (does not pull on-leash), can be a real character when he wants a treat, loves car rides, and is not a barker. His owner did hear him howling on a few occasions when approaching the apartment, but having a dog walker spend approximately thirty minutes with him mid-day resolved that. Dante tends to relax during the day and enjoys playing some in the evening.

If you are interested in providing Dante with lots of love, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed here 11/25/15)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Dante to a wonderful family in Maryland. Not only does he have a loving adult human, but Dante, who loves children, has two boys to share his love with. He also has a fenced yard area and walks to enjoy. Thanks to his new family for welcoming an "older" Italian Greyhound! Dante was adopted on 12/27/15!

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