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Adopted Dogs - Fall 2023

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place Cannoli!

Cannoli is being fostered in Illinois with the intent to adopt

Italian Greyhound Rescue

Cannoli was welcomed into the care of Italian Greyhound Place by his foster who is fostering with the intent to adopt (she has no plans to have him go anywhere!).

This guy is so fortunate to have had very caring and loving owners who reached out to Italian Greyhound Place after Cannoli fractured his leg. The owners truly believed that given numerous circumstances in their lives that, although Cannoli was very loved, it was best for them to find a new home for Cannoli; that assistance with his fractured leg would not put them in a position to keep him. The owner indicated that, “If Cannoli is happy, I will be happy” and that is the case thanks to his wonderful foster.

Cannoli’s foster traveled three hours each way to get Cannoli, a few days later traveled two hours to

the veterinarian specialty center where Cannoli had surgery, and two days later traveled to bring Cannoli home after a successful surgery involving fracture repair with a plate and screws. Cannoli is doing great and his foster shared, “Things are going good today! I can tell Cannoli is starting to feel better.”

Italian Greyhound in foster care

This guy’s new person is perfect for him - she is breed experienced, works from home, has a fenced yard, and has lots of love to share with him. She also has family members nearby who have been assisting with Cannoli, including traveling with his foster so someone could sit next to him in the car.

Cannoli’s foster stated, “He’s already my best buddy! I absolutely love Cannoli!” Exactly what his previous owners and Italian Greyhound Place want for him.

A huge thanks to Cannoli’s foster for all she has done, and will be doing, for Cannoli.

Italian Greyhound Place would also like to thank Cannoli’s previous owners for working with Italian Greyhound Place to ensure that Cannoli would not only have his fractured leg taken care of, but that he would be happy and loved.


Cannoli has been adopted by his foster who was fostering with the intent to adopt! His new person/home is perfect for him and he could not have landed himself in a better spot. Prior to officially adopting Cannoli, his foster shared, “He's really doing so well and we are so thankful for him and his big personality! My family (who live very close by) absolutely loves him.”


Not only does Cannoli have the love and attention of his breed experienced new person who works from home, but also that of her extended family. His new home has a fenced yard and there will be walks and fun outings to enjoy as his fractured leg heals. Cannoli has had a bandage change and following that had the cast exchanged for a softer bandage; his leg is doing really well (not unexpected given that he had an experienced veterinarian surgeon and has/is receiving exceptional care from his new person.


Italian Greyhound Place is grateful to Cannoli’s adopter for all that she has done, and will be doing, for Cannoli. A special thanks to his adopter for her exceptional generosity in offering to (and taking) financial responsibility for Cannoli’s veterinarian care following his initial surgery (and also offering to pay, and paying, any amount above the lower end of his surgery estimate!). Totally unexpected and appreciated.

Cannoli’s previous owners wanted Cannoli to be cared for, loved, and happy – he certainly is!

Cannoli - Leg HealedR.jpg

Cannoli all healed and "good to go!"

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