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Adopted Dogs - Summer 2020

Marco - A fifteen-year old Italian Greyhound in PA

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Marco!

An 8/12/20 update has been added - Please scroll to read it! (No more dental surgery swelling and healthy food - what a transformation in his photographs)

Marco, an Italian Greyhound

Marco is a fifteen-year old Italian Greyhound who was at a shelter – and to compound this dramatic change in his life, he is blind and unable to see his new surroundings. He is now in a breed-experienced home experiencing lots of love and attention. More will be posted as his foster (and her family) get better acquainted with Marco and he has veterinarian care, but he is acclimating very nicely.

Lots of thanks are in order!!!

First to a previous Italian Greyhound Place adopter who tagged me on Facebook regarding a post about Marco – I subsequently viewed other posts and “shares” about him, but this was how I first learned about Marco.

Thanks to all who were sharing Marco on social media!

A huge thanks to the staff at the shelter where Marco was, for indicating, “We would love to get him into a breed experienced

A tremendous thanks to Marco’s foster (and her family) for offering to foster and doing so the day following confirmation that Marco would be coming into the care of Italian Greyhound Place.

home quickly to live out his golden years! . . . Let us know if you would want to take him into your program.” Of course, the answer was, “Yes!”

Marco, an Italian Greyhound
Marco, an Italian Greyhound

The care and compassion being given to Marco is obvious and he is experiencing what he should be – love, attention, frozen treats to lick!, a fenced yard (he seems to love being outside), and, I think, the happiness and contentment of being in a home. There are three older Italian Greyhounds in Marco’s foster home and he is being slowly introduced and acclimated to them so will, he if desires, also have canine companionship.

Marco had a dental cleaning with extractions and was neutered by the shelter (he had a large testicular tumor, likely a sertoli cell tumor, with removal generally curative). His foster is scheduling an initial veterinarian exam, which will include evaluation of his blood work as he has some elevated “markers;” checking a growth in his ear (fine-needle aspirate if appropriate); additional diagnostics such as a urine culture to complement the blood work results; evaluation of sparse fur - color dilute alopecia or other; and an initial assessment of his eyes, with a veterinarian ophthalmology appointment a distinct possibility. However, a big thanks to the shelter for not only doing a neuter surgery which is routine for shelters, but for providing Marco with a much needed dental cleaning/extractions.

Marco was welcomed to Italian Greyhound Place on 7/25/20. (Listed 7/29/20)

Marco, an Italian Greyhound

8/12/20 Update:

Marco is doing really well with his foster family. He adapts to and trusts people easily and is good at figuring out new things, all of this despite being blind and basically deaf. With a little assistance from his foster, he learned where his water and food bowls are, where his cushion is, and how to enter the house from the backyard – even navigating a few steps to do so! In addition, he figured out some things completely on his own (without any assistance): for instance, where the couch is, how to jump on it, and how to wedge his nose right between the cushions – Iggy style!!! His foster indicated, “The boy is a genius!”

A veterinarian appointment has been done and this handsome boy is in really good shape for a senior. He has cataracts, but can see some light (his left eye might have an old injury and is being monitored in the event

that removal is the best course of action); is primarily deaf, but seems to hear certain sounds/pitches; and is on liver supplements due to some elevated (not terrifically elevated though) liver enzymes. He has other slightly elevated “markers,” including a Precision PSL. The initial lab results will be compared to another set in a few weeks, with other diagnostics determined based on the results/comparison. The good news is that no “markers” were significantly or alarmingly high. Marco also has color dilute alopecia, fur loss that can occur in Italian Greyhounds with dilute coat colors. There is what is believed to be a fatty lipoma on his side, but the veterinarian indicated that Marco did not want it aspirated. There is also a small growth in one ear, which is being monitored. Both will be aspirated given Marco’s cooperation.

Marco, an Italian Greyhound

Marco is not a picky eater, nor is he skittish - at all, and is fine being crated. He does really well with the two children in his foster home (having Italian Greyhounds in the family, they are super sweet and gentle with Marco), and is slowly warming up to his four-legged foster brothers. This boy is very good with house training and will let his foster know, by barking, when he needs to “potty.”

A home with someone who is around most of the time would be fantastic. He is not super affectionate, although that could change, but does like being near people. Marco would be amazing as an only dog, but he could be with other older, "respectful" dogs; the Italian Greyhounds who he is currently living with are believed to be his first real introduction to being with

Marco, an Italian Greyhound

other dogs and he is now okay with their proximity and has decided that it is even okay to share a large cushion with them!

This special Italian Greyhound is looking for his forever home to enjoy his golden years - preferably one with a very soft couch and fluffy blankets!

If you might be interested in providing Marco with his forever home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place

In loving memory of Marco, a very special Italian Greyhound

Marco: July 20, 2005 – September 1, 2020

And a tribute to his absolutely incredible adopters who welcomed Marco, knowing he might not have long with them,

And great thanks to his foster family for giving him over a month of love, care, and a great life

Marco, a fifteen-year old Italian Greyhound, was in a shelter and entered the care of Italian Greyhound Place where he was fostered by a wonderful family. Despite being blind and primarily deaf, he acclimated very well and was enjoying loving human companionship, the resident Italian Greyhounds (his supposedly first introduction to other dogs), and a fenced yard. He was a quick learner, learning to enter the house from the yard on his own and finding his favorite place on the sofa. His initial lab work showed some elevated liver enzymes, but they were not too high; the veterinarian recommended putting him on a liver supplement and then doing more lab work. Unfortunately, his liver enzymes, and his white blood cell count, which had been normal, escalated dramatically and his ultrasound indicated the distinct possibility of liver cancer, with hemangiosarcoma being the cancer specified by two veterinarians viewing his ultrasound and information at a veterinarian specialty center. The veterinarians did not recommend a biopsy as they were concerned that he would not survive the procedure and felt that treatment would not be any different regardless. He was treated for hemangiosarcoma and also liver disease, in the event that the possible diagnosis of hemangiosarcoma was wrong. The goal was to give Marco the best chance to live, happily and healthily, for as long as possible.

Prior to his second set of labs and the ultrasound, a fantastic couple was interested in adopting him, indicating that they felt he was meant to be with them. They were offering Marco the perfect forever home. When I contacted them regarding his very unfortunate, and unexpected, health status, their response was incredibly generous and loving, indicating, "We will take Marco no matter what the medical situation is." Marco was on medication for a week before being adopted and was doing very well. His adopters welcomed Marco to their home on August 30th and he was adapting very nicely, navigating their fenced yard and the few steps into the house, figuring out a puzzle toy on his own, and, of course, getting lots of love and attention. He was also welcomed by the couples’ senior Italian Greyhound. Then, only two days or so following his adoption, a devastating situation occurred. Marco’s health dramatically deteriorated, with symptoms consistent with what would be expected if the suspicion of liver hemangiosarcoma was correct. He was rushed to the veterinarian facility, with his adopters and all concerned knowing what this meant, and he passed away surrounded by the love of his adopters and having had the previous love of his foster family.

I am so glad that Marco was released to Italian Greyhound Place by the shelter, that he had a wonderful month or so with his fosters, and that he was adopted by a loving couple who gave him his forever home. Yes, exceptionally, heartbreakingly, shorter than anyone wanted, but his forever home.

Blue – An almost six-month old Italian Greyhound in PA 

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Blue!

Being Fostered with the Intent to Adopt

Blue, an Italian Greyhound puppy

8/11/20:  Blue Update – Veterinarian Appointment and Adopted!!!

Blue had his initial veterinarian appointment since entering the care of Italian Greyhound Place and is, as expected from his previous information, a healthy puppy. At the advice of Blue's veterinarian, Blue will

Blue, an Italian Greyhound puppy

Blue, an almost six month old Italian Greyhound puppy has been welcomed to Italian Greyhound Place by his fantastic foster who, with a one-day notice, purchased a martingale collar, coordinated forms with Italian Greyhound Place, and traveled, with his wife, to get this little one – so Blue actually has two incredible people (something that was apparent to Blue’s previous owner who, after meeting them, indicated that they seemed “extremely loving”). Blue also has two Italian Greyhound companions, with Blue’s foster sharing, “The three of them get along like they've been friends all along. . . Blue and my youngest Iggy have been running around the yard playing and chasing one another,” and a wonderful, fenced yard – which Blue has, obviously, already put to good use! His foster shared that, “Blue and my wife are best friends,” so Blue is likely to appreciate that she is retired. 

Blue is being fostered with the intent to adopt and there is no expectation that he will be going anywhere else, although his posting will be updated! Blue is in a wonderful home where he will be loved and worked with by a breed experienced couple not fazed by house training, separation anxiety, or other training that might be needed. Italian Greyhound Place is very pleased that Blue is with them and thanks them greatly for all that they have, and are, doing for Blue. Blue was welcomed to Italian Greyhound Place on 7/26/20. Listed 7/28/20)

be neutered at approximately one-year of age. A tremendous thanks to Blue’s foster for paying for Blue’s veterinarian appointment – very generous and greatly appreciated.

Additional, although not unexpected, news is that Blue has been adopted by his foster, who was fostering with the intent to adopt, and is in his forever home. This pup landed himself in a fabulous home and, as his foster/adopter shared, “He came to the right place” – that is for sure!!! Blue has two wonderful people, one retired; two Italian Greyhound companions – “He gets along great with Bowie and Cali and has become Bowie’s best friend” (at three-years of age, Bowie is closest in age to Blue); a fenced yard; and heaps of love and attention. A huge thanks to Blue’s foster/adopter for all that has been done for Italian Greyhound Place and for Blue, and for giving Blue his "right place" home! Blue was adopted on 8/11/20!

Blue, an Italian Greyhound puppy
Blue, an Italian Greyhound puppy

Petri – A twelve-year-old Chihuahua in NJ 

Petri, a Chihuahua

Due to a planned move and the current economic circumstances, Petri’s owners determined that they would not be in a position to properly care for him and made the difficult decision to have him re-homed.

Petri is twelve years old, weighs about seventeen pounds, and is healthy. Although eleven, this guy is still very active and super friendly with people and other dogs. He is a great dog!

Petri will often bring a toy to someone to play fetch, totally enjoys going for walks, and loves to snuggle with his person or another dog. He is sweet with people, including children (he lived with a toddler), dogs (he lived with two small dogs and there is another Chihuahua in his foster home), and cats (he lived with a cat in the past). This little dog loves greeting and playing with other dogs and another small, friendly, playful dog in an adoptive home is being requested. Of course, lots of love and attention is desired for Petri!

Petri is house trained – he potties when taken for walks or in a fenced yard, was accident-free in his

Petri, a Chihuahua

previous home and is also accident-free in his foster home.  However, a general recommendation given by Italian Greyhound Place is that when any dog moves to a new location, especially with new people, the dog should be supervised to maintain house training (or when house training!). 

Petri is excellent on walks – doesn’t pull; only tends to bark if a stranger or delivery person comes to his house and generally stops barking when the person greets him; is crate-trained (a large exercise pen is used); and travels very nicely by car. Petri is able to jump fairly high for a little dog.

If you are interested in a fun, super affectionate little dog (especially if you currently have a small dog!), please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 7/1/20)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Petri to a wonderful woman and her Chihuahua. When meeting Petri, the potential adopter's Chihuahua did her “little happy dance,” signifying that she also approved of Petri! However, once Petri was a member of the family, the resident dog wasn’t so sure she wanted to share her person with him – unexpected by the owner as the dog had lived with two other Chihuahuas before they passed away. However, after working with the dogs for a few weeks there was a “huge shift” and Petri’s adopter indicated, “I feel like our little family is complete.” Petri will have lots of human and canine companionship, a fenced patio to enjoy, lots of walks to go on, visits to the dog park (he loves playing with other dogs and tends to be the star of the dog park), and enrichment activities such as “cue” training and dog puzzle toys. Petri found himself a wonderful home with a truly committed adopter. She totally enjoys and loves Petri and Italian Greyhound Place is very glad that Petri has found his forever home. Petri was adopted on 7/16/20.

Petri, a Chihuahua, in his new home

Petri enjoying his new home

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