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Adopted Dogs - Fall 2012

Chrissie - A five-year old terrier mix in NY

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Chrissie!

Italian Greyhound Place foster, Chrissie!

Chrissie, who is in the care of Italian Greyhound Place, has not had an easy go of it. Found as a stray approximately three years ago, life improved for Chrissie until her family moved and a baby was born. Chrissie no longer had a yard to play in or much attention, and spent most of her time crated away from the family.

This girl is housetrained, enjoys going for walks, exploring or lounging in the yard, and is currently living peacefully with other dogs. However, Chrissie is very reactive when encountering new dogs on walks and, although she has learned to look at her person to receive a treat, needs continued training. If surprised by a new dog, such as when rounding a corner, she turns into a bundle of reactivity. Chrissie does have a strong prey drive, but will respond to a “no chase” cue on

walks. A secure yard and/or being kept on leash are necessary for Chrissie. In the house, Chrissie is a calm, cuddly girl. More than anything, she would like a person to spend her time with. If you would like to provide this fourteen-pound, curly tailed girl with her forever home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 7/21/12)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have rescued, fostered, and rehomed Chrissie to a dog-experienced (shelter work, training classes, and dog ownership) man in New York who is very pleased to have Chrissie as his canine companion. Chrissie was adopted on 12/8/12! 

Jack & Layla - Five-year old Italian Greyhounds in Maine

Due to their owner's pending divorce, long work hours, and difficulty in affording care for them, Jack and Layla are in need of a new home together.

Jack, who is approximately twelve pounds, turned five this past June, and Layla, who is about twenty pounds, will be six this month. These two are fairly low-key and enjoy snuggling, although they do go into pogo-stick mode when excited; only tend to bark when playing (emitting two or so barks); are good in the car; and enjoy walks, although, probably due to not getting much exercise, Jack will sometimes want to be carried on the way home. When left alone, Jack and Layla currently stay in a small room. Since neither are housetrained, an adopter with the willingness to work with them on this is needed; the use of a bellyband for Jack and a panty for Layla during training would be beneficial in reducing the number of accidents that require cleaning (Jack and Layla's owner originally attempted housetraining, but due to working extremely long hours and the resultant lack of consistency, was not successful).

Layla was diagnosed with vasculitis and was put on prednisone and pentoxyfilline - she presented with dry patches of skin around her eyes, and callus-like growths on her paws. Her symptoms cleared quickly with treatment, and have not recurred. Since Layla's vasculitis followed the administration of a lyme vaccination, Layla should not receive that, or other unnecessary vaccinations. 

If you are interested in providing Jack and Layla with a loving home together, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 11/19/12)

Jack and Layla, bonded IGs, need new home

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Jack and Layla to a wonderful woman with dog experience, including fostering. She, and her two sons, have welcomed Jack and Layla to their home where they are receiving lots of love and attention, especially since the woman works from her home. Jack and Layla were adopted on 11/30/12! 

Toby - A five-year old Italian Greyhound in New York

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Toby!

Italian Greyhound Place welcomes Toby to foster care!

Toby, who is in the care of Italian Greyhound Place, had been living in a situation with too many other dogs and with a human who, unfortunately, had advancing Alzheimer's Disease. When relatives placed the woman in an assisted care facility, they had quite a number of dogs to deal with and placed Toby, along with two other dogs, in a veterinary boarding facility. He had been there for three to four months when they contacted Italian Greyhound Place.

Toby, who weighs eleven pounds, is very sweet and also extremely skittish. Except for one caretaker at the vet facility, Toby did not want to be touched, would turn into a bucking bronto, and had to be handled with a towel for protection. His sweetness touched all their hearts though. Fortunately, Toby has a strong desire for human contact and a willingness to trust. By the end of his first day here, I was able to lift and carry him, and he decided to approach and cuddle in my lap. Toby is good with other dogs, but cats are an unknown. Toby's adopter will need to work with him on housetraining, but he is getting the hang of it. 

If you are interested in Toby, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 10/25/12)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have rescued, fostered, and rehomed Toby to a fantastic family in Connecticut where he is doing incredibly well. In addition to his human companions, Toby has Italian Greyhounds, a Dachshund, and Sphinx cats to play and cuddle with. Toby was adopted on 11/6/12!

Willis - A seven to eight year old Italian Greyhound in Arizona

Willis is a wonderful, twenty-four pound (although he could probably loose a few pounds) Italian Greyhound who would be perfect for someone looking for a "biggy Iggy." Originally adopted from a shelter, Willis has been in his current home for approximately six years. Unfortunately, although Willis gets along very well with the one-year old in the family, the adults have found that they no longer able to provide Willis with sufficient attention. 

Willis is housetrained to "go" outside, and only has an accident if he is upset or uncomfortable. He will potty while being walked on-leash, but his preference is to "go" in a fenced yard. He is good on-leash, but will pull if he gets excited; is crate trained and feels comfortable in it, viewing it as his safe spot; and is good with other animals and children. Willis enjoys playing fetch and tug-of-war, loves to cuddle, and, if given love and attention, is happy. As far as any negatives, he can be mischevious about getting into the trash and other things that should be left alone, and he is nervous in moving vehicles, wanting to be next to you and assured of is safety (this could be worked on with counter-conditioning and desensitization).


If you are interested in welcoming this loveable boy to your home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 10/26/12)

Willis, an Italian Greyhound in AZ needs adopter

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have been the means by which Willis was adopted by a relative of his family who he knows and is comfortable with. His new person did not know that Willis was being rehomed until viewing a listing by Italian Greyhound Place. Willis was adopted on 11/5/12!

Honey and Charlie - Six-year old Italian Greyhounds in Missouri

Italian Greyhounds in MO

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have facilitated the transfer of Honey and Charlie into the care of National Mill Dog Rescue.


A woman in Lebanon, MO  took in these two Italian Greyhounds from a breeding situation, which also involved other small dogs. The woman, not being familiar with the breed, having other special need dogs at her home, and without funds to vet them, was in need of somewhere for them to go and contacted Italian Greyhound Place for assistance. Italian Greyhound Place, being based in New York, contacted groups closer to the woman's geographic area, but none were able to assist. So Italian Greyhound Place then contacted National Mill Dog Rescue and received the wonderful news that they would take Honey and Charlie into their care. A few days later, on 10/17/12, the dogs were on their way to National Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado, where they will receive care and vetting, and the opportunity for forever homes. Thank you Theresa and National Mill Dog Rescue!

Male and Female Italian Greyhound Puppies in New York

Born on June 29th, these adorable puppies are from an accidental litter which resulted when the dam and sire were not spayed/neutered soon enough to prevent a pregnancy. In addition to the dam, sire, and two other puppies, these pups have also been living with another adult Italian Greyhound, an adult Miniature Pinscher, and human adults. A three-year old family relative has visited and interacted with the puppies on many occasions. There is a fenced yard where the puppies, who are full of normal, puppy energy, have been allowed to run and play with toys and each other. The puppies have experienced car rides a few times, but have not been exposed to cats. Housetraining is being worked on, and the puppies will generally "go" as soon as taken outside. The male puppy is fawn, with white markings, and the female is seal with white markings. If you are interested in either, or both, puppies and are not gone long hours each day, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 9/16/12)

IG puppy in NY for adoption
Italian Greyhound puppy located in NY for adoption

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of each puppy to a great new home. The male puppy went to an Italian Greyhound experienced home in New Jersey where he has two, small canine companions, one a young Italian Greyhound; a fenced yard; and human schedules tht will not necessitate that he be left alone for full work days. The female puppy went to a previous Whippet owner and his daughters in Connecticut where, in addition to their companionship, she will have the man's retired parents to spend workdays with. Both puppies were adopted on 10/7/12.

Mica - A thirteen-year old Italian Greyhound in New York

Thirteen-year old IG in NY - adopter needed

This eleven-pound girl has been in the same home since she was six-months old, but due to a job change that requires her owner to be away for twelve hours per day, Mica is in need of a new home. Mica is housetrained to use doggy training pads and also "goes' outside, although since getting older, she has had a few accidents. This sweetheart loves people, including older, gentle children, but does not have much experience with other dogs except for an Italian Greyhound companion who passed away one-and-one-half years ago. Mica is good on leash, walking nicely without much pulling; is very content to be a lap dog, but still plays and is active, although she no longer tends to run laps around the yard; and is super sweet and more than anything would like to have a human companion with her most of the time or at least another small dog to keep her company. If you would like to provide Mica with love, companionship, and a new home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place.  (Listed 5/28/12)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Mica to a fantastic, retired woman in Tennessee. Mica has a fenced yard, the companionship of two other small dogs, and, best of all, a person to spend her time with. Mica was adopted on 9/30/12.

Reggie - A three to four-year old Chihuahua / Italian Greyhound in Michigan

Reggie's person moved out of his household approximately three months ago and, since then, Reggie has been miserable. No one else in the family has a bond with him like the one he had with his person, efforts to improve the situation have not been successful, and a Chihuahua in the home is intent on attacking him. This little guy seems lost. 

Reggie, who weighs nine pounds, is housetrained, but does tend to urinate submissively (there are steps that can be taken to reduce or eliminate this behavior). Tending to have a good bit of energy, Reggie loves to play and, being a "talker," will entertain you with the silly noises that he makes when doing so. He is, however, also happy to curl under a blanket and relax with his person. Although nervous around large dogs, Reggie is great with small dogs, cats, and children; enjoys walks and is terrific on leash; loves car rides; and, when left alone, will happily stay in a crate or designated room. 

If you are interested in providing Reggie with his new home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 9/9/11)

Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua in MI needs adopter

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Reggie to a dog (including Chihuahua)-experienced couple in Michigan. Reggie took to his new people right away, as they did to him. Reggie was adopted on 9/26/12.

Pepe - An almost two-year old Italian Greyhound in Massachusetts

Italian Greyhound in MA

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have listed Pepe for Whippet Rescue & Placement. Pepe's foster mom met the man who became his adopter at an event that she attended and, a few weeks later, Pepe went to a fantastic, forever home. Pepe was adopted on 9/18/12!

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