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Adopted Dogs - Spring 2013

Cricket - An eight-year old Italian Greyhound in New York

Italian Greyhound Place welcomes Cricket to foster care

Update: Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Criket! Cricket is in the care of Italian Greyhound Place and is being fostered with the intent to adopt.

Cricket's owner is facing hard times with his health and living circumstances and, consequently, Cricket is in need of a new home. 

Weighing twelve pounds, Cricket, who turned eight years old this month, is quite friendly, enjoying people (adults and children), dogs, and cats. He is very good on leash and loves going for walks, but his overall activity level is fairly low and he tends

to be content cuddling with his person (or people) and relaxing; when he has access to a fenced area, he does enjoy running and chasing birds. Cricket is crate trained, travels excellently by car, and is not a barker. Although housetrained to go outside, Cricket does have some accidents and tends to mark new places (Italian Greyhound Place will be glad to provide housetraining information, including information on belly bands). 

If you are interested in welcoming Cricket into your home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 4/18/13)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have vetted, rescued, and placed Cricket in a "foster with the intent to adopt" home, and even more pleased that his foster, who has sight hound experience, is officially keeping Cricket. Cricket was adopted on 6/18/13, slightly more than a week after entering foster care!

Bruno - A one-year old Italian Greyhound in South Carolina

Bruno, who is 1.5 years of age and weighs twenty pounds, has been well-cared for and loved by his current owner. However, due to an imminent move, Bruno is in need of a new home. 

Bruno is not only housetrained, but will go to the door to indicate that he has to go out. He is accident-free in his current home. In addition, Bruno is crate trained, travels nicely by car (in a crate), loves other friendly pets and children, only tends to bark when playing, and is great on-leash, enjoying his walks very much. This guy is outgoing and friendly, and possesses a high level of energy.


If you are interested in welcoming Bruno to your home and providing him with the opportunity for exercise, as well as love, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed here 4/12/13) 

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Bruno to an Italian Greyhound experienced family in South Carolina. His new, adult human works mainly from home, there is a fenced yard, two gentle, adoring children, and another Italian Greyhound to be his canine companion. Bruno was adopted on 4/20/13!

Bruno, an Italian Greyhound in SC, needs adopter

Luigi - An eight to nine-year old Italian Greyhound in New York

IG in NY needs new home

Luigi's owners, who now have two young children, are no longer able to provide him with the care and attention he needs and deserves. Therefore, Luigi, who is eight to nine-years old and weighs approximately fifteen pounds, is in need of a new home. 

This guy loves to run at the park and and go on walks, but at home his favorite past-times are sun bathing, snuggling, and relaxing on someone's lap. He also enjoys chew bones and swiping human food if given the opportunity! Climbing and scooting underneath barriers are also in Luigi's repertoire. Luigi does pull some on-leash (I would be glad to provide tips on loose-leash walking), is crate trained, travels nicely in the car; and is good with dogs, cats, and children, being very gentle and playful. Luigi's housetraining does have a few glitches in it. He does not like very cold weather, and if brought out to a fenced yard, as opposed to being walked, he will tend to urinate outside and defecate inside. Providing him with a walk alleviates this situation or, as indicated by his owner, if brought in and put in his crate, he will

bark to go out and properly potty outside. Luigi's owner also noted that he tends to mark when not given enough attention. 


If you are interested in providing this fun, sweet, and lovable Italian Greyhound with a home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 3/24/13)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Luigi to two men in New York who knew they wanted to welcome him to their home upon seeing his photo and reading about him. In addition to his new human companions, Luigi also has two Italian Greyhounds to cuddle and romp with, and a fenced yard to do so in. Luigi was adopted on 4/13/13!

Bria - A nine-year old Italian Greyhound in New Jersey / New York

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Bria!

This sweet girl is in the care of Italian Greyhound Place, in a wonderful foster home in NJ.

Bria is housetrained (outside and doggy pee pads) and has been accident free in her foster home, does very well on-leash, travels nicely by car, and only tends to bark if the doorbell is rung or someone arrives home. She has been friendly with visitors, although is hesitant when males first approach her (she warms to them quickly after being properly introduced). Currently living with two Italian Greyhounds, Bria enjoys their company, including running and playing with them.

This girl has a strong desire to be with people, wanting to know where they are and often following her "person" around the house. Bria demonstrates some separation anxiety when left alone with no companionship, but she does stay contentedly with the two other dogs (either loose together, or in separate crates near each other) when no people are home If in a room with someone, Bria is fine being in a crate at night. One of Bria's favorite pastimes is snuggling on someone's lap during the evening.

In addition to being sweet and cuddly, Bria's foster family has found her to be a bit of a fearless acrobat. She jumps baby gates, counter surfs, figured out how to get on the kitchen island, and opens the gate to go upstairs.

If you are home more often than not, and are interested in a sweet, spunky, 12.9 pound Italian Greyhound, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 1/24/13)

Italian Greyhound Place foster dog, Bria

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have rescued, fostered, and rehomed Bria to a fantastic couple in New York. In addition to lots of human companionship, Bria will also have the company of a Miniature Dachshund, who she met and enjoyed prior to her adoption. A special thanks to Bria's wonderful foster family, who showered her with love and care. Bria was adopted on March 30, 2013

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