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Adopted Dogs - Fall 2016

Kiko – A seven-year old Dachshund mix in NJ 

A Dachshund mix in NJ needs a new home

Due to a change in his owner’s circumstances, Kiko is in need of a new home – he has been with his current owner for approximately four years. Kiko, who weighs approximately twenty-five pounds, is generally a calm, low key dog who enjoys affection from his people, but needs an adult home due to some resource guarding and not being comfortable with children.

Kiko’s current owner was not aware that he had food aggression prior to adopting him and, although there has been some improvement in his behavior – his owner is able to walk/stand near him when he is eating or has a treat – he is not receptive to dropping or trading a food item or having it taken away. He will signal that an approaching person or dog has ventured too close by growling, then, if ignored, will snap, and will, eventually, bite. Positive training to reduce Kiko’s food aggression should be continued and, as is being done by his current owner, the situation should be managed so that Kiko does not have food or a treat in a situation where he might feel the need to protect it.

In addition to the food aggression, Kiko has a tendency to resource guard his tennis balls by hiding them under furniture. He has learned to drop a ball when given a cue to do so, but will stay close by it and gets a bit nervous. He will sometimes growl if he has a ball and doesn’t want to share it, but has never snapped. He will sometimes play fetch, but his preference is to hide the balls. If another dog takes one of his ball, Kiko does not do anything, but if he finds one on the floor, he takes it and hides it!

A Dachshund mix in NJ
Cam, a Dachshund mix in NJ

Although very good with adults, this guy prefers to stay away from children, finding them too active for his liking. If children follow him or persist in interacting with him, Kiko will initially be somewhat indifferent and curious, but any quick/sudden movements put him on the defensive. He will growl in warning, but if the unwanted attention continues and Kiko feels threatened, he will bite – fortunately, the only occurrence of a bite occurred to a shoe, with the person’s foot thus protected.

Kiko enjoys long walks and quiet time (he likes to be away from lots of activity); travels nicely by car; is fine left in the living room when alone (he is not crate trained); only tends to bark at large dogs, squirrels, and the doorbell; and is housetrained (outside and doggy pee pads) and accident-free in his current home. He has not been exposed to cats, and does pull on-leash -Italian Greyhound Place would be glad to provide information on loose-leash walking.

As indicated by his current owner, Kiko is not a “mean” dog and does not bite for “no reason.” He also provides appropriate communication by growling his displeasure. Kiko does, however, need an adopter who is comfortable working with him and managing his environment to prevent undesirable behavior.


If you might be interested in providing Kiko with his new home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 8/3/16)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Kiko to a fantastic woman in NY who has welcomed Kiko to her home where he will have lots of love and attention from her and also from her retired father. In addition to walks and trips to the park, Kiko has a fenced yard to enjoy. Kiko was adopted on 12/9/16!

Beau – A six-year old Italian Greyhound in NY

Italian Greyhound Place foster, Beau, in NY

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Beau!

Beau is an approximately twenty pound, six-year old, male Italian Greyhound (born July 2010) in need of a new home. Beau is a fantastic dog and, if you are interested in a dog who loves to run, Beau could be the one! (Since Beau loves running, his current owner has requested that an adoptive home have a fenced yard).

Although Beau enjoys being active, he is also very loving and will gravitate to your lap. He is good with dogs, cats, and children; is crate trained; is good traveling by car; only pulls a small amount when being walked (Italian Greyhound Place will be glad to provide information on loose-leash walking); and barking generally only occurs when Beau wants to play Beau is housetrained, only having occasional accidents if left for time-frames exceeding seven to eight hours. He is, though, a food stealer!!!

If you are interested in sharing your love and home with Beau, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 11/14/16)

Wonderful news! Beau had the opportunity to be welcomed into the care of Italian Greyhound Place by a previous Italian Greyhound Place foster and foster/adopter who transported Beau from his previous owner directly to his adopter - a huge thanks to Pam for transporting Beau and

Beau, an IG, being fostered by Italian Greyhound Place

ensuring that he had a properly fitted martingale on!!! and another huge thanks to his adopter (a previous adopter and foster/adopter) who has welcomed Beau to an absolutely wonderful home and life!!! Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to be providing veterinary care for Beau through his adopter's veterinary facility. Beau was adopted on 11/25/16!

Beau, and Beau with Ava (also adopted through Italian Greyhound Place) in his new home!

Autumn - A two-year old Italian Greyhound in NY

Italian Greyhound Place foster, Autumn

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Autumn!


Autumn entered into the care of Italian Greyhound Place due to his previous owner's health. This sweet Italian Greyhound was well-cared for and loved, but he was very scared if taken outside in NYC. Autumn was transported by a volunteer (a big thanks to Eric) to a foster home in NJ, where there is very minimal car traffic outside. Although "very, very, very scared" on arrival, Autumn acclimated nicely to his new environment.

When considering Autumn's personality (this guy is a super velcro Italian Greyhound!) and what the components of Autumn's perfect home would be, his foster, Tara, concluded that she could provide the perfect home for him. Italian Greyhound Place concurred, and Autumn has been adopted! A huge thanks to Tara for fostering and adopting Autumn (now Grayson)!!! Grayson will have a loving forever home for sure.

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have fostered and to have had Autumn adopted by his fantastic foster. Autumn was adopted on 10/3/16.

Autumn with his adopter

Milo - A three-year old Chihuahua / Jack Russell in NJ 

Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua, Milo

Due to a change in his owner’s circumstances, Milo is in need of a new home – he has been with his current owner for approximately two years and was in a puppy mill prior to that. Although shy with new people, he is very lovable and playful.

Milo is housetrained to potty outside and also uses doggy pee pads; he is accident-free in his current home. When no people are home, Milo stays in the living room (he has not been crate trained).  This little guy, who weighs approximately twelve pounds, is fairly active; he tends to be playful, loves to run in his fenced dog run, and enjoys walks (doesn’t pull too much). He is very loving with his people, but is shy and nervous, immediately tucking his tail, with strangers.

Chihuaha / Jack Russell needs new home

When encountering large dogs, Milo will tend to bark, but will stop barking, especially if the

other dog ignores him. He was boarded a few times and the staff at the facility indicated that he got along with all of the other dogs. Regarding barking, Milo will also bark at squirrels and strangers. He has not been exposed to cats.

Milo does have a tendency to get car sick - Italian Greyhound Place would be glad to provide information on approaches to alleviate this.

If you are interested in a fun, loving dog and would like to provide Milo with his forever home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place.(Listed 8/3/16)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Milo to wonderful woman, her husband, and adult children where "he will be cuddled, played with, taken on walks, and engaged in family activities." Milo has a gated wrap-around deck to enjoy the outdoors on and, in preparation for his arrival, a section of the yard off the deck was fenced! Great indoor/outdoor space and welcoming people to share them with! Milo was adopted on 9/9/16.

Milo, an Italian Greyhound / Jack Russell in NJ

Picasso - A thirteen-year old Chihuahua in NJ 

A thirteen-year old Chihuahua in NJ needs an adoper

Picasso has been with the same family since he was a puppy and, very unfortunately, has not acclimated to the arrival, almost one-year ago, of a baby. Although Picasso is fine with school-age children, the sudden movements and invasion of his personal space by the couple’s baby makes him nervous. He will communicate his displeasure by growling and air-snapping, but then does bite – fortunately, it has always been with an inhibited bite, with no broken skin. Picasso’s owners have been keeping the baby and Picasso separated, but, although Picasso does not want the baby near him, he doesn’t want to be away from his adult people when they are home i.e. if they are on the couch, that’s where he wants to be. Since the separation does not make Picasso happy and the couple cannot provide him with the attention and love that he deserves, they have made the very difficult decision to locate a new home for him.

Picasso is thirteen-years old and weighs a whopping 6.6 pounds! For the most part, he has the personality of an older dog - he loves to relax, especially in sunny spots and in his person’s lap, but is also quite active for a dog his age – he goes for two walks per day (doesn’t pull much) and enjoys playing.

This little guy is housetrained – he “potties” on walks and uses doggy pee pads. It does not occur very often, but if Picasso is unhappy, he will occasionally have an accident – for instance, according to his owner, if Picasso thinks he

is going with you and then is left home, he might have an accident. Picasso is not crate trained and generally stays in a room when alone. Regarding barking, he will bark if he hears something outside, when his people come home, and when they leave. He will also bark when a visitor arrives, but stops when they sit down – if they welcome it, he will then proceed to ensconce himself in their lap! Picasso is good with other dogs, and travels nicely by car and airplane.

Picasso loves being with people and is a fun companion/lap dog. His current owner indicated that Picasso is very good at transitioning to new surroundings. What he needs is a new person (or people) to provide him with companionship, love, and a new home. If you might be interested in this small, senior dog, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 8/10/16)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Picasso to a fantastic woman desiring to welcome an older Chihuahua to her home. Picasso's adopter has previous dog, including Chihuahua, experience and a positive, dog focused approach to providing for her dogs. Picasso and his new person became attached during a pre-adoption "trial" together and Picasso is now with her for good! Picasso was adopted on 9/8/16.

Chihuahua sitting in his toy box
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