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Ezra – A six-year-old Italian Greyhound/American Bulldog in GA


Although Ezra is a sweet dog, he is reactive with dogs and, since his owner is moving to a situation that would necessitate Ezra being around other dogs, the tough decision was made to locate a new home for him. Ezra needs a human companion (or companions) who do not have other dogs in their home. Since Ezra currently has a fenced yard, a fenced yard would be ideal. Located in GA, Ezra’s owners will drive a significant distance to place him in a loving, forever home.

Weighing about thirty pounds, Ezra is believed to be an Italian Greyhound/Bulldog, with his owner indicating that “the Italian Greyhound comes through in a lot of his mannerisms as well as those long, skinny legs.” This guy is “goofy, shy sometimes, and food motivated.” He loves people and will “happily chill out with them.” His activity level is low – “he has a spurt of energy once a day and one walk is enough to wear him out.”

Ezra is house trained (potties in a fenced yard and on walks) and is accident-free; doesn’t pull significantly on-leash unless


he views another dog; is crate trained, but is given free roam of the house when left alone; only tends to bark when someone is at the door or he views a dog; likes to wear sweaters and jackets; and loves car rides.

He is reactive with other dogs, but other than that is very relaxed and loving. Ideally, Ezra’s new person will continue to work with him so that he can walk calmly past other dogs; when on-leash and he views another dog “he is reactive (fur stands up, low growl, pulls), but it’s made worse if that dog barks at him (then Ezra barks and pulls hard).” Due to Ezra’s on-leash reactivity, he has only been off-leash with a relative’s dog and the owner “had to intervene to stop a fight twice. Once was food-related (started by Ezra) and the other was retaliation against

Ezra’s territorial behaviors (started by the other dog).” Italian Greyhound Place would be glad to provide information on desensitization and counter-conditioning which can be a very effective approach. Ezra’s food motivation will be of benefit here!

If you have questions about Ezra or think he could be the canine companion for you, please contact Italian Greyhound Place.

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