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Royal – a three-year-old Basenji mix in CT

From Royal’s foster: “There is so much joy to this boy.”

Due to medical reasons of their own, Royal’s people were put in the sad position of having to locate a new home for him. Royal is currently with a foster (she fosters and locates new homes for dogs) and, although he has been very fortunate to be with her, he needs a forever home.

Royal, who is three-years old and weighs forty pounds, is “very energetic” and is “looking for someone who is active and ready to explore the world with him.”

This guy is fun (goofy and playful!), friendly, and affectionate. In fact, his foster describes him as a sweet dog who “is BEYOND friendly; he loves every dog and human he meets.” Royal responds to cues, "but

Baseni mix for adoption
Basenji mix being fostered

sometimes needs a refresher because he is always genuinely excited and happy.” When excited, Royal “does this little pounce thing (you will see him do this very often lol).” It is not known how Royal is around cats, but his foster shared that “he gets excited around children” and will jump on them (and steal stuffed animals!). She would, therefore, ideally like “a home with no young children so there’s no risk of them getting knocked down.”

Royal would benefit from an adopter who can spend time with him and work with him in a positive fashion on his manners. He also needs an adopter willing and

able to offer him exercise – without sufficient exercise, he tends to chew destructively. Mental stimulation would also be a great option for Royal and can be fun to implement (Italian Greyhound Place would be glad to offer canine enrichment ideas/resources).


He has been accident free with his foster (potties outside in an enclosed area), travels nicely in the car (although he occasionally gets car sick), only tends to bark when excited, and does not pull if a slip lead is used. He was crated in his previous home and this listing will include current information after Royal’s foster experiments with a crate (she currently uses a very large kennel). If in a fenced yard, a six-foot high fence is needed. His fur is super soft!


If you have an active lifestyle and would like to share your love and home with Royal or have questions about him, please contact Italian Greyhound Place.

Basenji in CT
Basenji mix being silly
Basenji mix available for adoption
Basenji mix needs new home
Basenji mix - rescue
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