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Adopted Dogs - Summer 2014

Bella and Blazer - Two Italian Greyhounds in New York

Bella and Blazer need a home together

Bella and Blazer are incredible Italian Greyhounds whose owner, due to no one being home very much, has made the difficult decision to locate a new home for them.


Bella, who is nine years old (birth date of 1/21/05), and Blazer, who is ten years old (birth date of 9/6/04), are extremely bonded and need to stay together. Although inseparable, they also love their humans and will enthusiastically demonstrate that each time you come home! Although Bella and Blazer, who both weigh approximately fifteen pounds, enjoy cuddling with each other and their people, they also like to run, with Bella demonstrating her sight hound, hunting prowess by once catching a squirrel. 

These two Italian Greyhounds are housetrained (they potty outside) and accident-free in their current home. They are crate trained and, when left alone, stay in a crate together, generally burrowing under a blanket. Not tending to be shy, both are quite personable, as well as being good with dogs, cats, and children; although they will both bark if they see another dog. 

Their current owner describes Bella and Blazer as “really great, lovable dogs” who are “very friendly and well-behaved.” If you are interested in Bella and Blazer, and can provide them with the human companionship that they are currently lacking, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 5/12/14)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Bella and Blazer to two, very welcoming partners in New Jersey, one of which has prior Italian Greyhound experience. Due to their schedules, Bella and Blazer will receive lots of human companionship and enjoy walks and other outings, including those to a nearby park and bay area. Bella and Blazer were adopted on 8/24/14!

Sophia An eleven-year old Italian Greyhound in Massachusetts

On the day that Sophia was being listed by Italian Greyhound Place, her owner heard from a potential adopter with greyhound experience and an interest in adopting Sophia. They met that day, a short trial took place, and an adoption followed.

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have assisted Sophia's original owner in ensuring that the adoption was comfortable for both sides and that an appropriate adoption contract providing Sophia with protection and a safety-net was utilized. Sophia was adopted on 8/12/14)

Eleven-year old IG in MA needs adopter

Nove (red harness) and her new Italian Greyhound companion in New York

Nove, an Italian Greyhound, in her new home

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have recommended a wonderful adoptive home for Nove, a six-and-one-half year old Italian Greyhound who was being fostered by a woman involved with a NYC rescue organization. In addition to loving humans, Nove also has the companionship of another small, female Italian Greyhound. Nove was adopted on 8/16/14!

Due to a successful collaboration between Hazeljane's Blessings in Oklahoma and Italian Greyhound Place, transport made possible by Rescue Road Warriors, and the help of Bethany Pascoe in meeting the transport and caring for the dogs until their adopter's "claimed" them, three Italian Greyhounds now have forever homes (with a fourth, coordinated by Hazeljane's Blessings, being fostered in Buffalo).

Italian Greyhound Place is honored to have worked with Hazeljane's Blessings and is pleased to have located fantastic adopters for the following dogs:

Italian Greyhound, Raymo

Raymo, an Italian Greyhound puppy, was adopted by a loving family with breed experience. With one of his new people working from home, Raymo will have lots of human attention and, in addition, will have a Miniature Pinscher and a Himalayan cat as new companions. With a fenced yard, Raymo will be able to run and play with his humans and new dog buddy. Raymo was adopted on 7/13/14!

Italian Greyhound, Beau

Beau, an Italian Greyhound mix, was adopted by a wonderful couple who have fostered for Italian Greyhound Place. Since one of Beau's new people works part-time and from home, he will have lots of human companionship. He will also have the opportunity for walks, running, visits to parks, and a fenced yard to play in with his people. Beau was adopted on 7/15/14!

Italian Greyhound, Tom

Italian Greyhound puppy, Tom, was adopted by a couple eager to welcome another Italian Greyhound to their family. Tom joins a nine-year old ShihTzu, a four-year old Italian Greyhound, a two-year old mixed breed, and two seven-year old cats. In addition to lots of dog and cat companionship, which will include playing in the fenced yard, Tom will only be without human company for approximately four hours on workdays. Tom was adopted on 7/15/14! 

Jake and Petey - Two Italian Greyhound puppies in New Jersey

Due to a mandatory change in employment status necessitating extremely long hours away from home six days per week, Jake and Petey's owner is no longer able to provide them with the love and attention they deserve and require. He is rehoming his two boys in order for them to have a wonderful life that he is, unfortunately, unable to provide.

Jake, who is approximately five-months old, and Petey, who is approximately three-months old, display typical puppy level energy and, although, attached to each other, love attention from their person (or people). These two boys are doing well with house training (they are currently being paper trained), but, as would be expected, still have occasional accidents. Jake and Petey are good with other dogs and people, including children (cats are an unknown; only tend to bark when playing; travel well by car (are crated); and are good on-leash. Both boys are quite loveable, with their owner describing Jake as a fast learner and Petey as very smart and busy.

If you are interested in Jake and Petey and are able to provide them a home with lots of love and attention, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 5/25/14)

Two bonded IGs in NJ need a new home

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Jake and Petey to an Italian Greyhound experienced family where they were enthusiastically welcomed and will be receiving the love, attention, safety, and exercise that they deserve.  Jake and Petey were adopted on 6/22/14!

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