Adopted Dogs - Summer 2011

Simon - A six-year old Italian Greyhound in VA

Six-year old IG in VA available for adoption

What a distinguished looking Italian Greyhound Simon is! Weighing in at 7.6 pounds, approximately one-half pound less than his ideal weight, Simon is housetrained to use doggy pee pads placed on the floor or in a litter box, and will also "go" when taken for a walk. Although he will have an occasional accident, it is generally next to the door; Simon stands at the door when he needs to go out, and if nobody notices him, he will "go" there. It is very rare to hear Simon bark, as he generally only barks if he wants his ball or chew toy NOW - he does not bark at unfamiliar noises or someone at the door.


Simon displays alot of energy when his person arrives home or when playing. His favorite game is catch, where he leaps and catches a toy in the air,

and will also play a decent game of fetch. However, Simon's absolute favorite thing is to curl up next to, or in the lap of, his person, ideally with a blanket covering him. He is also a terrific car traveler and enjoys going places with his person. Regarding Simon and other dogs, he ADORES them (he will also attempt to play with cats). Although outgoing with dogs, Simon is very shy around new people, especially men - unless they have a dog with them - and, although curious about children, avoids them. Simon's shyness is exhibited through slinking away or shaking; he is not a snarler or a biter. His owner indicates that people usually notice his shyness first, but that for her, she sees "an impish quality - playful, but willful and stubborn. Most of all he's loving, loyal, and eminently huggable." Simon's owner (and Simon) have experienced a change in living environment as well as the presence of another adult and child in their current home. Many months later, Simon has not acclimated to the change and is unhappy. His owner has decided that the best decision for all involved is to find a new home for Simon where he will receive lots of love and attention. If you would like to provide that home for Simon, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. Listed 8/21/11.

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Simon to two wonderful, Italian Greyhound experienced women in NY. Simon will have a fenced yard, an Italian Greyhound companion, and lots of human love and care. After several postponed adoption dates due to weather conditions, Simon was adopted on 9/18/11!

Chee-a - A one-year old mixed breed in NY

Chee-a is being fostered in NY by Italian Greyhound Place

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place, Chee-a!


Chee-a arrived at Italian Greyhound Place after spending her life in a hoarding situation and then in two shelters. This beautiful girl weighs twenty-three pounds, is housetrained, and walks wonderfully on a loose leash. She does have fear issues, predominantly of unfamiliar people and dogs. However, once she knows and trusts you, she is extremely sweet and loving, and she is getting along fine with our resident dog and two fosters. Chee-a needs a human that will love her as she is, but work patiently with her as she overcomes her fears - she has made tremendous progress! I truly believe her adopter(s) will be very fortunate to have Chee-a as a companion. If you are interested in Chee-a, please contact ItalianGreyhound Place. (Listed 1/13/11).

7/21/11 Update: Chee-a has made great progress and now walks by people with much greater ease - she responds well to encouragement, praise, and treats. In fact, if an unfamiliar person holds a treat in their palm, she will approach and take it. If the person attempts to pet her, she will back away. She is doing better with dogs passing by also. That said, if, during a walk, an unfamiliar dog directly approaches her and actually enters her personal space, she will snarl and, if they don't stop, will snap (she has never bitten though) - she is, however, not as quick to do this as she was originally. However, her first choice is to retreat. If a new dog basically ignores her, Chee-a is beginning to go close enough to sniff them. If I bring a dog to our yard or home (which has included six other rescue dogs while Chee-a has been here), she is fine with them. Chee-a is much more afraid of children than adults, so would do best in an adult-only home.

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have rescued, fostered, and re-homed Chee-a to a very caring woman in NY who felt a connection with Chee-a on their first meeting. Chee-a was adopted on 9/6/11!

Stella - A five to seven year old Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua in PA

Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua in PA needs adopter

This little, seven-pound girl was found by the family currently caring for her in April 2011. No owners were located, and Stella needs to find a forever home. Stella tends to be anxious and takes awhile to become accustomed to new people. However, once she does, she is very sweet. That said, Stella was snappy (no bites though) when first found, but, after two months, has improved significantly. She tolerates other dogs and children; chases cats; prefers to spend most of her time relaxing, but will run around when she sees someone that she really likes; and travels nicely by car. Either "going" outside or on a doggy pee pad is fine with Stella, but she does have accidents. Since Stella does not like being led, she will need some work with leash walking. Stella would be most comfortable in a calm household, without the constant presence of young children. If you would like to win this little girl over and provide her with a forever home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place.(Listed 6/29/11)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Stella to an Italian Greyhound and Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua experienced man in NY. Stella is enjoying her new person and life, including walks to the park and car rides. Stella was adopted on 8/29/11!

Bambi - A one-year old Italian Greyhound mix in CA

Bambi's current owner adopted her from a shelter two weeks ago, but quickly realized that she cannot provide the active lifestyle that Bambi needs. Bambi is only six-pounds; is affectionate and loves to cuddle; enjoys being under blankets; uses doggy pee pads with very few accidents; and is good on leash, although will occasionally become scared and need some coaxing. However, little Bambi is also spunky, a good jumper, and likes to be active. A home with a safely fenced yard and no children under the age of fourteen would be ideal for Bambi. She is fine with other dogs, but cats are an unknown. If you are interested in this little girl, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed here 6/9/11)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Bambi to a wonderful woman in CA. Bambi now resides with her new person and a Chihuahua mix, and has made herself right at home. Bambi was adopted on 8/19/11!

Italian Greyhound mix in CA needs adopter

Cheska - A Peruvian Inca Orchid puppy in NY

Peruvian Inca Orchid needs adopter

Cheska is a four-month old, female and is the hairless variety of the Peruvian Inca Orchid, also referred to as the "dog without hair from Peru." She has beautiful green eyes (not indicted by her photo!) and light brown hair on her head and feet. Cheska's family brought her here from Peru, but due to a family illness, are unable to care for her. Therefore, Cheska needs a new home. She is doing very well with housetraining, and only has accidents if someone overlooks taking her out. Cheska is very energetic, playful, and loves to run, but is also very sweet and loving. She is good with other dogs, cats, and children, travels well by car, and only tends to bark in response to knocking at the door. Peruvian Inca Orchids, which are sighthounds, are rare dogs, so for additional information you can view a Dogs 101 video. If you might be interested in welcoming Cheska to your home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. Listed here 8/8/11.

Italian Greyhound Place is please to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Cheska to a man in NY who had been looking for a Xoloitzcuintle (Mexican hairless dog) for over six months. He met Cheska and knew that he had found his dog, a Peruvian, not Mexican, hairless. Cheska was adopted on 8/15/11!

Clyde - A four-year old Hairless Chinese Crested in VA

Clyde is a sweet, but nervous little guy and needs a home where he can get more individual attention - he currently has to share with too many canine housemates. He is playful and active inside, where he is most comfortable, but only runs outside to "go potty" and then usually wants to scoot back inside. Whereas most dogs get excited when they see their leash, Clyde "screams" when his owner attempts to take him for a walk. Except for going to the vet, Clyde is not accustomed to car travel, and will shake and cry. Clyde is crate trained, is good with other dogs, and loves cats. Although housetrained, he does have accidents - usually on a plastic mat that his current owner has put down to keep her carpet safe (if desired, he could probably be trained to "go" on doggy pee pads in addition to outside). Clyde barks if he hears non-routine noise.If you are interested in welcoming a sweet, affectionate, nervous, little cutie to your home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 7/25/11)

A Hairless Chinese Crested in NY available for adoption

Italian Greyhound Place is please to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Clyde to a woman in Virginia who is willing and able to work with him, while giving him lots of love and attention. Clyde was adopted on 8/13/11!

Mouse - A three-year old Italian Greyhound in NY

Italian Greyhound in NY looking for new home

Mouse is an active, nine-pound girl who, although very timid, is extremely sweet. In her own home and yard, Mouse is happy and comfortable. Taken on a walk, she becomes very nervous, keeping her tail between her legs and her ears back, and not relaxing until back home. She is cuddly and affectionate, but when she wants to be, not necessarily when you want her to be. This little girl is good with children, cats, and dogs, although she has only encountered other small dogs. Mouse is housetrained to "go" outside in a fenced area and also on doggy pee pads in a litterbox, butshe does have accidents. She is crate trained, travels nicely in the car, and will bark when someone knocks on the door, but is not a "yapper." If you would like to welcome a small, energetic, but nervous girl to your home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed here 7/20/11)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Mouse to an experienced Italian Greyhound home where she is receiving lots of love and attention, and has an Italian Greyhound companion to share her fenced yard with. Mouse was adopted on 8/6/11!

Iggy - An eight-year old Italian Greyhound in PA

Iggy, the Italian Greyhound, is in PA and needs an adopter

Iggy, a sweet Italian Greyhound who weighs ten pounds, will do best in a situation where someone is home more often than not, and is able to walk and play with her. She is housetrained, and is accident-free her current home. This little one walks nicely on leash, is active and playful, travels nicely by car, and is good with other dogs, cats, and children. She is also very friendly. When left alone, she stays in her crate. Her current owner has had Iggy since she was a puppy, but is moving and Iggy needs a new home. If you would like to provide this wonderful girl with the love and companionship that she needs, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 7/15/11)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Iggy to a fantastic, Italian Greyhound experienced home in Pennsylvania. Iggy was adopted on 7/30/11!

Blue - A nine-year old Italian Greyhound in TX

If you are looking for an Italian Greyhound who will willingly play with you or other dogs, but also readily settle down and enjoy some cuddle time, then this twenty-one pound guy could be a perfect choice. In addition to dogs, Blue is also good with cats and children. He is housetrained, but in cold weather or if left alone un-crated, he will have accidents. If walked on a leash, which he is not accustomed to, Blue will tend to walk behind your feet, and, since he only associates the car with vet visits, he is not a big fan of it. However, Blue could learn to enjoy both. If you are interested in sharing your life with Blue, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 7/2/11)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Blue to a fantastic family in Texas who decided to adopt an older dog instead of purchasing a puppy. Blue will be surrounded with love and attention, and also the companionship of a new canine friend. Blue was adopted on 7/26/11!

Nine-year old Italian Greyhound in TX needs adopter

Chi-Chi - An eight-year old Italian Greyhound in NJ

Chi-Chi, an Italian Greyhound, available for adoption in NJ

Chi-Chi is a nine pound female with a diamond on her head and beautiful ticking. She would be great for someone that likes to takes walks, but is not looking for a high-energy Italian Greyhound. Although fine on her walks, Chi-Chi will resist until she is leashed or if it is raining or especially cold. Chi-Chi is housetrained - she will "go" outside in a fenced yard, during a walk, or, when it is cold or rainy, on doggy pee pads (she will not go outside by herself in the dark). She spends most of her time relaxing inside or sunning herself on the back porch. If her current owner is working in the backyard, Chi-Chi will sprint around the yard. Having been in a household with children and cats, she is good with both. She has not lived with other dogs, and could possibly jealous of another. This girl is alert, very affectionate with her family, can be silly, and will dance around for food or a carrot - in fact, her owner provides her with a carrot to encourage her to be leashed. Chi-Chi tends to whine in the car, and does bark at dogs and cats that she sees near her current home, although does not engage in this behavior elsewhere. If Chi-Chi sounds like the Italian Greyhound for you, please contact Italian Greyhound Place.(Listed 7/15/11)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Chi-Chi to a couple in NY who, after much research and preparation, are very pleased to make Chi-Chi apart of their family. Chi-Chi was adopted on 7/23/11!

Nietzsche - A three-year old Italian Greyhound in NY

Nietzsche is an active, twenty-pound, male Italian Greyhound who is attentive, alert, and cuddly. Although he is housetrained, he does have accidents when the weather is bad (he will sneak off and "go"), or if not taken out quickly enough. Nietzsche is crate trained and tends to be accident-free in his crate. This handsome guy is quite good on leash, but will pull at times, and travels well by car. Nietzsche has lived with a child, another dog, and a cat, but, unless placed with an experienced multi-dog adopter, his owner believes that Nietzsche would do best in a home without other dogs - he tends to be possessive of his food and toys with other dogs (not with people though). However, Nietzsche loves playing with other dogs. In addition, Nietzsche would be happiest in a home where he did not have to left alone for long periods of time, or where he could gradually become accustomed to being left. If you are interested in providing Nietzsche with a forever home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed here 6/24/11)

Three-year old IG in NY needs home

Italian Greyhound Place is please to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Nietzsche to a wonderful, sighthound experienced home in NY where he is receiving lots of love and attention, and doesn't need to be left during the workday. Nietsche was adopted on 7/6/11!