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Adopted Dogs - Summer 2016

Rocco – An eight-year old Italian Greyhound in SC

Located in SC, IG needs an adopter

Rocco’s family is moving out-of-state and, when they move, a relative who, for health reasons, cannot share a home with a dog is going to be living with them. Therefore, Rocco is in need of a new home.

A fawn and white Italian Greyhound, Rocco is eight-years old and weighs approximately sixteen pounds. This guy is good with children, cats, and dogs (he has lived with all three and is good with the dogs at the homes of his owner’s relatives).

Rocco is initially anxious with visitors, and does prefer females to males. However, he has lived with an adult male in his household and, although his initial response to men varies, does warm to them eventually. He does not, however, like strangers or dogs to approach “his territory” and will bark out the front window at them.

Rocco is housetrained to potty outside and will “ask to go out.” However, during cold weather, he will sometimes sneak off and potty in the house and, when left alone for more than three hours or so, he will often have an accident. He is not crate trained and is currently given free reign of the house except for carpeted areas.

Rocco is a fairly quiet dog, but does bark at strangers and dogs approaching his house, when he is outside and wants to enter the house, and a bit when he is hungry. He travels fine by car, but prefers to be next to someone. Rocco’s owner describes his activity level to be “100 mph or 0 mph.”


Want an affectionate dog? Rocco is extremely lovable – he loves to be in someone’s lap. He is likely to provide an adopter with a great mix of activity and cuddling. 

IG in SC needs a new home

Rocco is accustomed to having one of his people (the adult male) work from home and is rarely home alone for more than a few hours. Therefore, it would be ideal if Rocco's adopter is able to provide him with a similar situation.

Italian Greyhound available for adoption

If you might be interested in providing Roman with his new home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 6/14/16)


Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Rocco to a breed experienced home in Georgia. Rocco has two adult humans, one who works from home, a fenced yard, and an Italian Greyhound companion. Thanks to Rocco's adopters for providing him with a fantastic new home and for traveling 4.5 hours to meet him and 4.5 hours back home with him! Rocco was adopted on 6/25/16.

Cleo – An approximately one-year old Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua in NY 

Cleo, an Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua

This little Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua (Chiggy) girl was pulled from a high kill shelter and nursed through kennel cough. She is now healthy, vaccinated, and scheduled to be spayed. The woman who pulled Cleo rescues and rehomes several dogs a year and indicated, “This girl is a gem.”

Her caretaker further indicated, “Cleo is a lot of dog in a 7 lb+ package and is perfect for someone who wants a small dog that can do everything a big dog can!  She loves to play fetch with her tennis ball like a Retriever and, despite her size, loves long mountain hikes.” Cleo walks great on-leash, loves car rides, is doing fantastic with housetraining (no accidents), and is crate trained (she is crated when alone since she is still in a chewing stage). This girl is also amusing: “She loves her toys and is so funny to watch as she prances around with them and then rears up and tosses them in the air.” For further exercise, and the enjoyment of her people, “she does laps in our yard like a race horse.”

Affectionate? Yes! Cleo “loves to cuddle and hugs like a baby.”

Cleo's caretaker would like Cleo to go to an active/loving home with a fenced in yard, and perhaps another dog who is looking for a fun companion. If you are interested in Cleo, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 5/11/16)

Cleo running in the grass
Cleo, an Italian Greyhound / Chihuahua

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have assisted Cleo's rescuer in locating and facilitating the adoption of Cleo to a fantastic couple who traveled in their RV to meet and adopt her. With them was their one-year old Italian Greyhound mix and, once Cleo and he met, Cleo's rescuer indicated, "In the yard, were two tiny racehorses!"  One of Cleo's new humans works from home, both enjoy outdoor activities in which the dogs can be included, walks are provided, and a fenced area is being completed. Cleo landed herself in a good place and is now a Key West dog!  Cleo was adopted on 7/2/16.

Roman – A nine-year old Italian Greyhound in CA 

Roman, an Italian Greyhound in CA is available for adoption

Due to family member and location changes, Roman is in need of a new home. The couple's new home does not have a fence secure enough to contain Roman and their adult son, who Roman was gotten for, has moved away from home, leaving fewer household members to entertain and supervise Roman. Although Roman is not a fence climber or jumper, he will squeeze through available openings and will dig if he is motivated by something on the opposite side of the fence and not otherwise occupied.


Nine-years old and weighing fifteen pounds, Roman is a really terrific Italian Greyhound who is loving, gentle, and

very puppy-like. He is accustomed to going for walks three to four times per week; is good on-leash, staying next to his person and not pulling; enjoys having access to a fenced yard; and loves to run and fetch toys. His current owners describe Roman as having an average, or medium, activity level.

Roman was raised with three other dogs, does not have experience with cats, and has not shared a home with young children, although he has been good with the children who visit on an occasional basis. Roman tends to prefer women, but is fine with men - he lives with a man and woman and, until fairly recently, the couple’s adult son. Not unusual for the breed, Roman can be aloof when meeting some people. He is crate trained and travels nicely by car.


In addition, Roman is housetrained to potty outside and is accident-free in his current home. The only exception and not a housetraining accident per se, is if new food is introduced - Roman will sometimes, after eating a new food, experience a sensitive stomach and, if home alone when that occurs, will also, sometimes, have a bowel movement in his crate. Roman does very nicely on his current food choices and if new food is introduced, doing so gradually would therefore be best.

If you are interested in providing Roman with his new home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 6/11/16)

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Roman to a wonderful, retired couple in CA. In addition to his new humans, Roman has an Italian Greyhound companion, a securely fenced yard, and walks to enjoy. Roman was adopted on 7/5/16!

Lulu and Pinky - Twelve-year old Italian Greyhound / Chihuahuas in VA

Lulu and Pinky with their adopter
Bonded IG / Chihuahua's need adoption
Lulu and Pinky in VA need an adopter

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have facilitated the adoption of Lulu and Pinky, two bonded, twelve-year old Italian Greyhound / Chihuahuas who were at animal control in VA and are now in a loving NY home. A big thanks to the shelter staff for being committed to keeping Lulu and Pinky together and, especially to Laura, for corresponding with Italian Greyhound Place. Of course, a tremendous thanks to Lulu and Pinky's adopter who traveled from NY to VA to meet and adopt them!!! Lulu and Pinky have two adult male humans to love them, one of whom only works outside the home three partial days per week, and a senior Chihuahua who graciously accepted them. These girls have already been enjoying walks in Central Park! Lulu and Pinky were adopted on 7/19/16

Lulu and Pinky's Adoption
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