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Belly Bands and Diapers

Belly Bands (Males)

If you are housetraining a male Italian Greyhound who is a leg-lifter or working with a leg-lifting dog who marks, bellybands can be useful. A bellyband is basically a piece of fabric that wraps around the dog's waist. The bellyband should not be used in place of training, and will not housetrain a dog. However, they will prevent urine from getting on furniture, walls, and other items.


Washable belly bands that adhere with velcro, such as those from Spoiled Bratzwear Canine Specialties and Shaka Dog Hawaii, and disposable ones, such as those from Wiki Wag, are available. Baby diapers placed horizontally around the dog (ignoring the way that they are meant to fit) with the tabs securing them also work well. For a more secure fit, it is best to criss-cross the tabs when securing them. Do not leave your dog in a wet belly band, as irritation or urine burns could result.

Whether or not your Italian Greyhound is wearing a belly band, the housetraining process is the same. You still need to supervise and if the dog begins to have an accident, take him to their litter box or outside, depending on which method you are using. The only difference is that, upon reaching the designated "potty place," you will need to remove the belly band and encourage him to finish "going." As with training without belly bands, if you observe your dog having an accident, even if you think he has finished, bring him to the "potty place" and remove the belly band. Whenever he goes to his "potty place," whether on his own or with your assistance, his belly band needs to be removed. If he has an accident that you do not observe (which you want to avoid) and only realize due to a wet belly band, do nothing except change the belly band.

Again, belly bands protect your home from urine and can reduce the frustration of working with an un-housetrained or marking male dog, but should not be used in place of training - unless you do not want a housetrained dog!


Diapers (Females)

If you have a female dog, you can use washable diapers (available from Spoiled Bratzwear Canine Specialties); disposable female, canine diapers; or disposable baby diapers with a hole cut for your dog's tail. The above information regarding belly bands (second and third paragraph) apply to the use of diapers.

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