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Adopted Dogs - Fall 2018

Ziggy and Royal – Three-year old Italian Greyhounds in NH

Ziggy and Royal, two Italian Greyhounds

Ziggy and Royal, as evidenced by their photographs, are handsome, bonded Italian Greyhounds. They are three-years old, separated in age by about four months, and weigh about ten pounds each. Ziggy has always demonstrated, toward other dogs in his home (not people), some possessive/jealous behavior – if next to a person, he will sometimes warn the other dogs away by snarling or air snapping at them (he has never made contact with them, but communicates that he wants them to go away or keep some distance). Since the arrival of a baby, this behavior has gotten worse and now is occurring around the baby i.e. if the baby is being held and Ziggy is

nearby when another dog approaches. In addition, if the baby is in a swing or similar baby item, Ziggy will sometimes act to keep the other dogs away from her. Given the vulnerability of a baby, coupled with the fact that she will be becoming more mobile, Ziggy and Royal’s owner has made the very tough decision to locate a new home for them. It is requested that Ziggy and Royal’s new home not have young children, that there be a fenced yard (which they are accustomed to), and that there be no cats since they have not been exposed to them.

Both boys are very sweet and affectionate, but there are, of course, differences in their personalities, with Ziggy being the more playful and Royal being more reserved, shy and cuddly – a real “snuggle bug.” Although they do enjoy playing and running, they are

Ziggy and Royal, two Italian Greyhounds

content to relax (the sofa is a favored spot). Ziggy and Royal are very bonded, but they will engage in “spats” with each other which they resolve on their own – please note that these spats are non-treat related.

Royal can be treat aggressive, but only with other dogs (people are fine) and only with certain treats. He will warn the dog off, but the situation could escalate and is best prevented. His owner manages the situation by providing Royal with alone space when he has a treat or using only treats that the dogs are fine with sharing (lower value treats).

Ziggy and Royal, two Italian Greyhounds wearing coveralls

Royal plays with Ziggy (Ziggy is by far his favorite dog to play with) and, although timid around new dogs, he will sometimes play with them; however, if he doesn’t want to play and the other dog is persistent, he will communicate the message by snarling and air-snapping or will “run and hide.” Ziggy will play with dogs other than Royal, but he needs to be supervised when meeting them and when playing as he has a tendency to become a bit “dominant” as evidenced through his stance (posture) and vocalizations – when this occurs, his owner intervenes to separate him and, if he is playing, breaks can be provided to keep the intensity low (there has never been any negative physical contact between Ziggy and another dog when playing).

Ziggy and Royal are house trained to potty outside, but do have occasional accidents,primarily if there is inclement

weather; are crate trained (they share a crate with each other and one other dog); are excited to greet visitors, but “settle quickly;” and only tend to bark at people walking by their house and if a dog is barking on television – they also sometimes howl :-) Royal will also bark, for about three minutes if a dog comes to visit his home. When traveling by car, both dogs tend to whine and pant (they do not get car sick), and do best with a dog cushion placed in the vehicle.

Please note that these two are great with people, including an older child in their current home, and it is only dog directed behavior that has required some management/modification. If you are interested in providing two extremely sweet, fun Italian Greyhounds with lots of love, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (listed 11/6/18)

Ziggy and Royal, bonded Italian Greyhounds

Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Royal and Ziggy to a fantastic, breed experienced family (they had three previous Italian Greyhounds) who are providing these two boys with lots of love and "new adventures." Royal and Ziggy's two new adult humans work from home, they have a fenced yard to run and play in, and walks to enjoy. A big thanks to Royal and Ziggy's new family! Royal and Ziggy were adopted on 11/28/18.

Fitz and Bentley – Six and seven year old Italian Greyhounds in TN

Fitz and Bentley8C.jpg

Due to opening a business and the consequent hours away from home, Fitz and Bentley’s owners have decided that it is best to locate a new home for them where they will have more human companionship. Therefore, a home where someone is home more than not is desired. 

These two Italian Greyhounds, Fitz, who is six and weighs twelve pounds, and Bentley, who is seven and weighs eleven pounds, are incredible dogs who have been together since they were puppies - they are half-brothers born six months apart. Fitz tends to be laid back, very affectionate and super sweet (he loves attention!), but can be slightly nervous/skittish with, for instance, certain doorways and hard floors without area rugs or carpeting. Bentley is also laid back and sweet, and is highly treat motivated. Both dogs have a fairly low activity level; they are content to relax, but do get the “zoomies” a few times a day, will occasionally play with each other, enjoy the opportunity to explore and run in a neighboring, fenced yard (a fenced area at their new home would be a bonus for them), and enjoy walks – neither pull much.

Fitz and Bentley are housetrained to use a large litter box lined with doggy pee pads and are excellent in doing so – Bentley 100% eliminating in the litter box and, although not often, Fitz occasionally“missing” the litter box and eliminating outside of it (Fitz recently had successful surgery for a luxating patella and his owners believe that the prior knee instability may have contributed to his occasional misses and that he could be encouraged to consistently eliminate in the litter box).


When the dogs are left alone, they are given access to approximately 75% of their current home and do fine with that freedom. They use crates, but the doors are left open – they are not crate trained to stay alone in a closed crate. Barking is generally at “normal dog stuff” such as delivery people, someone walking by their house, and when playing with each other.

Regarding other dogs, cats, and children:

Since neither dog is a fan of cats, and Fitz tends to bark at, and chase, them, a cat-free home is recommended. Children are tolerated by Fitz and Bentley, but their current owner does not recommend having them live with young children since they are not the dogs’ favorite aged people! Fitz plays with two neighboring, small dogs. According to Bentley’s owner, Bentley would be fine with other sight hounds and perhaps an older dog of another breed, but would not appreciate puppies or highly energetic dogs in a new home.

Fitz and Bentley3RBentley.jpg

If you are interested in providing Fitz and Bentley with lots of love, attention, and their new home, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. (Listed 10/15/18)


Italian Greyhound Place is pleased to have arranged and facilitated the adoption of Fitz and Bentley to a wonderful woman who, using her wording, will bless and be blessed by these two fortunate Italian Greyhounds. Fitz and Bentley’s new person has sight hound and additional dog experience (her family rescued three Greyhounds and a close friend had an Italian Greyhound), works from home, and is installing a fence so Fitz and Bentley will have a fenced yard in addition to walks and outings. A huge thanks to Fitz and Bentley's adopter! Fitz and Bentley were adopted on 10/25/18.

Fitz and Bentley6R.jpg
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