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Ezio - Adopted Dogs - Spring 2024

Welcome to Italian Greyhound Place Ezio!

Ezio, a thirteen-year-old Italian Greyhound, is being fostered with the intent to adopt

Adoption information below listing

Ezio was welcomed into the care of Italian Greyhound Place by his wonderful, sighthound experienced foster who is fostering with the intent to adopt – there are no plans for Ezio to go anywhere; he pretty much immediately became part of the family, winning over the humans and his new canine companion.


This little dog has it made – his foster works from home, he has a fenced yard area, a deck (that was reinforced for his safety), walks and outings to enjoy, lots of love and attention, and a canine companion – a Whippet who looks very similar to Ezio.

His foster shared, “We’re enjoying having him! Ezio truly is so sweet; he is eager to please, loves to cuddle in my lap, has been great around the house when I leave his belly band off, and is excited to go on so many walks each day.”


Ezio and Enzo - how cute is that!

Ezio had an initial veterinary appointment and will be having surgical procedures in April; neutering (for benign prostatic hyperplasia) and a dental cleaning/procedure (he has an abscessed canine with root exposure). Three aspirated “lumps” are benign and a canine toe is being assessed – positive thoughts regarding that for Ezio and his new people.


Italian Greyhound Place would like to thank Ezio's owner for working with Italian Greyhound Place to ensure that Ezio would have a happy, safe new home and for driving to meet his foster.


A huge thanks to Ezio's foster and her family for welcoming Ezio (driving two hours each way to get him) and offering him the perfect environment!


Ezio – A thirteen-year-old Italian Greyhound in NJ

Italian Greyhound Rescue

Foster or Foster with Intent to Adopt Needed

Foster with Intent to Adopt Pending!

Due to work obligations, Ezio’s current owner is not able to provide him with the time and attention that he deserves. What is wanted most for Ezio, is a loving new person (or people) who will give him lots of affection and less “alone time” than he currently has.

Ezio is a very loving dog who “loves physical touch.” Although not overly so, he can be nervous/skittish and physical affection from his person makes him feel safe. He has a moderate activity level and enjoys walks – only occasionally pulling (Italian Greyhound Place would be

Italian Greyhound Adoption

glad to provide information on loose leash walking); is friendly with both people and dogs, but does tend to “hump” other male dogs – gentle re-direction could be used when this occurs; and is not much of a barker, only barking when other dogs walk by.

Ezio’s crate is primarily used with the door left open, but he will stay in it (with the door closed) for a few hours or so. Although good in the car, he does get car sick – for longer trips his owner uses a car seat that “levels him to the window” and has found this to help.

Italian Greyhound - Needs Foster

House trained to potty outside during walks, Ezio does mark in his home and his owner, therefore, uses a belly band with him. An adopter extremely patient with, and accepting of accidents, is needed (Italian Greyhound Place would be glad to offer information on house training).

If you are interested in Ezio, have lots of love and affection to offer him, and are home more than not, please contact Italian Greyhound Place.

Italian Greyhound

Ezio - Adopted!

Wonderful, although not unexpected, news that Ezio was adopted by his foster who was fostering with the intent to adopt.

Ezio had his surgical procedures (dental, neutering for benign prostatic hyperplasia, and a toe amputation). The histopathology for Ezio’s toe came back as a benign cyst, with amputation being curative – no cancer, which, based on the toe having been injured in 2020, was not as likely as other conditions, but is excellent to have been ruled out. Ezio has healed nicely from his surgical procedures and is certainly enjoying life with his new family.

Italian Greyhound - Adoption

This little one has three humans, with his adopter working from home; a fenced yard; a deck reinforced for him; lots of walks and outings; and a canine companion (a Whippet who looks similar to Ezio). Of course, he has lots of love, attention, and cuddles. Ezio could not have found a better forever home – a tremendous thanks to his new family for welcoming Ezio and loving him from the start!

Italian Greyhound Place would also like to thank Ezio’s previous owner for working with Italian Greyhound Place to ensure that Ezio had the best possible future.

Italian Greyhound - New Home!
Italian Greyhound and Whippet
Italian Greyhound - Adopted
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