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Gino - A ten-year old Italian Greyhound in PA

2/27/21 Update: Geno will be welcomed into the care of Italian Greyhound Place by his foster, who will be fostering Geno with the intent to adopt him


Geno is a ten-year old, male Italian Greyhound who will be entering the care of Italian Greyhound Place. His owner, who had him since he was a puppy, passed away recently and Geno needs a new home, which is being coordinated by the owner's son and daughter-in-law (basically the current owners) - they live in an apartment that does not allow dogs.

Geno is described as skittish with a tendency to tremble, but is very affectionate and sweet; he will snuggle and put his head on his person’s chest. Until the owner developed health conditions during the past two years, she would walk Geno in her neighborhood and it is desired that Geno have the opportunity to enjoy being outside with his new owner. He does get excited, in a happy way, when he sees other dogs and tends to bark and jump, so will need work

Geno is housetrained to use puppy pads, but sometimes urinates off the pads - right near them , but also on carpeting in the house. He definitely needs someone patient and tolerant of accidents and willing to work with him in a positive manner regarding his housetraining.


He also needs a cat-free home and the request is for him to have a fenced yard. Regarding barking, the daughter-in-law indicated that he will bark when he hears something outside, when someone enters/exits the house, and when someone is eating and he wants "people" food. Geno is okay traveling by car, is not crate trained and is accustomed to having someone primarily home.

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