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Boots - A three-and-one-half year-old Italian Greyhound / Labrador in Texas

Italian Greyhound / Labrador

Estimated to be three to four years-old and weighing sixty-three pounds, Boots is believed by veterinarians to be an Italian Greyhound / Labrador mix. Her owner is moving and her new location will, unfortunately, not be conducive to having Boots with her. Therefore, Boots needs a new home.

Since Boots is accustomed to having someone primarily home with her (although she does do fine when she needs to be left alone), a home where someone is home more than not is desired. This girl is also a capable jumper, so, if there is a fenced yard, the fencing should be at least six-foot in height.

Boots is a fantastic dog. She has a happy personality, wants to please her people, and loves to be cuddled. She does not like to get in trouble and if someone acts mad at her, she will roll over on her back. However, according to her current owner, Boots is not a “nervous” type of dog. She has a fairly high level of energy, but if

given the opportunity to go outside and run in a fenced yard or be taken for significant walks/runs, she is perfectly content in the house.

Itlalian Greyhound / Labrador for adoption

Boots gets along great with other dogs and people, including children; she has not lived with children, but is currently living with another dog and runs and plays with him; has not been around cats; is house trained (no accidents); is crate trained; travels nicely by car; and only tends to bark at noises outside the home - especially the mailman or the doorbell ringing. She loves to greet visitors, acting like they are “long-lost friends.” Boots does pull on-leash, but this has not been worked on - Italian Greyhound Place would be glad to provide information on loose-leash walking.

Italian Greyhound / Labrador

Although Boots enjoys running and playing in her fenced yard, her preference is to do so with another dog (she actually loves going outside with a canine companion). She will go out with only a person, but with encouragement. If in the yard, she

never asks to be let inside, even is she is hot or thirsty; she often puts her paws in her outside water, dumping it over (she needs a “weighted” bowl for outdoor use!). She is happiest outside with companionship as opposed to be left outside alone.

If you are interested in sharing your love and home with Boots, please contact Italian Greyhound Place.

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