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Available for Adoption

Carley - A ten-year old Italian Greyhound / Miniature Pinscher in NJ

Adopter or Foster with Intent to Adopt Needed

Italian Greyhound / Min Pin for adoption

Carley is an approximately ten-year old Italian Greyhound / Min Pin*, weighing about ten pounds, who is in need of a new home. Due to her current owners’ work schedules, involving international travel, in addition to extensive obligations with family and children, they have concluded that they can no longer care for Carley as needed. What they want most for Carley is a home where she will receive lots of love. A fenced yard is being requested.

This little girl is very loving and affectionate, adores attention, and is described as being “chill” with a low

activity level; she will do “a lap or two outside” in her fenced yard and then she’s calm. Carley is great with the children in her current home and, although she does get excited with visitors, after a few minutes of getting acquainted with them, is “absolutely good.”

Carley is house trained (potties in her fenced yard) with no accidents in her current home; is not crate trained, but is fine given free roam of the house; has not been in the car recently, but traveled fine by car in the past; and only tends to bark at

Italian Greyhound mix for adoption
Italian Greyhound mix needs new home

Regarding other dogs, Carley did get aggressive with smaller dogs on two occasions that were similar in nature - both occurred in an off-leash area where Carley was confronted/violated by another small dog; in this type of situation, the owner indicated that Carley will “attack.” The owner shared that there has never been an instance of a large dog having this effect on Carley. On-leash is a much better scenario - Carley can typically greet other dogs, but due to her history and

the door bell, people and dogs walking down the street, and when someone initially enters her house. She pulls approximately 50 - 75% of the time on-leash, so could use some positive guidance on loose-leash walking (Italian Greyhound Place would be glad to provide information on this).

Italian Greyhound mix - adoption

the owner’s sense of caution, she is generally kept away from smaller sized dogs. She is fine when in her fenced yard and another dog is walking down the street - Carley will bark, but not aggressively, and say “Hello”.

If you are interested in welcoming Carley to your home and sharing lots of love with her, please contact Italian Greyhound Place.

Italian Greyhound / Miniature Pinscher Needs New Home

* Breed mix was indicated to the current owner by a previous owner

Milo - A  five-year-old Italian Greyhound / Staffordshire Terrier in TX - Pending!

Foster or Adopter Needed ASAP

Milo - An Italian Greyhound mix for adoption

Milo is an Italian Greyhound/Staffordshire Terrier (not an educated guess; Dam and Sire were an Italian Greyhound and an Italian Greyhound/Staffordshire Terrier) and, at thirty-five pounds, he is a sturdy dog with Italian Greyhound features. Since he was a puppy, Milo has had very minimal fur on his chest, belly and inner legs and, where he does have fur, it is very short.


This guy is a great dog, but his owner is in a situation where she is living with family and they decided that they do not want Milo in the home. Due to that, for the past six-months, he has been living with the owner’s friend, but the friend is no longer going to have Milo stay with her. Consequently, Milo needs a safe, loving place to go to. A few considerations:

  • Milo is a capable jumper (jumped a six-foot fence when motivated to get to his owner), so, if there is a fenced yard, the fencing should be high.

  • Milo has always had an owner or caretaker who works from home, so someone primarily home would be ideal for him.

  • In addition, Milo tends to be scared of cars driving by when on walks, so a lower-traffic location would best suit him.


Milo has lived with children (is currently living with a six-year-old), cats (previously lived with cats and is currently living with two), and other dogs (one large andone small). Milo is good with cats (he generally ignores them, but will sometimes chase them if they "mess with him or eat out of his food bowl”); is very good with the child; and behaved well with the dogs he lived with. He is generally very good at regulating his play with younger children or smaller dogs (handicapping himself with dogs smaller than himself). Regarding other dogs he lives with, when walking on-leash together, he likes to be first and he

will mark over the spot where the other dogs have urinated, sometimes pushing them somewhat out of the way to do so. Comparing Milo in a home with other dogs and without, his owner indicated that he barks more with other dogs (barking when they do) and tends to be “rowdier” than when the only dog - he enjoyed playing with his canine companions.

Although tending to be sedentary, Milo is happiest and does best when offered activities i.e., walks, play, enrichment activities. He tends to be skittish/nervous, is very needy, and is extremely loving and “a sweetie with his owners.” Milo likes being under blankets, wearing a sweater (he is less anxious with it on), and near his people. When new people enter the home, Milo is wary of them, but, if given the chance to sniff and greet them, he is fine. If there is a lot going on and he doesn’t have this chance, he will

bark at them. He is fine with people and dogs in public.

Italian Greyhound / Staffordshire Terrier mix
Italian Greyhound mix needs new home

Milo is house trained to potty on walks or will ring a bell (hanging from the door handle) when he needs to go out. It is extremely rare for him to have an accident and they generally only occur if not taken out. However, when introduced to a new environment, he will “poop” (not urinate) inside until he recognizes the new place as “his domicile.” He is good on-leash (hardly ever pulls, but is afraid of cars going past); is crate-trained and stays in a kennel when left alone; travels okay by car

(tends to be nervous) and does best if confined in a crate; and is not much of a barker, although he will bark when other dogs in a home are barking or at people outside his house. Milo has been very afraid of guns, whether real or toy guns, since his owner got him when he was a puppy.

Italian Greyhound mix - foster or adopter in Texas

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Milo, please contact Italian Greyhound Place. Milo has lots of love and affection to offer and his current owner would be extremely appreciative to know he has a loving, safe home to go to.

Please contact Italian Greyhound Place if you have an Italian Greyhound or Italian Greyhound mix who you would like to have listed, or if you would like your dog to enter into the care of Italian Greyhound Place.

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